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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ethan’s Poem

Heart pounds my hand
Punching with a fierceness
Hold my heart dad
So you can feel my love
Words so innocent
So simple yet digging deep
Heart that punches
The breath from my lips
Stabbing deep
Hold me tight
So I can feel you sleep
Words from the young
That can make you weep
Innocence that somehow knows
Yet still asks for toys
His heart beats
Eyes that shine
Laughter that washes
All grime
Hold my heart dad
So I know your there
Keeps the monsters
Away from my bed
Heart that punches
Innocent words
That somehow knows
Yet takes the breath from my lips
The smile which holds
Ones soul
Those words a moment in time

Monday, December 12, 2011

Emma’s Song

The beat so strong
Hear the thump
From across the room

The beat so demanding
It feels like it going to burst
To burst through her chest

The smile so endearing
Beams louder than her heart
Bursting from her lips

The beat pounding
Across the floor
A smile lighting the space

Her smiling heart
Makes it fun being here
Fun to be alive

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life Measured

Life measured
By moments
That takes our breath away

Staring at the sun
Walking in the rain
Happiness realized

Friends that endear
Taste of spring
Smell of Christmas morning

Life not measured in breathe we take
The things we have
The cars we drive

Life measured in smiles
Walks on the sand
And the footsteps left behind

The warmth of suns embraces
The souls imprinted on
Walks with Angels at dawn

Friday, December 2, 2011


Blink 10 years later
Killing time
Bitterness leaves a stain
Not easily washed away
Once it has set
Masking the ache
Lashing out
The guilt in your eyes obvious
The culpability in your actions
What is on your mind?
No you don’t bore me
You’re a little Bourgeoisie though
Depending elevated expectations
Holding yourself to none
Blink and its years later
Brusque around the edges
Life’s schedule diverse
Days fall away
Fading progressively

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lake Devil’s offspring

Lake Devil’s offspring
An illusion of goodness
Pretty as an Angel
With a heart of the Devil
Born to deceive
To manipulate
And control
Narcissistic renationalize
Looking like Christmas morning
Playing you like a cello
For all the mistakes of mankind
Stage managing others lives
Princess that likes her puppet strings
And a whole lot of contrive
Moves like sunshine
And burns more than boiling steel
Looks are deceiving
See into the soul
Before jumping off that high-rise

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sailing on the Titanic

Sailing on the Titanic
A relationship
Bound to go wrong
Before walking
The pews
Even though you thought it was cool
The illusion of posh
That seemed alright
Everyone needs a hero
Even if it wears a 13
Everyone needs to be rescued
From their own fate
Sailing the Titanic
A relationship you thought was cool
A body posh and
Looking prime
In hind sight
You were a fool
A relationship you were told
Was unsinkable
Where everyone around
Seems to have drowned
Freezing stiff and suffocating
Everyone needs a hero
Even if it doesn’t appear so
Everyone needs to be rescued
From their own mistakes
Sailing on the Titanic
Said to be unsinkable
All posh and looking fine
Destined for failure
Before walking the plank
Everyone needs to be rescued
For being a blind fool
Everyone needs a hero
To save them from
Their own foot steps

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zen the words

Zen the words
One day this heart will stop
Monopoly horse will cease
Having meaning
The one that helps
Keep the dream from every day
Swift as wind
Words will bend
Gentle as a forest
Words will flow
Fierce as a fire
Words will dance
Like wafts of smoke
Strong as a mountain
Words frozen in a glacier
When will it thaw?
Melting the frost that burns
Ancient words sounding new again
One day this heart will stop

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When Angels Cry

When Angels cry
where do they go
to a forest maybe
where it is calm
to a mountain
where the wind blows
so they too can be strong
to a fire
so they can burn the pain away
when Angels cry
what do they say
Do they say my name
In a whisper
Do they ask questions
Just to hear an answer
Do they say nothing?
Because the echo would be deafening
Do they mourn in silence
Because one can hear their wails
When Angels cry
Do they steal the sun
Do the tears cut like steel?
Does the sound take your breath away
When Angels cry
where do they go
to a forest
where it is calm
to a mountain
so they too can be strong
to a fire
so they can burn the pain away

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Last Kiss

One last kiss
Before I leave you
One last kiss
Before I am gone

It has been so long
Since I have seen you
It feels like forever
Tumbling in this storm
I see you in my dreams
Standing before me

