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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

flickering memories

Images in the fire
Flickering in flames
Reflecting memories
Cause the colour
Of my skin
Rejected by pretenders
Turn your back on me
Reflections in the flames
Mothers keeping score
The damage I have done
I feel their anger
The hate drips off
Another stranger
In the dark
Burning in the flickering light
Reflecting mirror
Images dancing in the flames
Turn your back
Rejected by pretenders
The pain is real
No plans for the future
Watch the flames devour
Flickering moon light
A stranger looks back
Who did I think I was
Flickering in the flames
Memories and no meaning

Saturday, October 22, 2016

into the darkness

Driving into darkness
The life I thought I had
Nobody from nowhere
Meaning nothing to no one
Leaving nothing but shadows
Just another sunset
The footsteps on my soul
Every rain drop
A little regard
Washed away
The fire burns out
Tomorrow to late