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Saturday, April 30, 2011

It starts with a blank page

It starts with a blank page
Some times the words flow
Other times the words drag
If it feels right it turns to a song
And then the words can mean much too many
Like a relationship
It starts with a blank sheet
A perfect date not a place
But who you’re with
When time stands still pick someone new
If it fly’s by in a blink of an eye
Then you have found what is true
When some one brings tranquility to your spirit
Serenity to your soul
And composure to your life
Then it is true
And then your life will give meaning to one

Friday, April 29, 2011

flames that hold

One day soon
I hope to rise up from these flames that hold me down
The cries I have heard
make me wish to live for those that mean the most
For those that care
and I never realized that they knew who I was
True friends
that give and ask nothing in return
It amazes me
the number people who care I did even know they were there
The simple things in life
that are import yet have gone on unnoticed
The sunrise,
colours of fall, and steam on the water in the early morn
The sound of laughter
and tear drops that crawl down a cheek
Peoples feeling
and the hunger on the street
It amazes me
the disregard some people have for others
Dishonest people
all about even those that welcomed you into their homes
Those that once laughed
with you and now stab you in the back

Sounds of words
Caring people helping hands

Rise from the flame

Thursday, April 28, 2011

mesmeric Sunrise

An avalanche of vibrant colours
Radiate from the horizon
Trespassing on the night
Pushing forward the dawn
Shimmering brilliance
Whispering promises
As the colours dance on the ripples
Like a vision of curiosity
The illumination from the heavens
Brings a promise of life
As the beams crawl across the sky
Shouting the with joy at the open sky
Voices echoing off the clouds
There is a mesmeric quality to a sunrise colours
Like the first kiss from a beautiful woman with
Only love in her eyes
Every morning is a kiss from the heavens
Be my heaven every morning

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I didn’t

I didn’t

I didn’t but what if I did
What would you say if you thought?
I was with someone for a day or two
Would it hurt you?
Can you explain that to your soul?
If you thought I was with another
Would it burn you deep inside?
Isolation is a long road
That sometimes any one would do
For a day or two
When you go to your house
And stay with your toy
Do you ever wish it was me?
Do you ever say babe
Catching yourself before you say my name
Wishing he was me
And I was he
Thinking about times
When you’re with him
Remembering conversation with me
I didn’t but what if I did
Would it burn you deep inside?
Thinking I could be with another
Even for a night or two
A one night stand I can’t get over
You may think I have been lying to you
I haven’t
I have been true
As you stay with mediocrity
The irony washes through
Burning me even to look at you
I still miss you
More then you will ever know
You ask if I am mad at you
Yeah maybe a little
Deep inside
Yet I still hope for something that true
I just don’t understand.
The widows have changed
As have the doors I walk through
Is that because you thought
I was with her for a night or two
Because I have been true
And come from deep inside
Sincerity in every breath I take
I wish you could see inside
Even though the memory has died
You can you know
just look into the window of this soul
you will know what is true
The widows have all changed a little
Is that because you thought
I was with her for a night or two
Because I have been true
The words are true not thrown out like dirt
But come from my soul
I wish you could see inside then you would know
Just by looking into my eyes and seeing into my heart
You will know that I have been true to you
All the words mean knowing to you
Because you don’t trust me!
The irony of that as you go to your house and
I go to my home alone
I didn’t but what if I did
What would you say if you thought?
I dated someone else for a day or two
Would it hurt you?
If you thought I slept with another
Would it burn you deep inside?
I have been alone for so long
Yet no one will do for a night or two
The irony of that burns deep inside

Saturday, April 23, 2011

morning dew

morning dew

Hate enslaves
Crippling empathy
Long dark road
Tinged with doubt
Shadows can’t hade pragmatism
Onerous acquiescence
Vaguely eloquent
Prerequisite to tenderness
Sympathetic reflex
One step at a time
Cleansing like

