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Monday, April 18, 2016

silent mystique

Mystique of silence
Negotiating with the devil
Another sad song
With a happy beat
Whimsical reminiscing
Deception in the shadows
Silhouettes of a man
Shadows in the wind
Sounds a part of me
My heart beat
Remains opaque
On purpose
Supporting ambiguities
To the end of time
A Journey interrupted
Suicide unsympathetic
Insecurities in the lyrics
The struggles subsides
As the blood flows
One heart beat
Feel the wind
Connect with all the lost souls
Be the wind
Tumble weeds soul
Bohemian conundrum
Forensic audit on a soul
Just a sad song
With a happy beat
Erratic in the waste land
Remembering the happy days
One heart beat
Truth hiding in the illusion