One last kiss
Before I leave you
One last kiss
Before I am gone

Long ago yesterday morning
The car slides out of control
Everyone was flying
In slow motion
Being tossed all around

One last kiss
Before I leave you
One last kiss
Before I am gone

It's been forever
Since I have seen you
It feels like yesterday
But I know it's been 5 years gone
It feels so cold in this tomb

One last kiss
Before I leave you
One last kiss
Before I am gone

It has been so long
Since I have seen you
It feels like forever
Spinning in this storm
I see you in my dreams
Standing before me

One last kiss
Before I leave you
One last kiss
Before I am gone

I look out into your eyes
As you look down
What do you remember?
Now that I am gone
Hope it was worth the memories

One last kiss
Before I leave you
One last kiss
Before I am gone

Monday, November 14, 2011

Voices Like Sandpaper

Voice like sandpaper
In a fog and hard to see
Harder to place

Wasted emotion
Wasted time
Wasted life

Teflon fades under scrutiny
What then Teflon man?
It will be hard to wash the decay away

Scream and yell
Point fingers
Give yourself legitimacy

Paint others with your affliction
In the end the sun will set
A voice like sandpaper

What a waist
Without grace
Haunted face

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sassy Jam

Sassy Jam Sessions
What s new in your world?
Humorous threats in hind sight
Calculating façade
Esoteric intellectuals
Playing their sick games
Narcissistic Mesenteric indifference
Schizophrenic accessions
Rules that make sense
But really don’t apply
Without consciousness
Malevolent Masochist
With a doctorate in pointing fingers
Acquiesce past
Future procedures
Diametrical opposites
Provocations too many
All that and the sun will still rise
The stars still dazzle in the sky
I still enjoy rain on my skin
And frost on my lips
Seeing the steam on the water
In the morning light
Hearing giggles and laughter
The spark in people’s eyes
Indifference to narcissistic Teflon people
Who think they can run through water
And come out dry
Calm anger is interesting
And makes everything
Humorous at four AM

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fighting Fate

Fighting fate
Ignoring destiny
What does that create?
Does fate ever arrive late?
Leaving you to wait
World somewhat sedate
Fighting fate
Ignoring destiny
Waiting for a call
Believing in the future
Repeating the some mistakes
Fate standing impatiently
Tossing out hate
Rushing to an appointment
Just to sit and wait
I believe in the future
Without distain
Fighting fate
Ignoring destiny
What does that create?
Signs all pointing the way
Fate go away
I will choose the destiny
No matter what you have to say
Sometimes stuff just happens
It was never meant to be that way
It was not a deck of cards you were dealt
It was not a new door that opened
It was not karma’s way
Fighting fate
Stepping over destiny
Walking into the future
One step at a time
I have wasted too much time
Doing this your way
Costing through life
Waiting for it to start
I believe in the future
It started yesterday

Friday, November 11, 2011

God watches the battles

Lost believers

Very few who have seen?
Are believers
After they have seen
What they have seen

God watches with indifferent
As bodies pile up
This is a war for freedom
The arrogance of justifying death
Once believers
Even through the eyes of hell
Lost believers

Very few who have seen?
Are believers
After they have seen
What they have seen

In life colour does not matter
In death we all bleed the same
Arrogance justifying freedom
Death looks on with indifference

My dad’s dad was such a man
A man who volunteered to be a pilot
to fly biplanes
Anything to get away from the tranches
Shot down and survived
Ending World War One with wings

God watches the battles of men
With indifference and distain
Losing believers on the way

My Dad’s dad was such a man
Trailer, soldier and warrior
Ending his war career in a field
And hospital bed

God watches the words of humanity
Even when those words
Causes humanity to bear arms

My dad’s dad was such a man
An Irish in a British uniform
Flying a British plane

Downed by German lead
Leaving God’s word behind
Dying of his wounds before I was born

His thoughts on God passed down
An Irishman green or orange
I have never known

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guardian Angel watches

Inner voices scream
Façade smiles stoically
Guardian Angel watches
As the demons play their games

Dodging bullets metaphorically
Anger pushes the calendar away
Hate pushes everyone away
Building walls that fall down
At the end only to remember the start
Where did it all go?
Fading to a the beginning
Saving others
Even though you wonder aimlessly

