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Saturday, January 25, 2014

the ghost is thirsty

The ghost is thirsty
Squeezing water from stone
A ditch and a home
Drowning in anticipation
Killed by the ambulance
Sent to tend
Blood flows meat and bone
Standing over a head stone
Here to all the memories
The ones we can never share
Watching the whiskey
Soak into the ground
Leaving the shot glass
And the bottle for you to share
The ghost is thirsty
Waiting another year
Till I bring another shot glass
For you and I to share
Listening to the wind
I hear your words float
Whispering faintly in the breeze
I tell you about my life
And the family you have through me
Watching the whiskey soak in
The tragedy combined
 A marble angel keeps watch
Not to close
Not too far
Asking silent questions
The answers rhetorical

Thursday, January 23, 2014

wait it out

Glass of suicide
wait it out
Wait for the right time
Now it means nothing
Running from memories
This isn't the movies
Falling down
And I don't care
Running from this fantasy
Glass of suicide
Steely eyed stare
Wait it out
How sad can happy be
Perfume lingering weekend
Pretty little pretender
Working that game
Wait it out
Perfect little form
Glass of suicide
Watching dragons fly
Now it means nothing
Falling short
The song ends
I leave it at the door
A full glass of memories
The music ends
But the song won't let go

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Better to have never hoped
Faith in a useless cause
A future with so much
We can do with it what we like
A life looking backwards
Hope is the promise
A trust anticipated
The lingering first kiss
A taste unfinished
Essential moments lasting an eternity
From the second we are born
Death is over our shoulder
Every time we look back it is closer
What matters is in between
Choices amongst distractions
The future is a bitter hope
Illusions and broken dreams
A journey of never  enough

Monday, January 20, 2014

God intended it that way

Tripping over shadows
God meant it that way
Worrying about the forgotten
Living in an old painting
The way things used to be
a snapshot of happiness
amongst all that misery
Deception has a face
The one watching you
A future unaware
Chasing shadows
One following everywhere
Dancing with mercury and lead
Swinging on the edge of the world
A journey of errors
Locked in stone
Buried in smoldering ash
Heroin induced hallucination
Walls breathing individually
Amusing unusual thing
Living in the shadows
That old painting over there
Tripping over the darkness
That holds all that is dear
A memory previously owned
Existing in the background
Appearing with the twilight
Disappearing with the purple of dawn
Worrying about the forgotten
Amongst all that misery

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Feeling it's silent embrace

Feeling the abyss
Carrying it on the inside
Obvious the fear burns deep
The loss is comforting
Waiting for the right time
chronic pain a friendly reminder
The price that needs to be paid
It's complicated make it go away
Where is home, where are the people
The devil watches near
A promise that needs to be kept
No questions, no fear
Are you sure about this
There is a purity in simple things
Feeling the abyss
Nothing but air
Hugging the embrace of fear
The silence echoes off of the clouds
Just a bunch of words on a page
Feeling its silent embrace
Pushing limits till they push back
Leaving behind a touch
A gentle kiss on your soul
Feeling the abyss
Carrying it on the inside
Oblivious to  the fear burns

The loss is comforting
Feeling its silent embrace
Pushing limits till they push back
Leaving behind a touch
A gentle kiss on a soul 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

dancing on the tailgate

 Full moon
Staring through clouds
Watching the world
In dead silence
Primal from the beginning
Eerie glow peeking just so
Telling an eternal story
Reminder of how small we are
Keeping all our secrets
Stonewalling the inquisitor
Reflecting hostility
Telling us how real life can be
Distractions between exits
Living in a country song
A small town where I am from
Showing all who I am
Where everything is a cliché
Seasons come and seasons go
Nothing stays the same
Reunions with casket in the middle
Remembering the good times
Partying at the springs
Sneaking into the bar
She was two years older
And knew everyone of our names
Whispered come back when you’re alone
Hanging out at the fire pit
She would dance on the tailgate
Ran into her the other day
Looking beautiful without any shame
She asked one simple question
Are you alone?
Full moon
Staring through clouds
Watching the world
In dead silence
Primal from the beginning
We danced on the tailgate
Listening to that old country song

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Restless eyes
Machiavellian fool
Listening for truth
Where there is only lies
Relentless pursuit
The suns light dances
Above the clouds at night
Mischievous has lost its cool
Drowning in those relentless eyes
Lost in a whim
Just on a bet and dare
Haven in a bottle of mead
Wondering in no man’s land
Listless in poppy fields
Dodging a bitter vengeful faint
Remorse for all undone
No wrongs in dreams
Just translating them to real
All nightmares end
Sitting here in the middle of the day
A cold sweat chilling anxious worry
Restless eyes trying for the impossible
Machiavellian fool
Listening for truth
Where there is only lies
Believing the improbable