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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Just another pretty face
Good time girl
I know where I belong
You said lets hang out
I didn’t get my hopes up
Artificial pretty face
Deceitful beautiful
You asked what are you waiting for
I want everything
Not just little nothing
I don’t trust where fun is

So beautiful with a devil soul
You always call between boyfriends
Saying it feels right
Just not now
A one night stand
That won’t let go
Maybe I will see after the next one
Loving all the sun shine

Music waiting to long
Day into night
Night becoming day
Thinking about doing it all again
Turn and run
Music has all the answers
All real and shake

You said I know you like me
You can’t fake that
Handcuffed to not real
Dancing on the Mississippi
No rings and good times

you said lets hang out
a wish come true
a house of cards
made of glass
waiting for the wind to change
perfection missed
but moving on