Friday, April 22, 2011

change all that

change all that

Hope can take hate away
Someday maybe
I miss you, how dumb is that?
I can never trust again, how sad is that?
Can meet thousands but all it takes in one
To change all that

Hope can take the hate away
Maybe one day
I still miss you, how bad is that?
The wounds are still wide
I can never trust how dumb is that?
All it takes is one to change
All of that
Some day maybe perhaps

Hope can break the walls down
Perhaps one day
Wash the hate away
I miss you but I can’t find away
The scar tissue remains
I gone too far to find the way home
Never looking back
Trust is gone like a movie ticket
So take all these dreams and sell them for a dime
I am sorry that the pain got in the way

Hope can take the hate away
Someday maybe
I miss you
Maybe one day there will be away
All it takes is one to change all that
Perhaps maybe someday

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Veritas vincit

Veritas vincit

Veritas vincit
Searching for real
Deceit surrounds
Veni, vidi, ambulavi
Ever look forward
Past is scar tissue
Some things are written in books
Other things are just written
Walking with a shadow
Is better than walking alone

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seventh Fire

Seventh fire
Rocks can see more
Blinded by insight
Emptiness resonates
Spirits on the wind murmurs
Sorrow echoes
In this pulmonary walls
Peace with in walks
An empty path
The touch lingers
Cold fingers gripping
What could not be owned?
Demanding temptation
Desiring one mind
Beyond reason
A vortex
Away by inadvertence
Good life or bad
We all must walk through fire
Will it cleanse?
Enough thought for a single day

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Frozen in Glass

Frozen in glass
A glance across open space
Time measured in sand
Cased in glass
With whatever engraved
Dust at two thousand degrees
Particles in the wind
Piece of sand in the rain
Snow lakes of white
Non identical each individual
Swirling in a storm
Sometimes nothing will fill the ghost left behind
Of all the empty memories
Knowing this will not push away the fear
The ach will not go into the good night
With or without the flavor of the day
Patience an indifferent tool of wisdom
Karma giggles
Deities have devilish smile at times
Faces frozen in glass

Monday, April 18, 2011


Truth in every lie
Fantasy maybe
A wish all the same

Truth in every joke
Biting from the mind
Hiding behind laughter

Lies in every truth
Cracking the foundation
Of one’s soul

Deceit in every smile
Lurking under every laugh line
The eyes are the keys if it is real

Expectations frozen
Waiting for the thaw
Like unanswered phone calls

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Glass Faces

Glass faces
Sunlight peeks over the horizon
With sleep in her eyes
Pink glows pushing the purple back
Fog covering the frozen lake
The day looking inviting
A frosted optical illusion
Even though there is nothing more to say
Left in echoes of regret
It will sneak in
With words on the air
A spot on the beach
The dew on the windows
The stars pointing the way
Mistakes that tear out ones heart
Left it numb on the floor
Glass faces arouse curiosity

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foot Prints

Foot prints on a windshield
Clouds all around
Whispers in the dark
Shadows haunting
Fates pranks, karma calling
Footprints in the snow
Pity unjustified
Rain drizzles like frosting
Cassiopeia watching
Hugging all the mistakes
Sweat can never drive it out

Friday, April 15, 2011

Walking in the fog

Walking in the fog
There is a time
Once a day
Perhaps a minute or two
Part of me goes to that day
When I died a little inside
A normal day in a normal life
For anyone else
The ringing goes on
Or the lonely call of a train
From across the lake
Will bring me back
From the slender of inner solitude
Listening to the voices of rocks and trees
Wondering where this journey will lead
Missing those walks in the fog
Shielded by rain
Face tranquil in hesitation
As that minute flew silently past

