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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shadow contest

The edge of forever
On the edge of time
When it seems to run low
The shadows of memories long
A random photo of a girl and boy
Took me back to when you wanted to run away
So I said I would run away with you
We had no place to go
Standing there holding hands
Cases packed with all we owned
You packed a dress and shoes
I had a cowboy hat in my hand
You said you wanted to go
I said a would give you a hand
We stood there lost
Your were five and I was six

The edge of forever
On the edge of time
When it all seems to run low
The shadows of memories long
A random photo in shadow contest
A Nameless mother looking on
Seeing her son hold his cousins hand
To a time when you wanted to run away
You packed a little suitcase
A little blue dress and black shoes
I think it was your Sunday best
I held my cowboy hat in my hand
Thinking it was cool
We stood there with no place to go
Holding hands till we were hungry
We stood there lost with mom looking on

The edge of forever
On the edge of time
When it seems to run down
In the shadows of tomorrows memories
Looking back in time’
To a faded photograph retouched
A little girl and a little boy holding hands
The shadow in front of them so very long
Distance in time matched by geographic personality
Looking through their mothers eyes
To a distant point in time
Memories different but somehow the same
Then you were fifteen and I was sixteen
You wanted to run away but I was already gone
Lost even at home
Riding a motorcycle till it broke down

on the edge of yesterday
You called to say hi on the edge of sundown
time seems to be running down
Glancing out the window to a canvas
Never to be painted
The shadows of the trees are so very long
A mother is snapping photos of her children
As they walk along a road framed by trees on either side
Maybe they will be in a photo contest
I said remember when you wanted to run away
Because we were lost with no place to go
You replied that you did, and then you were gone
Have a drink to remember but not three
Than the called ended
Memories different but the same
A little girl and a little boy walking hand in hand

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Terminal velocity

Terminal velocity

Falling at 123 miles a hour
Only sound is the wind
Thoughts draft in the sun
Peace and calm
Feeling like a feather
In the shadows of dawn
All other thoughts are gone
Except wishing this forever
Seeing ever detail
Floating in the clouds
The sound of a scream
Echoing in the stratosphere
Brings it to this day
Back from this reprieve
My mouth has a voice
Waking me from this dream
Images flash by
On the tails of a Roman candle
Spinning in a whirl pool
Counter clock wise
In a digital world
Ice crystals cutting the fabric
Which holds everything
In this cartoon existence
The cotton pulls
Like an icy rain
Yanking reality back to now

Friday, August 17, 2012

Asylum of broken dreams

Coded smiles
A little shy
Clouds melt
Frozen in tarmac
Glued and falling
Killer smile relents
Changing the little things
An alarming smirk
Asphalt burning
Casualties of a storm
The meaning lost
I don’t know what it means
A coded smile
Secrets behind a smirk
Lonely like the sun
The meaning lost
I don’t know what it means
Without any double
You heard this before
A temperature on the rise
It seems to melt the clouds
Frozen in concrete
Glued on burning asphalt
Lost in a place
Asylum of broken dreams
The meaning lost
I don’t know what it means
I don’t know what it means
Without any double
You heard this before

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Changing tomorrows

Changing tomorrows
Words can change tomorrows
And the results of yesterdays
Changing the past
to whatever you desire
Take away the burning rain
Tears of all those crying jeers
Ears that overheard
The tone of the madness
Changing one thing everyday
So the madness of this day
Is gone from this memory
Agony builds up
Seeing the liars and cheats
The fools that believed
Working to deceive
Hard to even fake smiles
Tongue-tied turn a ways
Gaping holes in a chiasm
Anonymous good byes

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Physics of morality
Mired in the philosophy of purity
Whimpers of a few
An aversion to the insane
A stranger in a mirror
That answers with a dubious smile
A simple man that fools no one
In the honesty of day break
Washed by the taste of rain
An intoxication of insight
Demanding to see
Like a philosopher poet of antiquity
With a impractical curiosity
Seeing no matter how deep one peers
An elusive indulgence of contradiction
Impatiently drowning in lies
Under a fire cloud called pretense

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Smiles with delight
Voice calm as ice
Telling stories
Waiting to hear the laughter
Joker inside
Born to a August sun
Attributes of seven

Deceptive honesty
Humorous aptitude
Athletic body
Timid spirit
Whimsical fortitude
Future bright

A son a want him to be
Even thought
He turns his back on me
This is nature I guess
Wait till needed
Tragedy of parenthood

Smiles of delight
Voice as calm as ice
Telling stories
Waiting games
Under an August sun

One day Jett will have a turn
A shot at life in an adult world
Better then I
This what we all hope for in the end?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The face of ordinary

Iconic image of an average spirit
Mono Lisa had an ordinary life
Mundane to the point of boring
Living on a street in sewage
So famous her face
Yet such an ordinary average her life
A snapshot of the ordinary mundane
Making her image famous for all time
Yet even that will end in time
The sands in a clock stand dynamically
As it falls one strand at a time
The numbers in her eyes
Make her seem to cry
Asymmetrical equal
Married by sixteen
And dead by sixty two
A face of a common queen
The tragedy of the common ordinary mundane
In a monastery that lies empty
Every window gone
Still standing in an obscure little town
In a way ironical appealing