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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Waiting on Paris

Some are wish people
Others are make believe people
I am a hope
Which are you?
Some are fate
Others make their own fate
Some wait for fate to find them
Which are you?
Destiny is the same as fate
Waiting for destiny in a empty room
I am Hope
Which are you?
Perfection most be reached for
and cannot be waited on
Timing is not everything
Soon the future was looked back on
Where everyday is a Wednesday
Waiting on Paris

Friday, July 29, 2011

what do you see?

it is warmer inside
for some reason
can you decipher the meaning
hiding in the mirror
ticket in hand
what if it was a plane
a lake on a mountain
where the blue touches the sky
sunsets where purples and reds meet
asking for one
what do you see?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lifting Heaven

Lift one part of heaven
Accept the wisdom
What do you see?
A train leaving
I don’t have people
It is just me
In this skin
Reality biting
Dreaming this away
Liquid days
Game face on
What is left?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Under glass

The sand falls
One grain
Hitting the glass blow
Filling the space

Write the tune
See where it goes
Handy machines no
Between One

Sand clocks
One end
Pore down
Empty at one end

Start over flipping it
Running in quick sand
Under glass
Sand melts

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Everyone has them
Reality fantasies
Impractical creations
Ungratified need
Supernatural sound
Reaching, almost

Friday, July 22, 2011


One dream
When others let go
Chipping away
Revealing what lies below

One touch
When others slipped away
Not letting go
Revealing silvers shadows

One dream
Digging deeper
Forming in marble

One touch
A memory cold
Yet warm inside

One dream
When others let go
Chipping away
Never letting go

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sculpture 18

Stepping out of life
A statue for a time
Watching life go by
Breathing conceptual art

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Winds of change

Winds of change
Stopping time
A reality cliché
Unavoidable condition
Hypothetical reality
Surreal obligations
Drifting proclivities
Solitude enchantment
Quiet places echoes with stillness
One step at a time
Visions in the distance
Reaching the untouchable
Vanishing in a pool of dark water
Make it safe for each step
Make the road ahead clear
Embrace instinct

Monday, July 18, 2011

Drifting stillness

Drifting stillness
437 sunrises
Colour reaching across the sky
Pushing the fog
It would seem for eternity
Floating calm
Only sound of birds
Water mirroring the heavens
A moment
Preventing the passage of time
Fast forward to veracity
Eyes across a road ignored
Apprehension bad mojo
Words fluttered over
Wiping memories clean

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is sanctuary

Pale light of sanctuary
Spectacular in rustic charm
Feels good to smile
Even though in make no sense
Looking for a perfect canvass
One that will fit
One demanding colour
And the freedom to choose
The bane of this existence
Air heavy with its seductive scent
Reminding what is right
Paint to canvass
Without a name
Shift in the air reveals
What is hidden behind a veil?
Words flutter on wings
In the pale light
This is sanctuary

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Are you wondering yet?
Where it comes from
Are you happy?
In what ever dream you’re in
Los Ninos Atardecer
On the edge looking over
Adrenaline pumping
Heart rate breaking seventy two
Harrumphed exaggerating
Incantations in a benign dream
Acquiescence because
Cold in freezing sunshine
Impressionism painted in glass
Expressions of the hunger within

Friday, July 15, 2011

malice and rage

Eyes filled with malice and rage
I see myself in them
Know that rage

A rage I seen
Reflected off mirrors of stone
But now it is gone

Now those eyes are dead to me
All that is left is calm
My heart is free

From that fire storm
Living in confrontation
Not a life for me

I feel sorry for the rage in you
Walking on Deception Avenue
All the money won’t hide the malice

You choose that path
That will bury your soul
Fractured and cruel

Appreciate the colours of the storm
Simpler to let one heart
Wonder free

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A voice

The helpfulness and pain will fade
When you can laugh again

Fractal art bleeding boll colours
Of unpredictability

Omniscient deign
Life’s improbabilities

Dissonant cacophony
Nature’s Synaesthesia

Listening to the harmony
Bursting to the stratosphere

A voice barely above a whisper
You have to strive to hear

Words stretching into the future
Syrupy slow like the sound

Of wind through the trees
A statement beyond

An artist’s rendering
Their branches creating

Moving sculptures in the breeze
Auto Da Fé

Act of faith
Silence absolute

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Escape Decadence

Decadence attempting to escape the inevitable
Everyone comes from some where
Burying yourself alive will not change that

It’s the imprint you leave that matters
The tiny piece in people’s hearts
Smiles at the memories

Snap shots of happiness
In between
Life getting in the way

Seems to be wondering why
Negate the questions about
Wanting to try

Escape decadence
Burying yourself inevitable
Everyone ends up somewhere

Tiny memories
Felt in some ones heart somewhere
Makes me smile

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scar tissue on a time line

In a race to finish
The rain beats down
So hard you can’t see your hands

These words were therapeutic once
Like Water on the incoming tide
Now just on a ride

