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Monday, July 29, 2013


Quintessential essential man
Doubt unspokenly loud
Mantra to trick your brain
Almost but not quite
Swirling miserable wind
Ascending limbo
Appreciate the kind words
Steamed rolled
Your scaring me
Geometric patterns in the wind
Eliminating intent
Loss borne stoically 
Tragic spiral into a deep abyss 
Lost with intimate strangers 

Friday, July 19, 2013

imperfect life

In an imperfect life
There is no past tense for I don’t care
Would that mean I cared?
Moving forward from behind
The words remain the same
The meaning changes
Altered by time and perception
Inevitable imperfect life
Watched you walk by the other day
Did not recognize you at first
Took a second to place you
So out of context you become to be
You still look beautifully in a rugged way
Life has not been kind
The hate is still plain to see
Cleary it eats at you in an ugly way
Hope you find want you are looking for
Before the hate devours you
I an imperfect life
There is no past tense for I don’t care
Moving beyond yesterday
The words remain the same
The meaning clearly changes in time
Altered by intent and insight
Seen a familiar face in a crowd today
Making eye contact before quickly turning away
Recognition and discontent
I smiled and walk up to her
You seem so familiar what is your name
Knowing it all the same
You changed so much
And walked the other way
Before doesn’t matter any more

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Irony of broken pictures

As the temperature rises
Conflict is bond to follow
Internal and external
Life through broken pictures
Clinging on to the way it was
Like keeping a lucky penny
When the penny is now redundant
Grasping at memories gone
A product of a different time
Harder sell in a bite sized world
A building that changed you some how
Marking life’s landmarks
Colors that once were vibrant
Appearing the same yet different
A flip book to dreams
A corner of white
Patterns that occurs
Treatment perceived  
How people change
Ink dropping on a page
A fast read as the temperature rises
Keeping a broken picture
The irony that it represents better time

Monday, July 15, 2013

mourner murmur

The murmur  draining hope
Something primal howls
Lingering on the wind
So much of nothing lost
All the time in between

Believing in hope
Even when it is gone
Mourners murmur in the background
Constant like all those yesterday's
Facing it everyday out there

Judging poet murmuring sunshine
Twisting meaning 
Like the wind changing the surface
Shifting the smoke of many fires
Yet never heard

Primal howl draining hope
Lingering on the air
So much lost
All adding up to nothing
As the clock strikes one

Believing in emptiness 
As it fills the oasis in the abyss 
Holding its stare
So the truth can be written In the silence

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Evaporating souls

Silence before the dawn
The calm before the chaos 
of the day
Refreshing cold of darkness
The twilight before the day
Life is fleeting
Evasive by design
Mimicking every word
Mocking any joy
Soul eating rage
self loathing hate
Smiles like sunshine
As it boils  in brine
A hate that festers
Leaving a bitter  after taste
A numbing disgust 
The silence before the dawn
Nothing is moving
Predators are about
Stalking in the moon light
The cold is refreshing before the day
When the heat gets air boiling 
 Life seems to wilt
Evaporating souls 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Laureate of the night

Standing at the window
A prisoner within
Looking out at the world
Voltairian vampire waiting patiently
Laureate of the night
Foot step in the dark
A midway love affair
The one night stand that lingers on
Go there to honor
Go there to disappear
Standing at a window
In the shadow of the day
Watching the grass green
Wishing to touch it
Staying in the comfort of a room
Voltaire had things to say
Condescending inhuman
A good lie fashionable to ancients
In the night deserving tribute
The vampire watching the sunlight

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hi Dave 
How are you
Anonymity of a crowd
My name is William
guess I will be Dave for now
That impact seems hollow
A place in my head seems numb
Somehow a little dead
In a sea of Dave's I am William
Batman walked by 
The symbol all to faded
The yellow all most gone
And black closer to gray
The impact seems shallow
The place in my head numb
Somehow a little faded
Behind the right ear
A place where I was created
Batman says Hi Dan
How are you
Anonymity in a name
Talking to me
like the wind and the rain

Friday, July 5, 2013

Crooked door

Crooked doors
Sad faces
A story living their lives
Every door has a key
Even ones that no longer open
Sad eyes that seen history die
Second chances
Hearing the torment of hell
The screams of the fated
An accidental crime
In the wreckage of such promise
Sad eyes look on
Sad faces roll with the punches
Spending so much time with strangers
The misery of the familiar
In the land of broken promises
A stagnant decline  
Building something new
Out of the old
 A key to a broken door
Arguing with the wind
Looking at the past through key holes
Through a door that will not open

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Marking change
From the building your in
To the places you been
Home will be wherever you are
Where I am is a place
A distraction till I get back 
time with familiar strangers
An owl observes the day
Snakes play Russian roulette
Just to cross the road
carcass patrol pulls bodies away
Nature foreshadowing the day
a building once lived
One that changed with you
Change is beautifully painful
Waiting for tomorrow 
One day at time
People are tired 
It's all been heard before
Every  love story
Every torment
Every sad little broken heart
No one cares
Not even you
The infinity of change
Marking it with the building lived
Crooked doors and broken windows
Saying bye to the places traveled through
Home to me is where ever you be
Every where else is a distraction
The snake made it pass the wheels
The owls hunts during the day
Leisurely swooping Mr Snake from the ground  
The Carcass patrol blindly observes

Monday, July 1, 2013


Condition of the mind
Questions with a smile
Attraction of two of a kind
A distraction for a short time
Getting through things
Fortunate in a cynical way
Biggest critic in the mirror
The person staring back
Is not the person I know
Condition of the mind
Sentences with a grimace
Confrontation of a kind
A gladiator for entrainment
Acquired damage for your enjoyment
Pessimistic mocking
Disadvantaged benefit
Biggest critic in a refection
The black circles under the eyes
Bliss can have happy ending
Outcomes maligned
Regressing in the decline