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Monday, April 29, 2013


Fury of the scorned
The walls go up
Keeping me in
Keeping you out
A line in the sand
Whipped by the wind
Washed by the tide
Your empty apologies 
I am sorry meant so little
I am sorry meant so much
The distance between us
The crevice get bigger
The crevice gets smaller
Time heals all wounds
Doesn't take away the scars
Doesn't take away the reminder
The walls go up
Keeping me in
Keeping you out
A line in the sand
Whipped by the wind
Washed by the tide
A message from Vegas
Saying hello
Saying good bye
Time runs out
You have lost the right to know
You have lost the right to decide

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Washing Memories

washing this memory clean
A crazy addiction left behind
Pretending life is real
Making real people seem normal
Judging the actions of the refined
Cutting the edge off the melanoma 
Your god making it divine
Stoking your fame
Causing a scene
Starting as friends
With sins on your mind
Narcissists screams the loudest
Thinking this is morphine crazy  
putting a mad dog down
Nasty trials in aisles
Cruelty a tool to distract
Can the river man ever
spend his coins
Go out and have a fun time
Washing this memory clean
A crazy addiction left behind
Feeling the highlights 
Pretending life is real
Don't care if you cry
Walking across this river of sighs
The wreckage piling up

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Echoing Silence

Echoing silence
Waiting to know
What disease crept in?
A silence that will not let go
Hurting the ears
Cause the silence is too loud
Saving the world
As only one can do
Leaving one or two lingering words
Running away
Feeling like I have been tossed aside
One of the disposable people
Some one’s throwaway dude
Confirming what I already knew
Good enough to deliver the meds
Fill in an affidavit or two
Dying a minute at a time
Like it is such a good time
Confirming what I already know
Is there any happy people
Are we all rejection damaged
Hanging on the slightly used rack
At a second hand store
The best before date sun faded
Using a fake name

Monday, April 22, 2013

Torbulent Descent

 Dependable without comfort
As every thing else
It wanes over time
The vibrations shake you up
Shook the senses right out of you
Convince the illogical otherwise
Smiling delusional staring at the future
Those sanctimonious half truths
Deserving the real 
As it was meant to be
Unintended consequences
Harsh encrypted messages
As the count down continues
Eleven minutes to go
Pushing the throttle forward
Towards a controlled fall
Pragmatic between the lines
What people get
What they deserve
Who thinks they are god
In a position to make that call
A omnipresent judge
Effected by their own view
Waiting to be solved
I don't think so
It is so mundane
The silence of a long flight
Just before it touches down
The danger of being extinct
Here we go 
Wheels down
Good bye 
And hello

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Long days

Getting behind 
The rotten one
The crows look on
Long days 
Eating up the nights
On the road back home
Two days of hard driving
A trip down memory lane
On highway reconstructed
Every house leveled
Rebuilt new
The memories left behind
From a photo album destroyed
Harsh memories faded
Nothing quite the same
A sun shining in one spot
On a carved stone
Like it was meant to be
On a carved stone
Like it was designed

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The mask we wear

Sarcasm free days
Water dripping
Scathing stares
Rotting meat
As the crows feast
Erasing doubt 
Born of miss fortune
To stubborn to die
Long over due 
Expectation never 
The masks we wear
Delivering replies

Friday, April 19, 2013

throwaway lines

Draconian throwaway lines
Meaning everything and nothing
All at the same time
Like Sweet misery
And I love you
Three little words
That wars have been fought over
Calling Paris
Three little words
That flay you open
Every grain of salt burns
An intensity of its own
Throwaway lines
Parting in misery
Driving through takeout

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Patience of heaven
Where no one 
knows your name
Wrapped up
The sounds howls
From the hounds of hell
Bridging Insanity
And locking all the doors
Sober eating dirt
The stairs going up
Follow the trail down
Standing there 
Impatiently wanting to go
Standing still
With every step
With the words 
Don't go 
Floating in the air

