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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Karmic slate

Karmic slate
Pandora opening square cubes
With a confused stare
Reptilian psychopathic glare

Would Karma account for the insane?
Passing judgment on the inane
Incompetent foresight
Begrudging pity

First day of winter
Last day of fall
Snow settles softly
Eerily quiet

An old man sits at the fire
Watching the flames dance
His mind wonders to Cyprus
And a long walk

A desperate dance with a devil
Knocking all the ghosts out
Liquid amber splashing
Turning the ground to a fire burn

The rain drives hard
Each droplet a mirror
Drowning the fire in darkness
And reflecting mirrors

Karma looks on passing judgment
Taking into account all those past mistakes
And all those many lives
All she can do is cry

The old man stands
Reaches down to grab another log
Gently puts it on the embers
Watches the sparks

Each of which look like a mini star
Before it burns out
A constellation of flames
Reflecting heaven

Friday, December 21, 2012

perfection in heaven’s sky

The perfection in heaven’s sky

The moon’s silvery touch
Kissing humanities tanned skin
Reaching gently through transparent clouds
Rippling across watery glass
Wrapped in its warm embrace
Jet streams cut the clouds
Their shadowy trails seemingly singing in silent harmony
Living in the atmosphere above infinity
Three streams trailing the wishes of humanity
Beats calling in a rhythm clinically
Sinicism of everyday
Sitting in the cooling sand
An anonymous evening
Answering questions in silence
Defining truth and honesty
Between suitable most parts
A silver moon to light the eyes
The shadows down cast in moon’s gaze
Living in a hopeful fantasy in paradise
Framed by moments of perceptible perfections
Amongst the calm waves of a windless night
Water in the sea of this hope
Reflecting light to the edge on infinity
Where will the plane land?
Before the question that will these night
Coyote calls echoing under calm urgency
Descending to the silent hunger
Not wanting the cooling sand to end
Embracing the warmth of infinity
Reflecting in honeyed tea

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

+ motives

Ulterior motives

That was then
Lost in Baltimore
No place to go
this is now
agendas of the timid
motives of the craved
walled in bricks
the stories the building must hear
the stories it must endure
witnessing so little hope
so many lost and worried souls
the tales one building can feel
voices directing a fever
ghosts with their own object reasoning
foreshadowing the inane
one more story to behold
a spot light in the cloudy grey haze
smiles can break walls down
laughter heals wounds
time was too busy to consider
to have a sliver of hope
it is better than despair
everything dust from the universe
every drop of rain accounted for
ulterior motives of intellectuals
toys to be deployed
smiles breaking walls down
laughter healing wounds
time was too busy for
silent indecision
honest man walking
crazy man looking to reflections
agendas of all us fools

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thanks for the Addiction

Thanks for the Addiction

You will live forever
Plays on the radio
Memories come flooding back
A very dark sky in July
The stars seem to sing
You can almost hear the words
Their voices on the wind
Light flashes turning midnight to noon
A meteor shower better
Then any fireworks display

This addiction
Nothing else matters
Coming from the speakers
Memories return
Climbing in an ice storm
To a summit in the sky
The glassier so ice blue
At the edge were ice flowers bloom
An August worth remembering
On the side of a mountain
Breathing in the sky

An Addition
No mysteries you know what I need
Screaming on the airwaves
Memories in the mist
Some additions never die
Walking game trails
In a haze of waterfalls
To a place of mysteries
A lake in the clouds
Shadows in a cloudy outline
A trip to contemplate

Some additions
Our loves of our lives
Rhyming on my sleeves
You can leave some behind
Even when all you want is to rewind
Flashback to salt air
An memory with so much flair
Crashing waves on the sands of inevitability
Fire crackles with a warm humility
A stepping stone
Watching as if in a zone

Thank you for the addition
Words to a song
Driving you back to that place
To every where you wished to be
Every rift has a memory
Taking one back
To when you were there
Every smell a connection
To distant places in different times
An addition stepping stone

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Morphine Crazy

Her words
Feeling broken
Morphine crazy
Delusional happy
Ants crawling
Under my skin
chasing veins
Fix me were the words
Please don’t leave
Please don’t leave
In this pale room
The walls are breathing
Her voices in my head
Feeling broken inside
Morphine itch
Clawing inside out
Eating at my skin
How I miss it
When it not there
Fix me
Feeling broken
Morphine crazy
Her words lingering
The walls just stare
I sold this soul
Now I want it back
Rage is like that
Seeing more clearly
Morphine crazy
Eating at your skin
Listening to silent voices
Paranoia delusions of grandeur
Staring at rising suns

Friday, December 7, 2012


Make this moment last
Forever in one breathe
Solipsistic pointlessness

Artificial memories
Clouding the real
Seeing through filtered lens

Depone in the belief
That everything else is impossible
Designed to fail with nature’s touch

Divine carelessness
Scopperloit Rastaquouere everywhere
Their loves desire covered in dust

The unfamiliar mortgaged
That life a mirage
Smiling sarcasm

Hope and happiness
Intent on desire
More a lost cause

Memories that are real
Depending on point of view
Appearing as new

Intent on making this moment last
A desire for it never to end
Forever in one breathe

All gone before breathing in
Artificial memories
Clouded by the real

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jets streams above

Jets streams above
Sand is cold
Contrasting with the warmth of calm
On a beach with a Spanish name
If it only were a sea
Well past sunset and well short of dawn
Listening to the sounds floating across the calm
A windless night just above the ground
A tableau of perfection on the canvas of reality
Light from the moon casts a silvery glow
Wrapping the world in the gift of the day
The Jets high above tying a bow
Doing so very quietly
The people within unaware
Of their effect on thy memory
Their passage fading yet lingering lightly
The beat of a summer gathering calls
Asking to dance as if in a trace
The shore across reaches inviting
The light sparkles on the silver calm
Children of the moon in the calm of night
A voice from the past touching in the present
The clouds this night are perfection
I thought you love this place
Why would you want to leave?
Is this voice real voicing my thoughts?
The Jets slowly fades
The streams of their bows drift into clouds
Should we go or linger here under the moon
Wanting to bath in the silvery calm embrace
Knowing even perfection must come to an end

Saturday, December 1, 2012

changing tomorrows

Words can change tomorrows

And the results of yesterdays
Changing the past to whatever you desire

Take away the burning rain

Tears of all those crying jeers
Ears that overheard

The tone of the madness
Changing one thing everyday

So the madness of this day

Is gone from this memory
Agony builds up

Seeing the liars and cheats

The fools that believed
Working to deceive

Hard to even fake smiles

Tongue-tied turn a ways
Gaping holes in a chiasm