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Thursday, May 29, 2014


The blacks eyes stare
Living breathing stone
Feathered gargoyle
Frozen messenger
Spirit walker from the depths
Bloated on the festering spoils
Waiting for preordained fate
Democratic imperialism
Shaken not stirred
Vodka puttin his mark on borders
Redrawing the lines
Out of the chaos
Fluttering Flags and old imperial songs
Obama May care
Making it rain
Leaded waste land
The raven stares
Black feathers shine
Women and children cry
Political cross fire
Young men die
Parasites feast on the spoils

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Calm in the Chaos

All we have is now
Watching your soul
Flow with the water
Calm as a waterfall
turbulent as a hurricane
Hopeless as pebble of sand
lost In a raging river
Life will change you
The face you see in the mirror
Reflection of all that anguish
Happiest is short lived
Gone before you realized
Trust a weird thing
All we have is now
Calmness in the chaos
Chains that bind us here
Rain drops drumming
The truth that blinds
Morose the pain
Fate has chosen a time and place
Passing it as the calendar slips away
To all the gods we made
In our own image
Laughing the night away
All we have is now

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

quid pro quo

Egregious tenure
Tenuous freedom
Fascism deceives
Communism controls
Results all the some
Big brothers virtual guarantee
Freedoms contractual obligations
Academic sterilization
Thought police frog steps criticizers out
First targets are opponents
Cleansed by fire
Books tossed on the flames
The formula of control
Those considered inferior uneducated
And malnutritioned
Breaching the civil contract
Egregious tenure
Tenuous freedom
Big brothers formulated strategy
Determine what they teach
Terminate opponents rigorously
Heinrich Heine’s poem destined to burn too
Sanitize the books
Imprison the inferior and dehumanize
Silence the deans’ quid pro quo
Engage in a free flow of ideas

Saturday, May 17, 2014

When the morning comes

When the morning comes
You will be gone
Like the girl in that song
A dream the night before
A future that never was
Keeping my worlds apart
For some strange reason
You can't have tomorrow
Without yesterday
When the morning comes
You will be gone
Like the girl in that song
Beautifully packaged fun
Repeating the same mistakes
Too proud to say I was wrong
That dream that made no sense
The one I thought was wrong
Every night has a dawn
Waiting all day so I can see you again
Closing time on a night that never ends
All the things that happen today
I will tell you tonight
In my dreams
The ones a can't remember
But some how know you were in

Like that movie you wanted to live in 

Friday, May 9, 2014


Everything out those lips
Said with a narcissistic distain
Strategized manipulation amongst the lies
Propaganda sprinkled with a little truth
Just enough
The stare down dare
Cavalier whatever
Wanted to believe
Hope it was true
experience a hard lesson
Trust not so easily given
One use rule then tossed 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dress Parade

Putin pushing the borders of extremes
The world slowly standing up
And pushing back
Protestors with Ak’s and rocket launchers
Bringing the helicopters down

Terrorists kidnapping all the girls
Scratching and screaming in front of a rusted tank
Sounding crazy saying god is great
He told me to sell them at market
The AK swinging back and forth

A king sending bombs down
Raining down on his people
A people who wanted a voice
Homs in a gas filled rage
The world slowly wondering why
Collecting the chemicals of death
Thinking it will make death cleaner

Russia clawing at bigger
With sticks and stones
Snipers with children in the cross hairs
Masked men carrying gas and bombs
All the while the puppet master laughs

The world lighting the fuses
The powder sits in the kegs
Soldiers cleaning their guns
And shining their boots
They’re about to go on dress parade

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

the voodoo hour

Showing up late for life
A digital romance gone cold
Playing reggae in my head
Total comfortable unknown
A song in the haze
Reminding me of you
Words coming back
From far away
In the white sand
The rhythm swaying
So naturally
Missing the opportunity
Hearing the music
Floating on the air
Reaching out calling
Uncomfortable unknown
Showing up late
For this appointment with fate
Reggae against the wall
Warm sand during the day
Cold during the voodoo hour