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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Devils Tear Drops

Devils tear drop
Came with the dawn
As all the angels turned
Turned their back on me
Looking for the real thing
That is all we strive for
As time runs out
Swimming against a tide
As the dust settles on the day
 Doubt playing its game
Tears Taste is salty
Even through this  ice fog
A fog that distorts illusions
Smiles that look like a  frown 
A child's laugh sounding like a cry
A Frozen kiss feels like the sun
Leaving an imprint
Etched in time
Some things even though dead
Are immortal in memories 
Devils tear drops
Burn the ground
Seeping out of natures pores 
 like yesterday's memories

Friday, March 29, 2013

timeless bay

A kind heart
Defining all that is new
Their soul free of mean
Forgiveness benign  
The colors one projects
Dodging tossed rocks
The dance of spite
The aura of a clean soul
Taking all the insults
Smiling back in kind
Observer of the decline 
The color of life inspiring 
Mysticism of masterful design 
Last of these chilly days 
Forgiveness of a Vengeful god
Feeling the fire for eternity 
The intense between clear and blue
Engagingly disheartening 
Watching the sky till the sun comes 
Peaceful, restful and beautiful
Defining what is new
In a line of firsts 
Surrounded by good people
Lost at timeless bay

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The noise of the world is hushed

The noise of the world 
The noise is hushed 
Where the scared linger
Clich├ęs to substantiate
Music we don't remember 
It pounds all the same
Echoing hard in my brain
The sound of lights
Burning an intensity insane
Your shadow standing there
An outline in the darkness 
Following the wind
Chasing clouds in thin air
The noise of the world is hushed
Invited to an after party
Backstage to a band 
Whose days are long gone
Reliving memories that are happier
Second time around
Running in wide open fields
Squeezed between limping buildings
Chasing ghost memories
Ringing in my ears 
The words I will be fine
In key and in tune
You said ouch
You walked on my soul
Crushing me on every step
It was not enough
I will be fine in time
Looking back on those words
It was not enough
When you cry at hello
Those words were so long ago
I will be fine
In key and in tune
But never on time 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

stone heart

Vows of a stone heart
Eyes glazed over
Staring into empty space
Lies never worth it
Shallow grave of intent 
Poignant disposition 
Soke fine must be paid
Have you had any word
I have not heard
Hope you will be fine
Survive this time
Longing for the sea breeze
Feelings its touch
Sound of the tide  
Staring at empty space
No hospital can fix these wounds
Running with no place in mind
Lies are never worth it
Even the ones we tell ourselves
Staring at empty space
Vows of the stone heart

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Heavy Price

Heaviest price
Paid by the ones we cherish
Fools believe otherwise

A fine edge
Honed by sand
In the shadows

Words no longer have meaning
As drums beat in hast
There is always choice

The gift of scars
Even of the heart
Seeking Justice

Tongue of riddles
Oracle of past tense
Fools believe otherwise

Sisterhood of lies
Balanced by needs
In the shadows

To peer into this heart
See what it holds
A gift to behold 

The blessings of mistakes
Paid by those cherished
A heavy price

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life is sad really

The ego bruises
Bruises deeper
Deeper Than the wounds 
The wounds of touch
Gone are the days of trusting
Confidence easily shattered
Confiding totally battered
Life is sad really
When numb sets in
Only Memories really 
Even those will fade
The eyes show the darkness
The darkness within 
Life is sad really
When trust is a tool
Once used and tossed aside 
Mourning the waste 
Only memories really
Yet even those fade
Like the ambitions of the foolish
A few cuts and scraps
Even those fade
Fleeting advantages 
The wounds that linger
A faint spirit in this body 
Even this will fade
Life is sad really
The comfort of broken bounds