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bringing the rain

When is the war over
Who is to blame
A metaphor to cling to
Hanging in ends
Lingering pessimism 
The cries of the maniac 
A weak link of implosion 
The fascism of my religion 
Apolitical relationships 
Giggling in the background 
Hilarious rhetorical
Slowly eaten by a Minotaur
A tribute of shame
Wrapping in a guilt complex
With silence inherited 
Odious repent  
As the world is poised 
Fingers hovering on tigers 
Staring at the DMZ
Clinging to extended metaphors
Chained to a wall
Staring at shadows
The view of the world elongated
Kids in play ground 
Wanting to toss the rock
Bringing the rain

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Becoming History

The future matters
The past is behind you
Therefor does not 
When is enough to much
A debt shared of a heart lost
When it is not yours to own
 When dignity gets in the way
Then night carries into day
And days carries into night
Gratitude of breathing the air 
Singing to Jupiter 
And hope is not ones own
Flattery shining under the sun
The future matter
The past is the reason so
A privileged of a few
As they fall like children's toys
Left behind as those of the departed
The result of all the doubt 
Honor painted in red
A cloudy past 
Murky in an Icy haze
The future is more important
It is in future the words written 
Becoming the history

Monday, April 8, 2013


A fate already done
Believing in what is right
More then an even bargain
The Barman lines them up
Lighting them up 
one at a time
All in a neat little row
The fire burns long
After the scars have healed 
A heart of vengeance 
A will of its own
Controlled with out oxygen  
A transaction of the unscrupulous
On the edges of honesty 
If honesty is silence
Revelation of defiance 
Followed by I don't know
Because silence can be painful
It has a patience
That needs to be broken
A stoic mask of indifference
For silence means its already done

Sunday, April 7, 2013

edible books

Window shopping
One way conversations
With nothing to say
Translating the subconscious
Analyzing in a cannibalistic way  
Eating the words
One letter in time
The rhythm of the bite
Like it’s a rib of delight
The symbolism of logic
Branded on a t-shirt
Flying on the back of dragon
Spelled the same backwards
With that closing the book
The cover upside down
Where the ending
Is the beginning
No spelling check for a person’s life
Defining who you are
Is not defining by what you do
Floating in the wind
Tied to an anchor
The boat drifts
Eating this bible
One letter at a time
Spelled the same forwards
With that opening a book
The cover discarded
One page at a time
Window shopping

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sarcasm free

Public face on stage
Sarcasm free Wednesdays
50 shots in a row
And this is sober
Glass walls all around
Branded on a branch
Swinging high above the ground
This is the tree of life
Hope i don't slip up
And fall down 
Place any girls name here
Press alt delete
And then paste
Vocals shot as usual
And I am scratching on stage
Sarcasm free between bitter irony
Born to play this role
Before I lost all control
Adopted for life
Public face on stage
Sarcasm free
50 shots in a row
And this is sober
Glass walls all around
Branded on a branch
Swinging high above the ground
This is the tree of life
Hope i don't slip up
And fall down
Shattering the glass walls 
Place any girls name here
continually hitting delete
attempting to start again
Born to play this role
Before I lost all control

Friday, April 5, 2013

treadmill of mistakes

Walking in quicksand 
In a middle of snow storm
Packing it down 
Running in place
On this treadmill of mistakes
Coming in last 
This human race 
Connecting to what doesn't exist 
Love extinction 
The dripping driving me insane 
Running in quicksand
Feeling it pulling me down
Like s runaway freight train
Ripping through this valley
Called I don't care 
How is that for irony of mistakes
Packing in down
Running in place
On a treadmill
Coming in last
In a crazy maraphon
This humanrace
Connecting to what doesn't exist
Running in place
On a treadmill
Coming in last
In a crazy marathon
This human race
Connecting to what doesn't exist 

Water dripping 
Driving me insane

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blemished by Reality

stories differ
Inhibitor of gloom
Just walk through 
Stop staring at the door
It does not matter
Just walk through
One door closes
The exit sign comes on
Just another hole  in a wall
Walk through and life changes
The prequel to yesterday
One way doors are like that 
Another obstacle in the way
Deceitful omission again
The silence that kills
On the other side
Colors looks the same
Rain still falls 
The same songs play
Just can't go back
Letting yourself down
Can't go back
Blemished by reality