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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Scar tissue built up

Laughs come easy
Humorous giggle

Love is too hard
Can't trust my heart

Words that smile
There are no more tears

Loneliness is a place
Comfortable isolation

Chaos is somewhere else
Miss it, a little 

Don't chase anybody 
Can't find what your not looking for

Eyes wide awake shout
There are no more tears

Will not trust
Can't trust

The sound of rain 
Cleanse the soul

Distraction of the day 
Listening to misery on the news

Misery ubiquitous 
Pain feels alive

Words from the past
Don't let people see your pain

Words from yesterday 
Patience severed up cold 

Pain feels alive
Eyes wide awake 

Chaos wants revenge
Deception lurking near

Scar tissue builds new
Rain cleanses 

Laugh come easy
Distracting regret 

Smile come easy
No more tears