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Monday, February 27, 2012

watching your religion

Watching your religion
As you are Canadian
 you should understand
the meaning  of nice
we seem to hit hardest on ice
take that Dragon lady
what would Phil say to that
one standing in front
maybe some day
maybe it was yesterday
as the squirrels play
running in the snow
the game flies by
all it takes is one shot
to change the score
looking through a crystal ball
fate will knock everyone down
even when Carlos looks on
staring  a glassy stare
watching your religion
as you are Canadian
you should understand
the meaning of nice
doing nothing is winning
a bigger victory
and no lost face
even when the score is lopsided
there is symmetry in silence
a smile kills with love
we seem to hit hardest
when there is ice

Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Angel Stares

Light danced across my eyes
Even though they were closed
I felt warmth on my brow
Looking up to spread wings
And an Angel looking down
Smelling like fresh cut flowers
Where have you been?
Light played a reflective game
Dancing on the walls
As it flowed through crystal doors
A quiet calm settles on the mind
Words of wisdom flow
Rising with the steam
As the sun heats the marble
Sleep is over with the dawn
An Angel stares
Around the room
Following one’s eyes
As you meander
A stroll of wonderment
The path chosen
A path clear
What a refreshing sleep
Now that it is done
Like yesterday

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bela Foto

Simple complexity
Bohemian serendipity
Karma opportunity
Options implied
Snap gone
Prospect art

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Over the Edge

Looking over the edge
Staring down
Wondering why
anyone would hang on

the sun shines down
casting a shadow long
warming the soul
burning the skin

hanging over the edge
wondering why
anyone would hang on
staring at the blue sky

the aroma is refreshing
marking a time line
memories of laughter
all the good times and bad

hanging over the edge
glancing down
thinking it’s not that extreme
fingers start to slip

music blasts in the distance
like a familiar stranger
rhythm dancing recall
grasping on hope

clinging on the edge
refusing to let go
fatigue sets in
on the cliffs of Hades

one finger than two
than in an instant
the music, sun and sky
twist out of control

Awake standing tall
Hades far below
Staring up into the blue
The sun reflecting off you

The aroma of coffee freshly brewed
As you step further away for Hade
And remains of Dis
Let Persephone and Pluto play
With out you

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Symbols of this Love

Symbol of this love
A rose on Valentine’s Day
A symbol of this love
Dies in about week
The wedding band
A Symbol of this love
Twenty tons of waste
Washed in cyanide
Before it’s given
Symbol of this love
Memories in an album
Piled high in good times
Reunions when family dies
Well wishes for a wedding
Nothing for a divorce
Not even sorrow
Business deals in distain
Fated to failure
Symbol of this love
Cupid with an arrow
A weapon to kill you dead
Errors in bed
Symbol of this love
Washed in cyanide
Baby with a weapon
Roses that die in about week
It should make you laugh
Or hang your head in shame
Does it make you miss it?

PS Happy Valentines

Friday, February 10, 2012


Are we just storing it away for a life time?
Is it something else when we go?
Does it turn to dust?
We need days like this
In this way we know
What the other days are like
What happens to it the instant we leave?
Does it turn to pure energy?
To go somewhere else
Can it be Adagio for Strings in another time?
Powerful and subtle
Stealing our heart
Loud and quiet
Enslaving our souls
A memory that brings tears
Can it be the words that change this world?
Remind the gods
Why we put them on the pedestal
The energy we are can be the answer
Energy at the end of a tunnel
Reality showing us where we stand

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yesterday is gone

Living yesterday for tomorrow
Thinking of today
Hoping for better in the future
Knowing today is bitter
It was better in the past
Will it change?
Innocence slides away in laughter
Little colour in the sunshine
Little fun here and there

Living yesterday for tomorrow
Does today matter?
Hoping better things in the future
Knowing today will never change
It was better in the past

Laughter is nice to be a part of
Not worrying about hiding it in any more
Smile at every sunrise
Embrace every sleep

Living today for tomorrow
Knowing it will be better soon
Future one step at a time
Knowing it makes it better
Yesterday is gone

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Eyes First

See it in the eyes first
Something a little scary
Stranger walking among us
No fear
Not a hint of remorse
A thousand mile stare
Pain no longer effecting
Worse yet
No sign of a smile
Or silence when laughter should be
The twilight of humor gone

See it the eyes first
Walking among all those souls
A shadow of yesterday
All fear gone even hate
All laughter buried deep
There stands a man beaten down
Can anything bring it back?
Even if he wanted too

See in the eyes first
Staring back at you
You seen that face before

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gyrations of fate

Twists of life
Gyrations of fate
Echoes in solitude
Extinguishing reminiscences
Even those that linger
Aching with new loneliness
Sealing one soul
Nothing gets in
Not even giggles
Depredation of an auspicious day
A residue of hope remains
Merged without rancor
Chasm from humanity
Metamorphosis understood
Faint whisper of spring in the air

Friday, February 3, 2012

Frosted Lips

Some memories hang
Floating over you
Like clouds on a foggy day
Tasting like frost
Freezing and warm
In equal doses
Bringing a smile
And perhaps a tear
Where a smile should not be
Not your sadist day
Nor the happiest
Some memories linger
Hanging over you
Like fog on a grey day
Tasting warm on frosted lips
Turning to ice in time
Melting to something else
Smile where knowledge should be
Some memories float
Hanging over you
Clouds of regret

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Out of this Skin

There is a rhythm beating out of my skin
Left foot stomping down
Words come like a water fall
A tune crawling to the surface

Remember what is worth fighting for
Everything else is just someone little drama
Nothing can be more important

The rhythm so strong it going to tear something
Tear something to shreds
Left stomps down in a beat
The tune crawls in my blood

Remember what is important
Remember what is worth the trouble
Everything else just her deceit

The beat get stronger
Following what is my heart
So simple the left foot carries the rhythm
The words fall to the floor

What is worth fighting for?
Will it matter anymore?
Can all these shreds be glued back together?

There is a rhythm beating out of my skin
Crawling to the surface carried by the wind
Echoing off the windows from with in
Both feet stomping it in

Words come like a water fall
A tune crawling to the surface
Remembering what is worth fighting for