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Monday, June 25, 2012


Yesterday’s memories
Replaced with new
Sanctuary shattered
Broken and replaced
Symbols created
Built up in minds
Tumbles down
Shattered on the ground

Place in space
An illusion in a murky dream
Memories walked on
Fading to gray

Yesterday’s symbols
That walked away
In the violet
Of morning light

Tomorrow’s sanctuary
Today’s regret
10 years in hell
For one day in heaven

Friday, June 22, 2012

Walking with dress shoes on

Walking in the park
In the dark with dress shoes on
The air a little cool
The grass a little brittle
The company a little quick with the lip
Saying this could be almost normal
All the stars looking down
Three sisters telling stories
Four others looking on
Orian’s belts waiting patiently
Imagine the tails those clothes could tell
Walking alone with friends by your side
Ones thoughts echoing off the trees
Dining alone as the years fly by
Alone with my thoughts an illusion
Walking with dress shoes on
Missing the well wear path
Walking in the tall grass
Air a little cool
Ones breath can be seen
Almost like it is talking
With it very own opinions
The grass a little brittle
One thoughts echoing off the trees
Searching for perfection
A life not wasted
Settling for less very well could be
Misinterpreting true sensation
The overwhelming smell of mold
The taste of decay in the air
Has its own story
If only I was brave enough
To walk towards rejection
Brave enough to walk past the double
Walking with dress shoes on
In the grass way past brittle
The air a little cold in here
Walking with dress shoes on
Alone in the park with you beside me
A little sad with a smile on
With a part of you beside me
Crossing a bridge thinking
Did you watch me get on that plane?
Wondering if this could be played differently
Even though I travelled alone
A little part of you came was with me
An illusion of sanity

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sublime naivety

Knowing you have being used
Knowing that you would do it again
Like being at beck and cal
Subservient in all

Realization at the fall
Manipulated by your own will
Wanting it to be true
Wishing it was not construed

Human are that way
Wanting love so much
Over looking substance
The essence of beauty
Not on the reflect of skin

Does it make you feel better?
To push me down
To make me crawl along the ground
For all the wrongs someone did to you
If there was space in your heart?

Sublime realization comes to mind
When there more past then future
Transcending the pain of isolation
Knowing you have been used and tossed away as garbage
Beck and call to an ego
Does it make you feel better?
To make someone crawl
In the past with no future
Wanting it to be true
Knowing it was a numb illusion
That person you hate
The person you made crawl
The person you thought as garbage
The person you run over
Is someone’s hero

When you have more past
And so little future
You may see the reflection
In a wine glass
You will know
That is all you have
Right now
Right there
The bitter taste of regard

Monday, June 11, 2012


Ugliness behind a beautiful smile
Liquid metal that flows like water
Leaving a tainted taste

Vague anxiety in imprudent haste
Merciless ugliness
Behind a pretty face

Silence obedient
Approaching violet of evening
Continues untrammeled

Parody behind stunning eyes
A sound that never echoes
Murky depths of amusement

Dwelling in an isolated history
Vivid bitter regret
Laughter mutely watching

Foolishly wandering in dreams
Perspective resignation comforting
Naivety unreflecting

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Better to suffer in silence

Suffer in silence
Empathy is a lost art
Compassion hard to stomach
Their eyes clouds over
When they hear the word I
They drift off with the word me
The response delayed
As they tune the violin
Inevitable really
Behind a beautiful fa├žade
Painted on crystallization
The ritual of how have you been
Relentless intensity
Before their story can begin
Axiomatic apathetic curiosity
Unless it is lusciously dirty
Unique as to be worthy
In the game of one up man ship
Better to suffer in silence
Empathy an illusion
Compassion a tool
Everything said relayed
Accompanied by a violin
Dissimulated to a multitude

Monday, June 4, 2012

Adamant Stone

Tantalizing stranger
Primitive beauty

Embracing rock
Contempt solemn

Elusive oasis
Breathless silence

Feeding on memories
Sibilant echoes

Melancholy optimism
In a green sea

Of unanswered questions
Stones floating

Held in place
Realistic hope

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dr Mengele’s Purgatory

What was Dr. Mengele’s middle name?
Curious if was Bernard the Angel Of Death
Wondering if he had an even eviler twin
Who was unable to oppress the neurotic self obsessed
Did the psychotic levels of rationalization
Clouded the unethical ethical irony
Was he that self obsessed
Swallowed by a schizophrenic darkness
Could the twin rationalization sin
Self guided madness of covetous hate
Did his mother and father look into those eyes?
Did they see their own reflection within?
Was their presumptuous ambivalence tainted?
A Jungian wed of self denial
Empirical soliloquy veiling the obvious
Arrogant pride coloring the truth of time
The choice of intoxicating power
A paramour over morality
What would Dr Mengele’s purgatory be?
Unethical irony of flickering fire light
The voice his mother and father saying repeatedly
To your room young Bernard to your room
Till you stop dismembering those frogs
Disingenuous empathy
Could you image his mother saying
“But he will not play with children without hurting them!”
Asymmetrical logic eroding morality
Like ghost stories in flickering fire light
Spinning Byzantine tails
Walking in the footsteps of a paradox
Wondering if he had an even eviler twin
Who was unable to oppress the neurotic self obsessed
Did the psychotic levels of rationalization
Clouded the unethical ethical irony
Was the self obsessed
Swallowed by a schizophrenic darkness
Wearing the suit of self denial
Martyrdom of tangible disgust

Friday, June 1, 2012

Narcissistic Schizophrenic

Narcissistic Schizophrenic
Please help me god
To understand the female mind
Wanting you to respond instantaneously
One second before they ask the question
Other times not wanting you to respond
Because the timing is wrong
Tossing innuendo down
Giving you hell when you respond to late
Giving you hell when you respond to fast
Giving you hell when the response is silence
Then giggling and saying act normal!
Please help me god to understand
When they want you to do something
When they want it done
Where to respond and how
To understand a narcissistic mind
To predict the wants of the schizophrenic
It is better to take the an enemy intact
In an impractical war says Sun Tzu
Machiavellian is in their nature
Treacherously covetous in their personality
We love it when they win
The secret of a sound defense
Is knowing when to attack
Being prepared to lose
Please help me god to know when
To know when to let them win
As to seem serendipitous
To hear the giggling
And the voice says act normal
Pushing you away one second
And then pulling you back the next
Asking questions at the same time
Telling you to shut up
We love it when they win