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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ironic though it sounds

Another snow storm drive and Three and I were on the road again.

In the back seat using his rock in roll voice, we hear “if I say go, will you run away, run away, run away, AHHHHHHHHHHH.”

Jet, M and I start laughing. Reverting back to his 5 year old youngest son voice E Bat says “Dad turn the music back up.” And then we all start laughing.

So the piano starts playing and we all say the words.

When I first saw you standing there, you know it was a little hard not to stare and when I drove you home….” 3 minutes and 31 seconds later, we all laugh again.

Making happy memories in a snow storm,
With a fever of a 110,
looking for lighting in a November sky,
Forever soon knocking at the door,
Taking meds to relieve strep throat,
an unnecessary trip,
others say they have stuff to do,
life a drama
were characters can be chest pieces
Happy memories
In a snow storm
With a fever of a 110
forever soon knocking at the door

M says “play it again”

So the piano starts and we all singing. “All or nothing.”

Ironic though it sounds


Anonymous said...

was the song runaway by hail the villian

williampwright said...

yes it was! see video it has been added to the blog...