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Monday, July 14, 2014

Eyes wide open

Hating the cliche
Justification poetry
Piety to the word
Knowing god is an atheist
Feeding on self righteous
Buying time to sort thoughts 
A flimsy seclusion 
Considering the potential irony 
Reliving future nightmares 
All that uncertainty 
Variations on trust
Eyes wide open
A dead mans stare
Ten miles long
When I am gone
Will I still be blind

Friday, July 11, 2014

A darkness

A darkness inside
That will not leave
A cold spot in my brain
I can't see the light
A darkness inside
That will not depart
An Accident impact
Off the pavement 
No blame for this disdain
Waking as someone different
An angel with horns on my shoulder
Ascending into a darkness
Walking through fire 
Hanging on a thread
It's all in flames 
Resting this soul
Into the darkness
Numb  in my head
Haze you don't recover from
An angel with horns
A giggle with fangs
Hanging on a thread
Watching it burn

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bipolar murky water

Black magic itches
Oh how I love you so
Working it like it's the last time
That body that makes everything sing
Potions and spells
Passion your distraction
Make me sing like a mofo
Work that magic girl
This bipolar love affair
Making my head swim
Turbulent Murky water
A second of calm before the water fall
Strange sense of déjà vu

Claustrophobic blackness sets in
Somehow incomplete

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In june

Died in June
Remember it clearly
Almost like it was yesterday
The car stopped and I
Tumbled upside down
The world was crazy
Insanity knocked twice
The reaper peered through the door
Lips not moving
Soon lingering in the air
Died in June
Remember it like yesterday
Speed and drinking stupid
That girl I didn't even catch her name
From that party I left alone
Set of keys and out of time
Four am and the fire had burned out
Heard the train calling across the lake
Lonely silence saying it is time
Died in June
Remember it clearly
Yesterday before dawn
The twilight before sunup
Tumbling upside down
Silent calm as a darkness takes hold
Cradled in the arms of death
Set of keys and out of time
Breaking down walls
Asleep and indifferent

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