Inner voices scream
Façade smiles stoically
Guardian Angel watches
As the demons play their games

Staring into those eyes
That stares straight through you
Emptiness and shallow
Anger in the fear
No reflection just empty pits
Days go by in slow motion blurs
Eyes stare distantly
In faded memories

Inner voices scream
Façade smiles stoically
Guardian Angel watches
As the demons play their games

Everyone can be good at something
Everyone can be a little blue
Everyone has a bad day or two
Living through hell
Let all the hatred go
Walk in the sunshine
Maybe write a byline
Using the Name Dragon Von Volcom
Be someone’s story
Reflections in murky mirrors
When those eyes glare

Inner voices scream
Façade smiles stoically
Guardian Angel watches
As the demons play their games

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Staring at the Sun

Staring at the sun

Even through the clouds
Blinded by fate
The same old songs on the radio
In the background
Looking for perfection
Through all the blind spots
Haze of piercing melodies
Little things creating humor
That is the punch line
Staring at the sun
Feeling the warmth
Days in the sun
Sand every where
Water splashing
Nobody cares
Staring at the sun
Sitting in the shade
Wishing for more
Knowing it to be a bore
Listening to all the giggles
Smiles for an entrance fee

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sitting at a place

Sitting on the spot

Where I once died
Looking over the edge
A coyote carcass decomposed
Empty sockets stare
The fog flows over the valley
Like a wall of water
Comes over the road silently
Engulfing everything in its path
Soon everything is covered in a London fog
Tree branches appear to be floating
Cars drive by mere feet away
Tires on pavement
Coming so near
Lights then they are gone
The sounds return to silence
And madly loud
The hooves of a dear meander by
Pray sniffs the coyote and is also gone
Shadows floating in the fog
Prophetic words in picture frame
The grayness drifts on
Stories remain rambling rumors
Forty five minutes freezing
Head strapped down
Tight to a board

Have you been drinking?


Have you been drinking?


Have you been drinking?


You cannot go to sleep!

The light burns!!!

So quiet

I need sleep

       Wake up!

                Wake up!

                         Wake up!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Bitterness tastes a little sweet

With sadness comes happiness
Sunsets are sunrises depending on view
Without pain we would not know pleasure
Rain begets ice pellets
For every opposite there is a positive
Without loneliness there would be no love
Without cold we would not know warmth

With every road there is a choice to be made
With every path there is a decision required
At every cross road you must throw down

When you choose one,
Another is rejected
Sitting on indecision
Choices do fade
Tossing some rules aside
Reaching beyond fade
Grabbing sunshine
Holding onto a smile
One step beyond rationalization
Running past baby steps

Throwing excuses aside
Choose the path
Driving on the road
Just to see the shadows
Fly by the fields
So free

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shadows Awake

Shadows awake from a deep sleep

Disturbing the covers

Dreamy eyed looking up and wondering
The clock reads four o seven am

The shadows look down
Then disappear out a window

What are you trying to tell me?
Visiting every night

Stars look through the window
Cassiopeia calls from the past

Her unrivalled beauty haunting purple
As she walks on the back of a black tortoise
Accompanied by her white tiger
The red tree off to the left

Old woman’s words forecasting the past
I was jealous of my son
He got my dad’s attention
When he would give me none
When my son died
Freezing to death
At the bottom of those stairs
My dad was lost
And I said to him
I am still here
And he smiled

The shadows can find
Trying to tell their stories

From the past
From the future
Living in the now

Ironically it says
Today the Angel will say

It is okay to go that way
Evidence is grounded in water

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ancient Things

Ancient things die

Loneliness is an emptiness,
that never does
Old men remember
Faces drift in and fade quickly
Emptiness unfulfilled bites hard
Lonely men turn shades of gray
Wrinkles line the faces of lies
Nature has no morality
Slaughtering without remorse
Ancient things die
Some are remembered
Most fade into the night
Faces drift in like smoke
Waft away in time
Wrinkles line the faces of all those lies
Pushed to the edge of remorse
October rain feels like condemnation
I stand on the edge
Were tire streaks marked the spot
Looking over where I once laid
Pulled from the wreckage
Held together in lights
Emptiness unsatisfied
Disappointment of a wasted life
Lost in free will
Trust a fragile thing
a molecule crack
Will destroy  master pieces
Ancient things all die
Even pride and forgiveness
Old men have stories
Old ladies have vanity
We all have memories

