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Monday, May 28, 2012

In The Rain

Beguiling smiles
Descends in to silence
Philosopher’s madness

Standing alone in the rain
Feeling it down the drain
A vow so fleeting

Distain gliding past
Sitting where the air is cleaner
Deciphering indestructible hate

Standing in the rain
Feeling the water calm
Solemn anticipation

Perfection clouded in sadness
A gesture of pathos
A puzzle scornfully sober

Standing under a cloud of grey
A single drop falls
Splashing in a haze

Decorously expressionless
Buried in blooms
Hovering scarlet butterflies

Friday, May 18, 2012

The colour of cynicism

What colour is despair
What colour is cynicism
Without flare Shades of burnt umber
Differentiates the two
Before fading to black
Is there a point
When pain controls everything
Hypnotic smiles periodically
Like water off the bow
Hunger for a quixotic life
Bleak whisperings
Flooding the imaginations
Recycling cynical skepticism
A good day in the trees
Silence uncontrollable loud
Whimpering foliage
Interplay in the shadows
Beams reaching down
The structure of happy
Spans the gap It is time
Time to drop that thought
Smile in the face of crazy
Sound of water
Splashing on the leaves

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Appealing it seems

The beat is your own personal heroin
I am not a superman
But it is Kryptonite to me
No matter how good it sounds
What messages it says
How appealing it seems
It may make you toss stuff a side
But it makes me cringe
No matter how many chances
Not how hard I try
Your own personal heroin
Does not work on me
It may make you toss
Your inhabitations to the side
For what every reason
It kills me inside
Watching the obvious slide
It has its own rhythm
Its very own unique beat
It is flashy and tries to be classy
But to me it is pretentious and trashy
Even trying too hard to be taken seriously
The beat is your own personal heroin
To me it does not have any soul
No matter how good it sounds
or how hard it tries
What messages it says
How appealing it seems
Not how hard I try
No matter how many chances
No matter how many times
It has no valve for me
It kills me a little inside
Because we can’t agree
You believe it is the greatest thing
I think it is like those tiny little cabbages
The ones your mother made you eat
The ones I gave the dog under the table
Or paid my sister to eat
No matter how much souse
Even the dog left them rolling
Around my bare feet
Your own personal heron
No matter how good it sounds
What messages it says
How appealing it seems
It lacks soul inside
It makes me cringe
Stepping on the devils cabbage

Sunday, May 13, 2012


You seen me on the table
You saw the dirt pilled on
Did you wander to places?
Wishing to get a glimpse
Hoping to see me standing there
You know I have departed
You saw the dirt pilled on
Did you wish things went differently?
Is there anything you wish to say?
If you believed I could hear it
You know I have gone
You watched the dirt tossed on
You heard the nice words people said
But I think you were angry
As the marble saints stared aimlessly
You know in your heart
I didn’t want to be in this dirt
I told you once that I loved you
I never changed my mind
Ashes should have been placed
You know I am gone
You heard the dirt one shovel at a time
I seen your memories flash to all those places
Even to those few happy times
Before all that grime
Do you still wander to those times?
Do you still look up and see me there
Do wish to say a few words
If you thought I could hear
Waiting here listening to the wind
You know I am gone
You should have moved on
Even before the dirt pilled on me
Do you ever see my face in your dreams?
Wishing things would have ended differently
If you believed there was another way
You know I am gone
You seen the dirt piled on
It has been five years now
I am have faded to dust
Do you see that stranger?
With my features on
Thinking there is nothing more to say.

Friday, May 11, 2012

ray of sunshine

Single ray of sunshine
Peeking through the clouds
Like heaven is reaching down
Concerned for a nanosecond
Seemingly the gods are noticing

Single ray of sunshine
Peeking through the clouds
Like heaven is reaching down
On a very grey day in June
Seemingly reminding us there is hope

Single ray of sunshine
Like heaven is reaching out
Peeking at a small area of land
With no horizon in sight
Hope in the darkness of grey

Single ray of sunshine
Heaven reaching out
Where there is no black and white
Everything will be judged
Without any insight

Single ray of sunshine shine
Looking through the clouds
Heaven turns its back
Walks the other way
There is hope wondering aimlessly

Single ray of sunshine
Peeking through the clouds
Like heaven is reaching down
Perhaps showing some concern
Reminding us there is hope and sorrow

Monday, May 7, 2012

Working on forever

Working on forever
What happens in my mind!
Stays in my mind
Like talking to the wind
But sometimes it slips out
Looking between the lines
Condemned to bless
Tragedy of a convoluted history
Resolving a conflicting reality
Cherchaz Le Femme
Still being baited
Writing in the dark
Shadows long on the page
Driving a hundred miles a hour
Sometimes it slips out
Baiting by psychological warfare
Telling the difference between the truth
That was a lie and the lie that was the truth
Profundity of dying by life
Staring at the darkness in your eyes
Misinterpreting true sensation
A little like shame
Like talking to the wind
The smell of pure angelic
Manipulating paradise
Working on forever
Still being baited
Writing in the dark
Where the shadows are long
Perhaps you have been there
Working on forever
Sometimes it slips out

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time moves slowly

Time moves slowly
Mannequins have a look
Patronized innocuous
Bound by sorrow’s hate
Watching rain accumulate
In pool of reflections
Obviously too late to capsulate

Time moves slowly
Martyred to spectacle
Misjudging irrefutable logic

Inconspicuous perpetual mist
Summer snowflakes melting
Grays merge on a translucent horizon
The drops slide down the of window pains
One merging with another to be stream

Time moves slowly
Monks smoldering resentment
Philosophical illusions

Opportunities Martyred
Addictions quietly smoldering
Reappearing when least expected
Inexorably towards an end

Time moves slowly
Nanosecond of eternity
Quietly staring at no where

Mannequins smile
Into a permanent mist
Philosophical Monks of self doubt
Pure angelic coincidence

Time moves slowly
Waiting for each crystal of sand
Inexorable towards the end

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Incontinence with anger
Dying by life
Taking to the wind
Getting no answers
Giving no answers
Ethnocentric questioning

Machiavellian delusions
Eternal naivety
What a provocative thought

Immortal deals
In the mist of life
Existence anonymous

In English
With no subtitles
Egotistical retrospective

Familiar parody
To them I say

It is nothing
It is everything
On a plate served cold