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Monday, February 28, 2011

so alarmingly fake

Things so alarmingly fake

Things so alarmingly fake
Trying hard to be Italian Schick
In a west coast way
The colours all match
But it just does not work
Every person that comes through the door
Looks hard this way
The wind in cold
The temperature spiraling down
Three days since you tired to contact me
Will you try this evening?
You have made you choice
Walking away, scorn in your every action
What did you think would happen?
Where did you think this would go?
You asked for a time line
Baby steps
Thinking about it every day
You tried to make it work
The pressure on my soul
Can only last so long
The spirit is discouraged
Waiting for a brake in the storm

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beauty touch the sky

Beauty touch the sky

Black malignant eyes looking up from the dark
Perpetual night and silent screams
Wishing I was invisible
And feeling strangely remote
Grinning through the agony
Vogue premonition
Of better things to come
Trembling memories
Happy times in a nightmare of despair
Foreknowledge that time will heal everything
And the sun will rise in the morning
As one intrusion walks out the door
A voice quiet and deep
A calmness of reality
The cloud people look down
And an angel will touch me with her wing
As the wind screams
A flower fights its way out of the ground
Letting its beauty touch the sky

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moonlight makes a silvery path

Moonlight makes a silvery path

Moonlight makes a silvery path
Across the floor
The tree limbs can be seen
Through the window
Spidery outlines
Tender memories
Uniquely satisfying
Balanced stalemate
Radiant eyes
Beautiful smile
Relationship inadequate
Shadowy foreboding
Brushed my spirit
As nature takes a deep breath
Just before the winds blow

Friday, February 25, 2011

The cross I bare

The cross I bare

The cross I bare
Symbolizes the questions I have
My soul is looking for answers
Occasional sparks of brilliance
As you kick my but in a game of solitaire
Do I really want the answers
Should I reveal or even admit
A search goes on
Kryptonite only kills superman
Him I am not
The desire burns me up
The water does not clean the wound
Air brushes the hair
The earth is under foot yet I never touch the ground
Happiness is like kryptonite
Rather hard to find
So the search goes on

Thursday, February 24, 2011

That sounds like a song

That sounds like a song

That sounds like a song
Lyrics come from the heart
Which shatters on the floor?
The beat to the song
Comes from the emptiness left in my soul
As I am pushed away I want to call you
Try to change your mind
Heart shatters beyond repair
Like a million pieces glass from a car window
The music comes from the thoughts
That runs through my mind
Missing your touch
And the crazy sounds you make
The beat gets louder
As I try to distract my thoughts
On something that makes sense
Wanting to scream
At the moon
Knowing there is no reason
You wanted to leave
And I couldn’t hold the door

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wave’s splash

Wave’s splash

The waves splash on the rocks
Wind makes the wave’s splash higher
Ice is already forming on the ground
Freezing the rocks together
The Vs are high in the air
Flying south for six mouths o r so
Sky is bluer some how
Ground is harder to the step
Every time I look up
Eyes gaze back at me
Asking question in silence
What is the point of words?
When they make no difference
The question will be asked
As you walk out the door
Have you made a difference?
JEM is my difference here
The best of a poor decision
Their hurt so big that
It pulls you in
Jet asks “why are you and mom breaking up”
It not your fault son
I love you no matter what
Give M and E a kiss and hug
Tell them I love them not matter what
Sweet dreams little one
Ice freezes all over the rocks

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The cello plays softy

The cello plays softy

The cello plays softy in the background
People are wondering all around
The keys of a computer dance like a piano
Sleep comes so ever slowly
Anger boils up
Pushing sleep away
Food will not stay down
Keeping sleep away
Going for walk in a storm of calmness
The trees look bare now
I live under the folds of death
Nature makes us stop and look
The air so cold and refreshing
Chilled to the bone
The strings of the cello a make beautiful sound
Loneness in an empty land
Keeping sleep away

Monday, February 21, 2011

Walking on ice

Walking on ice

Walking on ice
Swimming in a hole
Ice berg woman
Don’t smile cause your heart will crack
Black butterfly disappearing in night
The silence of your passage
Echoes in the halls
Rebounding off the walls
You’re like kryptonite
A poison I can’t get enough of
The flutter of your wings
Like rain drying in the sunshine

The black on the ground
I slipping all around
Swimming under the ice
Looking up and seeing people looking down
Make eye contact they are not
Wondering why they are suffocating in the winter air

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Standing alone in crowd of people

Standing alone in crowds of people
Standing alone in crowds of people
Listening to conversations
Eye contact every second or so
People bump into you like a road stump
Eyes that look through you not a care in the world
Thinking were are these people from
What stage are they in their life
As they walk through you to get what they desire
Some will step on your face to climb a ladder
Not seeing the beauty of the wind as it blows the leaves
One day they may see
The beauty of the water as it slaps the shore
A bird as it glides through the air
The rain as it slide down the window pain
Or the heat rise from a coffee cup
The people stroll by in their self contempt
Disdain for everything but them selves
The blood drips down from the shelves histories memory
The pain these people cause to them selves is unbelievable
I stand alone in crowd of people
Not making eye contact for fear they may know me
As the foot steps on my clothes tell me
The screams echo in my blood stream
The thoughts are building in my skull
To scream at the top of my lungs to be heard in a wispier
The wounds of your move are still fresh in my skin
Blood shot eyes stare back at me
The floods of time run through the mountains on the prairies
To deep thoughts will break the fun

