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Saturday, August 31, 2013

All these Plans

Had all these plans
In the end 
I couldn't follow through
The bleakness of reality
The world decides
Mice run across the floor
Ants follow their invisible trail
A song plays in my head
Promising more
An old melody
The words I can't quite hear
Had all these plans
The world had something else in mind
Bleak how it plays
In the end
The mice run across the floor
All the ants follow 
Following invisible trails

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

staring in the dark

Woke from the same dream
Wondering where I had been
The clock was blinking
Even it didn't know what time it was
Thinking is thus real
Or is this still the misery 
Wishing I was sleeping
So I could see how it ends
Looking at the clock
Watching it flash the same numbers
It is still night outside 
I know it is six minutes after four
Like I have been here before
Staring at the dark
With the same faded memory
One that I will carry with me
As long as I have one
Woken from the same dream
Wondering where I have been
With the same blinking clock
A Lingering storm on the horizon
What is real and what is false
Staring at you in the dark
As the numbers blink repeatedly 
Wondering what more will be revealed

Friday, August 23, 2013


Nothing more
And so much less
Sanctuary on the road
Adventurous ride
To get a glance 
all the wild flowers
The beauty of all those sunsets
And the sound of Harley in between
Nothing more
And so much less
The adventure of this sanctuary 
To glance
At this memory
All those colorful sun rises
And the sound of a motorcycle in between
A glance at a freedom
I will never own

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cowboy's sad song

Every cowboy knows a sad song
Everyone has his regrets
 Sitting on his horse all alone
With nothing but the prairie sky 
to call home
Cowboys and their regrets
No one near to hear their laugh
Or see them cry
Sitting with their horse by the water hole 
Waiting for fate to make the call
With guitar in hand singing that sad sang
Not once was regrets said in the lyrics
But his eyes said it all
Nothing but the prairie sky and a saddle to own
And that beat up guitar 
That sandy voice calming the wind
Under the stars at moonlight bay
Every cowboy knows a sad sang
Living in memories by gone
Waiting for a date with fate
Sitting on his horse all alone
With nothing but the prairie sky
To call home 
With no one to hear the laughs
Or see them cry 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Ominous imitation
Indelible silence
Staring in the distance
Forgetting to breath
Chaos incomprehensible 
A life staged
A cruel hoax
Free falling into a void
The fragrance sweet like honey
Hangs heavy in the air 
A decadent luck
A ordinary blasé 
The irony undeniable 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ironic Sarcasm

Now I will know who murdered me
Every whisper has an ear
Even in the murkiness 
Stabbing eyes in humiliation
Over looking the obvious 
Callous tension  break
It is so hot 
It makes it hard to breath
Then the wind picks up
Pushing the heat around
Belting you with sand
Deadpanning the sun
The twinkle long since gone
Suspended midair in the abyss
A pawn in a  physiological sadomasochistic  game 
This charade of the similarity conspired
Every one lies says the  philosopher 
Every one is innocent
Is that ironic sarcasm?
Asked in hushed tones
Not surprised 
As the yellow eyed seagull stares
A contest with dead eyes
The nightmare in the sun

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Pernicious baggage
Feeling like déjà vu
Dread or wish fulfillment
Predetermined by failure
Boiling in a pot of simmering anger
All words lined with regret
Better to swallow murky silence
Emotional instigated bullshit
Even as it damages  the detente
Wanting to believe that is more to this life
More then life and death
Faith existing in some form

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

soft whisper

A soft whisper
Like the warmth that comes with the rain
Never stop looking  for what is not there
Whispers come in all sizes
Waltzing in the moonlight 
Weight of heaven
Never touching the air
Inspiration in the shadows
Have you ever been in love
Chancing the safety of Mediocrity
Sleeping under the stars
Love can only happen once
All others are just a distraction
A trick of the mind
Telling you your all right
It never really works
Crawling into a bottle
Another feeble attempt
When you close your eyes
You can hear the whispers
In your ears
You can feel the warmth that comes with the rain
That look before the storm
Never stop looking for what is not there
Waltzing under the stars
Dancing in the moonlight
Watching stars showers 
On the calm before the storm
Picking up pieces of broken dreams

Friday, August 9, 2013

How Much

How much before
How much more
How much can one stand

As the clock ticks around
Giving up is easy to do
Fighting is easy in the beginning
Hard to maintain

How much can people stand
How much more can they maintain
How much more can one stand

As the clock goes  around and around
Giving up is easy to do
Attrition taking a toll
Easier to let go

How much is an interesting question
An insanity boarding on crazy
The Unknown some kind deterrent      
An undeniable will

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Smoke under the moon

Smoke under the moon
Sounding whimsical
Take a breathe
Breath it in 
Don't break the silence
Watch  the smoke rings
Seems there flawed
A little perfection syndrome
Frolicking in the calm
Trying hard to forget  reality
Abandoned so what does it matter
Light stabbing the gloom
Waking up from a dream
Wishing you could bring back
What you lost
Working up slowly calmly
Looking around to see where you are
Smiling in misery
Marbleized in quicksand

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hanging in air

Carrying the conflict with us
Everywhere we go
A small piece is always present
Hanging in air
Like an ugly cloud 
Saying let me go
 Famous last words
Why wont you let me disappear
Lots of  redundant objectivity there
Water under a burnt bridge
Arguing against a reluctant sun
You can't control me
That dirty is gone
Driving through that storm
The sun looks brighter on the other side
Keeping that inside 
Is that cold
Unlikely Heroes
Stand amongst us
Like water under burnt bridges

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blue Sky and rain

Think you know the pain
Blue sky's and rain
Wearing a smile insane
Turn away with out good bye
Kind of know the why
Being near you 
Is like Arguing with the wind
Here we go again
Thinking you know the pain
Like blue sky and rain
Thundershowers  and winter storms
Replaying the same old songs
Reliving the past
Thinking it is better some how
Think you know pain
Like red wine and disdain
Every meal needs something to wash it away
Turned with out looking back
There is a Dignity in that
Like blue sky and rain