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Friday, February 28, 2014

Floating amongst broken clouds

That empty feeling
The one that just sits there
Consuming everything
The one that will not go
That burning there is no medicine for

A hunger that is insatiable
Impossible to satisfy
Bleakness on the other side
The sun peaks over the horizon
Almost saying it’s time to let go

Solitude in a crowded plane
Flying in a tin can a mile high
Restarted brilliance on a prayer
Dreams floating on broken clouds
Insanity by any other name

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crazy little Texas

Little Texas
Riding her Harley
Little Tattoo peaking out
Where a tattoo shouldn't be
Little tiny dress and all that attitude
The rage in those eyes
Masking the fear on the edges
Daring the world to even try
The fog so thick
At the end of the road
In sand on beach in Galveston
No more interstate
No place left to run
A party town about to go on the wild side
Crazy little Texas girl
Running out of options
And places to go
Teeny little dress
And all that attitude
Raging at the world
Almost masking her fear
Riding that bike
Tattoo peaking out
Kind of asking a dare
Coming in and out of the fog
Past the sign advertising girls girls girls
Crazy little Texas girl
That smile could melt the wind
Rage oozing out
Her voice calms the soul 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

7 AM the Beach

No sound
before the town wakes
a spring so far a way
frozen in gloom
no sound

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Comforting pain

One step
Comforting pain
The friend you know
The familiar everyday
Tell me when it's over
Because you can't smell in a dream
The color of rain
Thunder storms in the snow
One step
Comforting excoriating pain
The friend so loyal
Lost in reality
Dreams in color
Black and white life
Faces in all the shadows
The friend you know
One step
Agonizing comforting pain
With you night and day
When will it go away
When will it be enough

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life is a foolish journey

My soul is liquid
My life water
It flows over all the rocks
Around the boulders
Pulling pebbles here and there
Freezing in space
Hurtling towards the sun
Once you go there
You can never come back
My soul whispers to the wind
My life snapshots in time
Photos with the same back ground
Whispering back to me
Take from the same spot
At different times of the year
My soul is a rock
My life marble
Chipped by a chisel
Making me who I am not
Maybe a piece of art to some one
But never a master piece to all
All the chipped pieces
Left on the floor
Who I once was broken