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Saturday, June 28, 2014

said to late

What will tomorrow bring
Taking advice
Ringing in my ears
Escaping this place
Doing what it takes
Looking for that ride home
Lost in a promised land
The words said to late
All the people drowning in hate
I have forgiven you
like that apportion In Trinidad
Even when your daughter calls me dad
We can never know what tomorrow brings
Listing all those broken dreams
Counting all those broken hearts
Watching all those sunrises
Wondering towards home way past sunset
Waiting for an I love you
Even if it's way paste due
Said way past to late

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

never the same

Those eyes tell stories
I see the pain you feel
I wait for the words
Everything is broke
Never the same
Forgave you but can't forgive myself
Wish we could start over again
From the beginning again
But never the same
Times just doesn't roll backwards
Eyes tell your stories
The pain evident in every glance
Waiting for the words
The ones that change everything
Relationships in broken shards
Menagerie of broken dreams
Can't forgive myself for trusting
Never the same
Disappointing possibilities

Friday, June 20, 2014

White noise

The silence
Calming rage
Regret in everything done
No wrong right choices
Many right wrong decisions
des idioms

The music plays
A dull hum in the background
Like rain splashing on the window
The  words a whisper

Silence is like that
Whirling in turbulent waters
Running in quick sand
Slow option merry go round
I miss you sometimes

The music plays louder
A tune discernible
Echoing off the walls
Like that distant waterfall
Lost on the wilderness

Silent rage
A hungry anger
Insatiable appetite
impossible to feed
Consuming from within

White noise with rhythm
Words echoing  in my head
Feeling the beat on my skin
Guitars steaming in poetic harmony
When the music and my heart beat as one
Exploding in their own time
How you remember it
Is not how I remember it
Missing you all the same
White noise between realities
Then there is silence

Monday, June 16, 2014

Juxtaposition of the Gun

The juxtaposition of the gun
Shocking conclusions
The world changes
Repeating the same mistakes
Isolated gunmen shooting their own
Headstones line up
Parents cry saying never again
In paradise knocking at the door
An extremist serpent crawls through
Destabilizing a turbulent middle east
Convoluting the ordinary everyday
The serpent crawls towards Baghdad
Replacing flags and uniforms
In Africa other extremists
Take all the children
Putting those that don’t speak in the ground
In Europe the bear claws
First the Ukraine
Eying the old borders
The juxtaposition of the gun
Negotiation with bullets
Shocking conclusions
Repeating the same old mistakes

Monday, June 9, 2014

Daddy can you

Daddy can you
Daddy can you
Bring my teddy and blanky
The words kids say
That stick in your heart
Can't say no
Daddy read to me
Daddy read to me
Can you read that story
That story you never end the same
Read to me till I fall sleep
Watch me to keep the ghosts away
Daddy can I go
Daddy can I go
I am going to a party
I will not drink and drive
There is years in between
But the answer is still the same
I will come no matter the time
Or how far the drive
All those memories come flowing back
as I stand here above
looking down above the ground
daddy hold me tight
feel my heart through your hands
tell me all those stories again
daddy I miss you now that your gone
all those memories come back
as I stand here above the ground

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Toxic judgement

In this glass house
People wonder by
Looking in without seeing anything
Standing here looking out
Seeing their glassy eyed stares
Ambivalent I don't cares
Glass houses come tumbling down
Shattering all those illusions
Tumbling a house divided
People come and stare
Taking what they desire
Glass like sand goes everywhere
A house made of glass
A prison of toxic memories
People wonder by
Standing in judgement

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello stranger

That voice
In my head
Conscious of my soul
The one that speaks its mind
In a voice from long ago
One that has changed over time
One that wants my days
And my dreams
Consuming the in betweens
A ghostly haunting reality
Hello it's says where have you been today
Eyes down cast and shining in reflective light
Some secrets are mine alone
Not to be shared with my conscious
Leave me alone so I can think in peace
That voice
In my head
Conscious of the soul
Its okay to voice your opinion in silence
That voice that is no longer you
She smiles and says
Hello stranger

Monday, June 2, 2014


Immune from life
Happiness and sadness
Feel the same in a dull haze
A cold grip holds on
15 minutes from yesterday
Nine days in a year
Another day the same as the last
Dismal little hopelessness
A hangover fades
Clearly asking what is your name
I don't remember
Do you know where you are
I don't know
Have you been drinking
I don't drink
Three questions in and out darkness
Shadows in the trees
The smoke on the water
Slowly  fades
Can you see the other Side
One day like the rest
Clouds hang heavy
Happy can't be bought
A soul payed for