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Monday, October 31, 2011

Bitterness tastes a little sweet

With sadness comes happiness
Sunsets are sunrises depending on view
Without pain we would not know pleasure
Rain begets ice pellets
For every opposite there is a positive
Without loneliness there would be no love
Without cold we would not know warmth

With every road there is a choice to be made
With every path there is a decision required
At every cross road you must throw down

When you choose one,
Another is rejected
Sitting on indecision
Choices do fade
Tossing some rules aside
Reaching beyond fade
Grabbing sunshine
Holding onto a smile
One step beyond rationalization
Running past baby steps

Throwing excuses aside
Choose the path
Driving on the road
Just to see the shadows
Fly by the fields
So free

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shadows Awake

Shadows awake from a deep sleep

Disturbing the covers

Dreamy eyed looking up and wondering
The clock reads four o seven am

The shadows look down
Then disappear out a window

What are you trying to tell me?
Visiting every night

Stars look through the window
Cassiopeia calls from the past

Her unrivalled beauty haunting purple
As she walks on the back of a black tortoise
Accompanied by her white tiger
The red tree off to the left

Old woman’s words forecasting the past
I was jealous of my son
He got my dad’s attention
When he would give me none
When my son died
Freezing to death
At the bottom of those stairs
My dad was lost
And I said to him
I am still here
And he smiled

The shadows can find
Trying to tell their stories

From the past
From the future
Living in the now

Ironically it says
Today the Angel will say

It is okay to go that way
Evidence is grounded in water

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ancient Things

Ancient things die

Loneliness is an emptiness,
that never does
Old men remember
Faces drift in and fade quickly
Emptiness unfulfilled bites hard
Lonely men turn shades of gray
Wrinkles line the faces of lies
Nature has no morality
Slaughtering without remorse
Ancient things die
Some are remembered
Most fade into the night
Faces drift in like smoke
Waft away in time
Wrinkles line the faces of all those lies
Pushed to the edge of remorse
October rain feels like condemnation
I stand on the edge
Were tire streaks marked the spot
Looking over where I once laid
Pulled from the wreckage
Held together in lights
Emptiness unsatisfied
Disappointment of a wasted life
Lost in free will
Trust a fragile thing
a molecule crack
Will destroy  master pieces
Ancient things all die
Even pride and forgiveness
Old men have stories
Old ladies have vanity
We all have memories

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Everything lost

Everything lost
Is meant to be found
Everything found
Is meant to be shared

Everything hidden
Is meant to be concealed
Till it is revealed
Layers of mistruth exposed

Every fear
Is meant to be overcome
Even the one that stares back
A challenge on open ground

Trust once lost
Will never rebound
Once a thread is cut
It will never be the same

Ironic metaphors
Myth maniac schizoid similes
Schism widening
Hardening scar tissue

Everything lost
Is meant to be found
Everything found
Is meant to be shared

Friday, October 21, 2011

I want my life back

I want my life back

The one I never had
The one that makes me happy
The one I never knew I had

Running in the rain
Down a nameless road
Each rain drop a tear
Slamming on the ground
And through my clothes
Soaking my soul

I want my life back
The one I never knew I had
The one that makes me happy
The one I never had

I am ready to be happy
I am ready to walk that nameless road
Through those angels tears
That soaked my soul

Running in the rain
Soaked to the bone
Side stepping destiny
The one I never had

I want my life back
The one that is in reach
The one that made me happy
The one I knew I never had

Choosing my own fate
Not the one that was written for me
By another callous hand
The one that made me happy
The one that makes me smile
In my soul

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Even Angels Cry

Even angels need a rest
They get tired listening to death
Making promises in the future

Old men tell their stories
Knowing what is said is wrong
But saying it anyway

Even angels get tired
Choosing to lay dormant
Watching as everyone dreams

Old men lay down waiting
Watching the world crawl by
Going to the next world

Even angels cry
Watching all their wards
Waiver before the diming lights

Even angels scream
As the lights fade
Draining what remains

Even angels have feeling
Smiling at all those memories
Knowing even they will fade

Did I Know
That your memories would haunt
Falling off the trees like dying leaves

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seven Falcons

Seven falcons in row
Facing south
On the same spot
On seven different power lines
With one pole between

Two falons in a row facing east
The smoke drifts between here and there
Dancing to its own music

The words of prayer melting the frustration away
One foot in this world and one in the next
Two spirits tearing

The smoke drifts higher
Like images in the clouds
Telling their stories
If you wish to hear

Seven stones
A badge in order
Seven fires
Wash the spirit clean
Seven falcons in row
Point to new directions
Which to follow

Two years in coma
A spirit needs to be free
With one foot here
One foot there

Two spirit split in two
Seven falcons in row
On seven poles
All pointing new

Two years in coma
Before the ill was cleaned
Was this her story?
Seven falcons know

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yellow Red Brown Leaf

Yellow, Red, Brown leaf

Floats down a stream
Drifting here and there
It will freeze in time
With indecision
In will feel no pain
It will feel no fear
A calm will settle in it soul
An ice sculpture
Frozen in the flow
Promises made to a future
The pain will fade to glow
Appearing brittle under the snow
From that pain something will grow

The leaf floats
Drifting with the breezes
It will freeze in time
It will feel no pain
It will feel no fear
Calm will settle in
Freeing a soul
Frozen in the flow
One promise to a future
Pain will fade to a glow
Brittle yet resilient

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Death Laments

Death Laments

Furious and tangible
Nightmare on a beach drive
Death laments in antagonist fury
His spit splashing in my face
His hands reaching for my neck

The grip strong
Pushing his hands down
Death words still echoes
“I am going to Fucking Kill you!”
“You Dumb Fucking Retard!”
Death gives death threats?

Death is filled with rage
His plan escaping from his lips
There is hate in his eyes
As the spit turns to salt
As Death screams his tirade
“You dumb fucking retard, “
“Uneducated!, Schizophrenic!”
“You Are Nothing!”
“I am an important man”
“You are less than nothing!”
“ I can Practice in four countries”
“Can you Say that!”
Are saying you can murder me in four countries?

Calm settles with in
Death plans out loud
I smell Death’s Fear
Hiding under the hate
The edge is near
Death’s words still echoes in the wind
As Death’s land rover runs me down

Calm settles on my heart
Death’s words dry to salt in the wounds
“I am going to fucking kill you!”
“You dumb fucking retard!”

Calm settles on me from with in
Is this my fate?
To be murdered on door steps
That once was mine

Calm settles in my soul
As the land rover races runs me down
I push his hands back down
Death’s tries to push me over the edge
I have looked into Deaths eyes
Seen emptiness
Emptiness in his soul
And hatred in his eyes
The Land Rover bruises my skin

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Expectations lost

Expectations lost
Memories falling short

Thumbing a ride near Moose Jaw
Agenda girls fly by
Never looking your way
Always glancing in their mirrors
Leaving you behind

Memories less expectations
Some roads are not worth a trip
I never look back
Or there you will be again

We all change by the second
It can never be the same
Everything ends
Even the day

Why is the end so long?
Dragging out the pain
Every ghost has a warning
Sounding a little country

Forgotten senses
Easing along
Left behind
Agendas piled high