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Everything lost

Everything lost
Is meant to be found
Everything found
Is meant to be shared

Everything hidden
Is meant to be concealed
Till it is revealed
Layers of mistruth exposed

Every fear
Is meant to be overcome
Even the one that stares back
A challenge on open ground

Trust once lost
Will never rebound
Once a thread is cut
It will never be the same

Ironic metaphors
Myth maniac schizoid similes
Schism widening
Hardening scar tissue

Everything lost
Is meant to be found
Everything found
Is meant to be shared

Friday, October 21, 2011

I want my life back

I want my life back

The one I never had
The one that makes me happy
The one I never knew I had

Running in the rain
Down a nameless road
Each rain drop a tear
Slamming on the ground
And through my clothes
Soaking my soul

I want my life back
The one I never knew I had
The one that makes me happy
The one I never had

I am ready to be happy
I am ready to walk that nameless road
Through those angels tears
That soaked my soul

Running in the rain
Soaked to the bone
Side stepping destiny
The one I never had

I want my life back
The one that is in reach
The one that made me happy
The one I knew I never had

Choosing my own fate
Not the one that was written for me
By another callous hand
The one that made me happy
The one that makes me smile
In my soul

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Even Angels Cry

Even angels need a rest
They get tired listening to death
Making promises in the future

Old men tell their stories
Knowing what is said is wrong
But saying it anyway

Even angels get tired
Choosing to lay dormant
Watching as everyone dreams

Old men lay down waiting
Watching the world crawl by
Going to the next world

Even angels cry
Watching all their wards
Waiver before the diming lights

Even angels scream
As the lights fade
Draining what remains

Even angels have feeling
Smiling at all those memories
Knowing even they will fade

Did I Know
That your memories would haunt
Falling off the trees like dying leaves

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seven Falcons

Seven falcons in row
Facing south
On the same spot
On seven different power lines
With one pole between

Two falons in a row facing east
The smoke drifts between here and there
Dancing to its own music

The words of prayer melting the frustration away
One foot in this world and one in the next
Two spirits tearing

The smoke drifts higher
Like images in the clouds
Telling their stories
If you wish to hear

Seven stones
A badge in order
Seven fires
Wash the spirit clean
Seven falcons in row
Point to new directions
Which to follow

Two years in coma
A spirit needs to be free
With one foot here
One foot there

Two spirit split in two
Seven falcons in row
On seven poles
All pointing new

Two years in coma
Before the ill was cleaned
Was this her story?
Seven falcons know

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yellow Red Brown Leaf

Yellow, Red, Brown leaf

Floats down a stream
Drifting here and there
It will freeze in time
With indecision
In will feel no pain
It will feel no fear
A calm will settle in it soul
An ice sculpture
Frozen in the flow
Promises made to a future
The pain will fade to glow
Appearing brittle under the snow
From that pain something will grow

The leaf floats
Drifting with the breezes
It will freeze in time
It will feel no pain
It will feel no fear
Calm will settle in
Freeing a soul
Frozen in the flow
One promise to a future
Pain will fade to a glow
Brittle yet resilient

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Death Laments

Death Laments

Furious and tangible
Nightmare on a beach drive
Death laments in antagonist fury
His spit splashing in my face
His hands reaching for my neck

The grip strong
Pushing his hands down
Death words still echoes
“I am going to Fucking Kill you!”
“You Dumb Fucking Retard!”
Death gives death threats?

Death is filled with rage
His plan escaping from his lips
There is hate in his eyes
As the spit turns to salt
As Death screams his tirade
“You dumb fucking retard, “
“Uneducated!, Schizophrenic!”
“You Are Nothing!”
“I am an important man”
“You are less than nothing!”
“ I can Practice in four countries”
“Can you Say that!”
Are saying you can murder me in four countries?

Calm settles with in
Death plans out loud
I smell Death’s Fear
Hiding under the hate
The edge is near
Death’s words still echoes in the wind
As Death’s land rover runs me down

Calm settles on my heart
Death’s words dry to salt in the wounds
“I am going to fucking kill you!”
“You dumb fucking retard!”