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Hate Dreams

I hate Dreams
even under Heaven!!!
Drama follows
like a shadow
down a road
with trees
red leaves not green
colour blind I guess
some times it is hard to see
what is in front of you
till it is gone

Standing up the stars float

Standing up the stars float

Standing up the stars float
The headache is back
The pain scrawls around
Around inside my head
Get a shot but it still remains
Sleep takes it away for a time
But it crawls up my spine
Feeling its nails scratch my cranium
From the inside
Agony just under the crust
Feel the hair holding on
Eyes hurt to look at the dark
Eyes hurt to look in the dark
The darkness only for seconds
As the stars floats by

Friday, February 18, 2011

Protection at a lake 10000 miles away

Protection at a lake 10000 miles away
Flying in a jet plane
Three children making it fun
Giggles a they relax
The distance increases as the minutes
A promised call never comes
Questions of control arise
As you try to asserts your power
10000 miles away comes
The distance not great enough
But the sleep comes a little easier

Thursday, February 17, 2011

One step at a time

One step at a time

One step at time
Eyes wide open
You can not plan
What your heart says
In the end
Happiness will elude
Till you listen to it
One chapter ends
As another begins
That is the life of a book
But there is only one postscript
Which always following the epilogue
Let it be that
Foolishness is to ignore
Not analyze it way
Let’s take one step at a time
With our eyes wide open
And walk into postscript
Giggles and laughing all the way

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Number 8

Number 8

I didn’t have the courage to say
What my heart was screaming to say
Not face to face any way
Yet the lies pile up as you scream
It was us against the world
As the piano played
One note at a time
Looking at all or nothing
You called me babe and looked surprised
When you heard the song
I was on a plane
Flying away wishing it was Paris
Ending up at a cottage
On the Canadian Shield
By lake I have never seen
But it the only place I have been able to sleep
In three years
You told me the next day
It was a great a concert
Number 8 on the list is the song
That dropped my heart
Not all just a few words

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Was that a dream?

Was that a dream?

Wondering did that just happen?
Knowing it did.
Wishing it didn’t.

This is nothing like that.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tick Tock

Tick tock

The clock ticks down
Though a window
The door lays wide open

Questions unheard
Answers under a blanket of snow
Draw in the sand

On a beach in another land
Arranged just so
A tariff on ones soul

Attributes of the lost and found
Desires just a snow flake
On the ground

Decisive somehow
Hope can be buried
Time has a memory

Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11

February 11

Three day before Valentines
Three years ago or maybe five

The machine was so piercing
Thoughts would float

One’s own voice would be lost
Ironic amusement

A steel table
So cold

Medal pulling from my bones
A letter on a table outlining the end

Beach house in Trinidad

The snow so high
The wind rips through

Consequences reaps
A nightmare with in a dream

Wide awake

A Song Playing

There is a song playing
Lyrics so very catchy
Rhythm that makes ones soul dance
Words not quite heard
Strong in the background
Meanings misinterpreted
Drenched in anticipation
Reflection frozen in the frost
Spring on the way
Liars lined up
Their words music in their own ears
War paint on
Temptation in a glass
Fake smiles of desperation
On a dance floor in the sand

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A flower

A flower in the desert is a flower in the desert
Hardly ever seen
 A flower amongst the trees is hiding in the shadows
hardly ever noticed

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Requiscat En Pace

Requiscat En Pace
Putting a memory to ground
Six feet down
A memory that crept across the floor
With the sun rays
A dream that arrives with the dawn
Dancing in the light
A memory better than reality
Taste better then cherub fare
Five years and rays travel into the past
Requiscat En Pace
Rest a little dream
A fleeting memory
Redemption of one’s principles
Still resonates

Saturday, February 5, 2011


The number three is beautiful
In its structure
Fascinating in it symbolisms
Curvy as a mirrors reflection
The reality of which brings many
Three in history and spot on a floor
Where could it all go?
It is said that things come in threes
Complex in ones thoughts if you let it
Compare it to other realities and the three
Will make you free

Friday, February 4, 2011

Never look back

As the sun sets on another day
The clouds open up
And the rain screams down
Washing the ground away
People stand still
Hiding under excuses
Trying to shield them selves
From the guilt they feel
Looking for a feeling
They don’t know they have
Searching in the dark for
What they never knew
They could have
In some cases never realizing that they are
Even looking in the first place
Happiest is so allusive
And easy at the same time
Time stands still for those so few
Never look back
You can’t change it any way

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Run as fast as you can
The clock has started
The gun has sounded

The race has begun
People in front
Some behind
Who is it going to be?
At the finish line

The ribbon
Is just a colour
Placement is the key
Who going to finish
Who is in the race?

The lanes merge
Some get knocked out of the race
Others take better positions
Some drop out

Which kind person are you going to be?