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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Blinky Crazy

You held the Glock 23 in your hand
I was too dumb to be scared
The sweat seemed to be burning your eyes
Blinking crazily
The barrel was pointing
Innocently threatening
Everything was in slow motion
Every syllable lasting for ever
I couldn’t hear what you were saying
It didn’t make sense to me
There is never a good day to die
Waiting for my life to flash me by
It didn’t come
I stood there too dumb to move
A target of your hate
By breathing this air
Like rainwater standing in pools
The words in on monastic syllables
Spit drops flying in slow motion
Hate burning in your eyes
The pain behind the hate
Clearly visible
The flash comes now
Bright without pain
I hear the sound as I fall
The lead going through my skull
Spinning me around before I hit the floor
Seeing red slide down the wall
I think you killed me that day
As light fades to grey