Calm settles on me from with in
Is this my fate?
To be murdered on door steps
That once was mine

Calm settles in my soul
As the land rover races runs me down
I push his hands back down
Death’s tries to push me over the edge
I have looked into Deaths eyes
Seen emptiness
Emptiness in his soul
And hatred in his eyes
The Land Rover bruises my skin

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Expectations lost

Expectations lost
Memories falling short

Thumbing a ride near Moose Jaw
Agenda girls fly by
Never looking your way
Always glancing in their mirrors
Leaving you behind

Memories less expectations
Some roads are not worth a trip
I never look back
Or there you will be again

We all change by the second
It can never be the same
Everything ends
Even the day

Why is the end so long?
Dragging out the pain
Every ghost has a warning
Sounding a little country

Forgotten senses
Easing along
Left behind
Agendas piled high

Friday, September 30, 2011

Vampire butterflies

Vampire butterflies....
come out during the night
never breathing
searching in vain this time

Masks painted on
Looking for one
To sink their teeth in
Moths flutter around them

They dance in the throbbing light
Swaying the crowd
Moths drop to the floor
No strong enough I guess

I seen her dance
Spread her wings
Looking colourful in a simple white t shirt
Her eyes penetrate mine

Luckily it was closing time
She drifts across the floor
Why didn’t you ask me to dance?
You seem to be busy

Vampire butterflies
T shirt looking fine
Dancing in the throbbing light
Luckily it was closing time
Because I would have been on the ground

What do you look like in the sun light
she answers with her eyes
getting on my bike
maybe I should have danced

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Identity cliché

Identity cliché
Changing a little everyday
Fashion retread
Never really in

Hours slip away
Days drip past
Years seem to fly by
A Shadow stands looking familiar

Who are you
Where did you go
Why have you come now
What took so long

I am here now
Time to be happy
Standing before you
I was not ready

Waited so long
A leaf can float for only so long
Before it drifts beyond reach
Frozen in ice

A response yet no answer
Strangers have so little time to be happy
Glances and a smile
Lips frozen

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blue sunsets

Blue sunsets
Stone cottages
Off a road called heaven
On a hill called hell
Some angels look down
And smile through all the tears
Every one washing heaven and hell
Single question on every line
On every page
Three seeming to be tattooed on
Obscure through the down pour
Empty is the number eleven
Standing alone
Like two oak trees
In the fog at dawn
Faceless shadows
Wondering around
Cups in hand
Asking one question
Maybe someday soon
Blue sunsets over the horizon
One baby step to change
The distance between greater
A gap on the map so small
Yet unattainable

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where do all the butterflies fall?

Where do all the butterflies fall?
Where do all the butterflies fall?
On a line at dawn
Looking to the sun
Looking to the ground
Where do all the butterflies land?
On a table the answers lie
Fluttering down like rain
Landing all in a pile just so

Like broken angels
Their hearts no longer beating
Wings folded so
Their last breathes lingering in the morning dew
Filling the valleys and looking like morning fog
Where do all the butterflies fall?
Where do all the butterflies fall?

Is she among them?
The one that touched just so
Flying so far
Just to fall on a line at down
Gone like the morning dew
Looking to the sun
Looking to ground
Fluttering like rain
Where do all the butterflies fall?
Where do all the butterflies fall?

Words can change the world
Words can make life come crashing dawn
Making bullets meaningless
Stop fighter jets
From dropping the voice of god
The thunder that rolls across the ground

Where do the all the butterflies fall?
Where do they all come down?
Is the fight worth all the broken angels?
Marble wings tossed around
Are the answers on a table?
Like an open book
Just need to hear the answers
To understand the reasons

Where do all the butterflies fall?
Where do the butterflies land?
Do they all look like broken angels?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Under a Cross

Practicing under a cross
The shadow lingering long
Tempting fate
Growing apple trees in Eden
Heaven ending in a dead end
On a river flowing in circles

The lights dance in silence
The greens flowing into blue
Stars watch in wonder
One or two falling through

Adults playing kids games
Children pawns to a few
Paying the price for indecision
Aging leisurely sacrificing dignity

Under a cross
Lingering long
Tempting fate
Doing right
Before all is gone
Flowing in circles
As the apple lies rotting
Under shadows
On the ground

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Looking she did stare

Every day I pass a spot
On the ground I once lay
Pulled for a wreck
By a faceless man
With a headless body
She said I wish you died that day
Even my ego knows that now

