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Thursday, August 15, 2019

into the eyes of death

Looking into the eyes of death
Dark places where ones mind goes
You hear the screams 
The voices that won’t leave you alone
Calling you on
The fear of losing control 
The anger smiles across your face 
Everything slows down 
What is reality 
Calling you on
The voices screaming
Challenging till they make eye contact 
Looking into the eyes of death
Dark places where everything 
Slows down 
A smile that is not a smile 
It’s a good day to die
They start their Haka
Lining up pumping out their chests 
Screaming and yelling 
You can still hear their fear
You can see it in their eyes 
They look down walking away
They get braver as their steps echo 
What is reality 
Calling you on 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

losing our fathers

Losing our fathers
before its time
society passing judgement
tormeneted by yesterday
disposable fathers
grief changes shape
conversations that never ended
listening to silence

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


The color of hate
Tools of the trade
Pointing fingers
Creating fear
Blaming them
The color of skin
Their gods

Our gods
Justifying hate
Realization death
Creating divide
Analyzing deceit
Nationalising color
Anger and fear

War is business
Making money
On death
Costing youth
As old men laugh
Blaming them