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Thursday, August 15, 2019

into the eyes of death

Looking into the eyes of death
Dark places where ones mind goes
You hear the screams 
The voices that won’t leave you alone
Calling you on
The fear of losing control 
The anger smiles across your face 
Everything slows down 
What is reality 
Calling you on
The voices screaming
Challenging till they make eye contact 
Looking into the eyes of death
Dark places where everything 
Slows down 
A smile that is not a smile 
It’s a good day to die
They start their Haka
Lining up pumping out their chests 
Screaming and yelling 
You can still hear their fear
You can see it in their eyes 
They look down walking away
They get braver as their steps echo 
What is reality 
Calling you on 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

losing our fathers

Losing our fathers
before its time
society passing judgement
tormeneted by yesterday
disposable fathers
grief changes shape
conversations that never ended
listening to silence

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


The color of hate
Tools of the trade
Pointing fingers
Creating fear
Blaming them
The color of skin
Their gods

Our gods
Justifying hate
Realization death
Creating divide
Analyzing deceit
Nationalising color
Anger and fear

War is business
Making money
On death
Costing youth
As old men laugh
Blaming them

Monday, December 3, 2018

Dark water

Dark water
Cancelling democracy 
A Dystopian nightmare 
Tear gassing children 
Unvarnished bigotry 
Tyrannical president 
The toxic true
Building walls
Populist ideal
Pushing rights to the side
In the name of nationalism 
Guardians of freedom
A thin veneer
Neo-Nazis hiding behind 
Stars and Stripes
Ugliest prejudice of white nationalism 
Divide a nation
Just to control power longer

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

just another day

Every day
Loved one pass into the good night
Some with so much pain
It’s a relief
The fear leaves their faces
Acceptance sets in
Life was never meant to be fare
The world can be cruel  
In the end it’s all the same
In a hundred years
Who will remember your name?
The mistakes you leave behind
The lives you touched
A face in time
Man made constructs
Memories achieved by others
The hate justifying the means
An image that needed to be maintained
It was a good night
Summer dresses and beer
Nobody cares any more
Wish life turned out differently
The beauty in another sunrise
Regret a hangover in the wind

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Philosophers of death
Notes from a blind man
Living in history
Soldiers morally flawed
staring into space
The souls of the dead
Walking in the shadows
They hear the screams
In their dreams
 Epidemic of schizophrenic stories
Pilgrimage through all the brace casings
The wealthy getting rich 
Taxing the dead
Smiling at all the pain
That is what some people do
Justifying the blood under their nails
Blaming it on religion 
The colour of your skin
The fear in their eyes
Losing control
The president stands in front of a camera 
Saying something he believes to be true
As the ice melts
And the bodies pile up
Philosophers of death
Smiling at the camera 
As the smell of dying
lingers heavy in the air
Tasting like burning hair 
Saying something 
he wishes was true
Hate a tool 
Blame it on religion 
Blame it on the colour of my skin
Wrapped in a flag
You call it national pride
Burning all the books
Fire anyone that questions validity 
Blame it on disloyalty
Hate is your tool
A strategy to manipulate 
Say it over and over again
You will still hear their screams 
In shadows of your dreams