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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On the way to a Rink

On the way to Bethune last night in a snow storm to get to the hockey rink Jet asked.

“Whatever happened to _____________ (place your name here)?”
Well son they are living their lives I guess.
Jet “you mean they don’t have time for a hot chocolate?”
Son “ I can t answer that.”
“Guess they are just too busy!”

Jet thinks for a couple minutes and the silence seems long as the fingers reach across the highway.
A semi passes us and the windshield is completely white which breaks the silence.

Jet says it seems that you can hear peoples actions if you ignore what they say! Huh Dad?

An eleven year old boy seems to know people better then what it took me a life time to learn.

Yes Jet it would seem.
That is sad Dad!

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why interesting?