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Demons Discretion

Demons Discretion
Know ones demons
Deviltry of their deceit
Keep them near
The murmur of their fire a far
Will burn more deeply
Clichés in a pocket
Quickly an angel can change her finery
To claws that will mangle
A smile to bare teeth
Imbedded in ones chest
August star light showers
Foretelling of one’s plight
Pleasure before the bites
Intoxicating like the fog of morning light
Acknowledge ones demons
Before picking the battle
Don’t scream like a theatrical drama queen
Silent smiles can prevail in a pragmatic battle
Some things are stronger then fear

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The bite

The bite silent
Adjuration of discretion
Wry acknowledgement
Cynically undignified
Eliciting a grin
Rather precocious
Inopportune weather
Audaciously mocking
Murmurs of strangers
Metaphors periodically

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mockingly Ironic

Ironic mocking
Covered in expectations
Touched by lingering dreams
No inking indicated
Raucous choruses provoked
Ghost of a former banished
Imperious to the rain
Led into amorous dalliance
What an unsettled dream
Tumultuously murmuring
Portents and metaphors
Touched with subdued amusement

Monday, April 11, 2011

One Day

One day,
These words will not be enough,
No satisfaction in sounds
Meaningless words
What then?
Ride the clichés
Hiding under excuses
In a sea of sorrow
Washing regret away
In suns embrace

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deju Vu

Deju Vu
Styled shenanigans
Deviltry of tricks
Deceitful pranks
All with a toothy smile
Fate giggling in the vicinity
Meaning defined
Empty promises
Ice reflections
Distorted clown faces
Glances over empty bottles
The beat deafening
Vacant laughs
Company for an hour or two

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life Astray

Life Astray

Filling the missing
Life Astray
Clouds a little to grey
Finding happiness in paperback novel
Desiring more but every seems
Like a Hollywood distress story
Sorrow in the taste of everyday things
Music never meant to be
No more heroes
Just a little story on page nine
Seconds before the weather
Mystical compass spinning
Pointing everywhere and no where
Finding what is missing
Filling a void
Under a rock by a lake
Sand ticking a way

Friday, April 8, 2011


The sound of the waves
splashing on the sand
washing a line away
the wall still remains
crossing over it never again
the water washing the emptiness

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Draconian Realities

Draconian realities

Tone of dreams
Singular outlook
Draconian realities
Learning the truth
At any age can be painful
Fours fires all to clean
One for every direction
The haze of the future
Painted on a wall

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enjoy Sun Kisses

Enjoy sun kisses
Even when images try to hide
In a window without a hero to save us
Don’t tell me there is no way
Karma said there was a chance
Stop watching life fly away
Outside looking through frosted glass
Wanting a better life
Even as it washes in the wind
Suns kiss marking another end
Sounds so far away
Will fade leaving a stain

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sun kisses

Sun kisses

Every morning the sun kisses
the ground good bye
every night the sun kisses it again
saying hello
even in the land of the midnight sun
some wishes never come true
even when they stand before you
hands open, reaching for a touch
some days the light is in a cloud
blind faith still knows it to be true
every morning there is kiss
good bye
every evening another saying hello
some dreams are left behind
some are held true

Monday, April 4, 2011


Images will stop haunting
Dreams will have happy ending
Loneliness will be a memory

Someday so near
Someday so distant
Someday missed

Images will stop waking me
Stop calling my name
Asking for impossible favors

Someday this will be more
Smiling in mirror
Sailing in the wind

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Under Canvas

Under paint there is canvas

An illusion of reality
Through cloudy glass
A window to a moment

Notes on page
Sounds to a moment in time
Echoing through the walls

Words scratched down
Inked in skin
Meaning to everyone

Meaning to no one
Meant only for me
Performance undone

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Three A.M.

Three A.M.
Shadows long
Sounds edgy
Prejudice lingers
Refutation rains
Rejection disowned
Music floats in the waves

Friday, April 1, 2011

Savor Heaven

Shakespeare had it right
No poetry at court
Sonatas by moonlight
as dinner floats
Resonates in the halls
Floating notes
Hungry for beauty
Savor heaven