Tired of riding alone
On a merry go around
As the clowns look on

Adrenaline a fix
Never fills the void
Mercy sliding on silk

Tired of the superficial
Buried in the sand
Obscure as it is

Dancing on whiskey
Singing on moonshine
The colours of the notes shine

Monday, July 11, 2011

Totally Random Conversation

Standing in a checkout line any where this happened to me yesterday evening on the way home from work. The temperature was hot as in plus 30 c outside and writers always say weird things happen when it is hot out.
I looked up from purchases and adding the prices up in my head to a pair of eyes staring at me saying Hi.
I say How you doing? The older gentleman around 75 plus says “I am on this side of the grass so it’s a good day If I was on the other side on the grass I would not care and I would have no worries!”
What can one say to a statement like? I awkwardly respond with I guess you wouldn’t.
The Old man now says “My sister would have to worry about it and I told her to bury me with a flash light and two packs of smokes and a lighter!” “You Know why right?” he says.
Of course there is no light and at least you don’t want her pipe in CBC was all I could think of as a response
He giggles a little and thinks about it for a second. He comes back with “My sister always said that she would only buy the items if she could get it at the dollar store and wonders why someone would think like that?”
I am thinking to myself what is it about me that people want to share their thoughts in a checkout line with me but all that comes out why you must watch HBO.
The old guy and line of people laugh except the lady between him and me. She just stares ahead with mortal fear in her eyes.
He is still giggling as I pay for my purchases and quickly make my way out of the stare.
Somehow the lady that was behind me in line and between the guy and I beats me out of the store.
Menu to self say Hello when someone says HI

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Points of view

Points of view
What is new?
Looking up from the sand
Or down from the clouds
Things looks different some how
Reacting from emotion
Begets no where
Smiles wipe the slate clean
Insert Sun Tzu quote here
I am sorry
Eyes laugh through marble

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Murky ambiguity

We all want love
And to be loved
Is that a legacy?
What about all the lonely people
Dining in the mist of strangers
Fearing isolation

It not what one does?
Where one goes
Or what one makes

Knew when you have it
That it is too precious
To let go at a whim

Trust will glue heaven to earth
Mistrust will rip diamonds apart
Fragile threads can bind

We all want love
And to be loved
Murky ambiguity is our legacy

Peeking from happy memories
At the world coloured blue
Conscience is a tranquil place

Friday, July 8, 2011

Five letter word

Always an afterwards
Rearranging nature contrivance

One five letter word
Is so precious

It needs to be guarded
Otherwise a prophecy will be bleak

Anticipation lingering
In the sands on tranquil beach

Inevitable will be the scorned
Happiness an unfulfilled myth

Screaming like a Tourettes savant
Thriving on conflict

Quick as mercury
Questions linger

“Always an afterwards
Trust is precious
It should be guarded
Lingering in anticipation
Unspoken on a tranquil beach
Dilapidated myths
Near deception point
Mischievous clouds
Have their way
Staring an intoxicated stare”

Thursday, July 7, 2011

World of predictability

World of predictability
Even ironic smiles fade
Time stops and dilates
Conversational convenience
Cyclical Nietzchean reality
Hungry for hope
In a symphony of rain
Tranquility as the colours fades to blue
Stating the obvious
As the blue fades to black
Analyzing the obscure
Orwellian dystopia
On a prairie plain

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bitterness a fleeting analogy

Bitterness a fleeting analogy

Thought things would be the same
Looking through windows at a distorted world
Not everything fits in a tight little frame
Some things need to be experienced
Not read about in a 100 year old diary

Insidious is a multiyear one stand
Contrived realizations
To conceal a fear of loneliness
Trapped in a loveless romance

Wondering for better
Descending to despair
She says I will wipe that smirk
Echoing her lawyer

Frigid assessments
Categorizing observation
Substantiated roles
My answer is “I feel sorry for you”

Image is not every thing
Your shadow is intoxicating
Like the shadow of the ugly coyote
Hanging by the road eating off carcasses

Sweet indulgence
Lie in the murkiness of ones aged skin
The eyes show the character of desolation
Living behind a façade

Nothing can make some people happy
Everything cannot make some happy
A little can make others scream with joy

Most are takers
Some are givers
Others take and take some more
Nihilistic hedonistic pseudonyms

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eyes you see

Eyes you see
Once looked different
In the morning light

Aged in away
That broadcasts their pain
Looking at the world

Missing things as simple
As morning light
And the smiles on babies faces

The eyes you see
Are bitter to me
Maybe asking forgiveness

Anger boils out of every pore
Not mine but your own
Forgive once I have

No more
Eyes you see
See through you

At the emptiness
Of a tomb
Cracked and faded