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Thursday, January 31, 2013


The passage
A trail of rough outlines 
Racing between ravines
A test of time 
Living a fine line
Meaning  defined
Hands reaching
My people scattered 
Rules realigned 
Morals shattered
A passage between
Snow covered by ways
Finger drifts reaching 
Comments leaving you flattered
Leaving you behind any way
Beating you down
An outline washed away

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Did you just call me God?
Yes you did!
Did you just full off the face of the earth!

Kingdom a world a teetering
Throwing words
Hipsters living their lives

April starts with a blank page
Reading fortunes for fun
Collecting nitro

Rumors have there effect
Wearing the tank
All tied behind

Upside down
Around the world
Stuck in the desert

Laying on the floor
the hard wood doing the job
everything snaps into place


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ironic Hypocrisy

Respect hatred
No emotions for the contemptible
Repetitious goodbyes
Compensating for the revulsion
Not much like for a stranger
A stranger in a mirror
Recognizable yet different
Like the bad twin
Metaphorically rhetorical
Missing the familiar
Life of passage
Avoiding clich├ęs and drama queens
A far cry echoes
A psycho date with fate
Saving dignity with a little grace
Shields smiles
No humor in being somebody’s paunch line
Wide awake comatose
Intuition shoved aside
A rendition quagmire
A single stop
On a long journey

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Working class son

Working class sons
Lights out
Sun down
On this day
Nice move killer
Wondering what the morning brings
Dreaming of those whispers

Shadows stand there
Casting an icy coolness
Standing in my sun
Were there should be none
The future whimsical hope
A present contrite with indecision
The past only thing real

Working class sons
Equal evil and saint
Working from sun up
To sun down
Wondering what the morning brings
Knowing it is more of the same
As the light slowly dims

A shadow standing in my sun
Casting an illusion
Where there is really none
Looking up a see a halo
A face undefined
A voice recognized
I have never heard before

Working class sons
Doing their time
Going through all the motions
Working hard to be filled with pride
Doing what they thought was right
Old men sitting on the side lines
Wondering what the morning brings

Standing in my sun
Taking up my time
A halo with a voice I recognize
A face yet undefined
Her words purr like melting water
Hi she says I have been looking for you
As the sun sets

Friday, January 18, 2013


Silent symbolism
Obvious annoyance
Efficient deceit
Impenetrable by design
Uniquely irrelevant
Snow falling in the wind
Glittering under the street lamps
Unannounced feeling cold
All the same
Vague understanding
Rhetorical after thoughts
Moot verbatim
Lateral evasion
Hope in the abstract

Thursday, January 17, 2013

mocking pantomime

Winter butter flies
Fluttering on the frosty fog
Ice Butterflies
Their shadows dancing on grey
A mocking pantomime
Barely caring if their noticed
Wafting on the wind of storms
Dancing two by threes
Like leaves from falling trees
Where trees could not possible be
Frosty butter flies
Wings of ice and snow flakes
They do appear
on the corner
Of one’s eye sight
A mocking pantomime
Dancing on the wind
In the grey fog of reality
They appear in ice fog
Dancing in shadows
Flickering in and out
A mocking pantomime
Nature’s contemporary ballet
Nouveau art thousands of years old
Gone unseen
Dancing on the nature rhythm
On the beat of the wind
Their movement one of happiness
Glaciating in a ice fog
Shining in a pulsating light
Blemished by being sighted