Every day a spot reminds
That fate teases a little
Between twilight and daylight
Even though one wish you dead
You would not go
Pulled from a wreck
I have never been so cold

Looking she did stare
With e man in hers arms all bare
Staring down on a body on ground
Thinking what if it was gone
Baby cries in ears
Police man in my eyes asking
Asking what did you drink?
Trying to answer I don’t drink

Waking in a room
All white and strapped down
Way passed twilight and noon too
Cords and lights flashing
I could ear
The fog slowly cleared
The pain screamed back
It was a voice I know
I think my own
Hands hold me tight
Cutting with plight

Once on the ground
Heart pulled apart
Cold still there
Hands hold me still
Lights red and brown
45 minutes and day or two gone
I would not be done
From this dream that is gone

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Other side of the moon

Other side of the moon
One thousand pieces
In the shadow of the day

What is there to say?
Is there another way
Fate decoded

The light splashes across the heavens
Turning night to day
What side of heaven are you on?

Nothing is made
Everything needs to be reached for
Even on the other side of the moon

Living in the shadows of dawn
Between night and light
Nothing compares

The wind trying to have a say
I know a little
But even than it sounds like the wind

Living in the shadows
On the other side of the moon
Nothing compares

On the moon
Frozen in time
Marble angel for company

Broken wing floating
Between there and here
Nothing compares

One thousand pieces
This life on the ground
Nothing compares

Friday, September 2, 2011

If you win

If you win me
What would you do?
Be kind or refined
Would you be mean?
Tell me lies about the past

If you win me
What would you say?
Would send me away
Would you be mean?
Could you find a way?

If you win me
What would say?
Would you run away?
Would you be mean?
Could you find away

If you win me
Where would you go?
Would it keep you awake?
Lying in bed trying to think of another way
Would you fight it?
Would you give in?

If you win me
Be kind
Be truthful
I will be fine
Sleep without dreams
Lonely train rides
Crawling across
Echoing like it has something to say
Every story starts some where

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When the time comes

Grainy film of memories past
Cloudy future forecast
Nomadic drifting

Foreshadowing or commentary
The voice as not said
Cloudy dreams on a sunny day

A voice echoing indiscreetly
From the background music
The heat that melts

When the time comes
Leave me be
Let me go
Let me go my way

Waiting changes you
Knowing the past is gone
Knowing the time wasted
The future calls discreetly

When the time comes
Just leave me be
Let the memory
Fade gracefully

When the time comes
Let the memory
Rest on the frozen ground
Walk the other way

When the time has past
Know there was happiness at last
Just leave me be
Let the memory
Fade elegantly

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Java with a twist

Hells Angel cowboy
Riding a chair
Smile hidden behind the mask

Bat woman making lattes
Crawling across the floor
Java with a twist

The nomad said hello
As the order is placed
Hours to kill

Patiently waiting
For fate to make it decision
Wishing for the sun to warm my bones

To take the cold away
Burning inside
Paradox more than words

Even superman is superstitious
The number 13 tattooed under the s
He I am not

The brotherhood of the lonely
Looking for imperfection
Seeing reflections

Some many lonely people
Lost in their pain
Scar tissue their chain

Adrenaline hiding the shame
Ghost walking past
Their penal isolation

Trust idly laying on the floor
The door glued closed
Locked waiting for a knock

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Formula poetry

Let airy pun and play on words
Perhaps Shakespearian

Innocence struggles to secure a throne
Butchered yet indignant

Popular book or Movie references
Obscure word to sound intellectual

Contradictory purposeful counter factual
Maybe even in a different language

Fallaces sunt rerum species
Someone must pay for the pain today

Reference so anybody can relate
Sandy beaches in the morning light

One friend can place themselves in
Singing on a band stand in blue

Paradoxical paraphrase
True love reflected in her eyes

Metaphoric counter point
Like ice blue arctic warmth

Ambiguous and an incomprehensible closure
And pocking fun at oneself

Emptiness is a lonely road
One baby step at a time

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paper cuts

Pain threshold
Paper cuts

Battle conditioned
I don’t care

True love
Obscure fantasy

Living idiom
Waiting patiently

Paradoxical truism
Paper clouds

Did you do it?
I don’t care
Did you wish it?
I don’t care any more

Enemy with in
Mocking drive by
Others will see the ugly
Knowing why
People will cry but not you
Are you going to be?
Rejected by society
Even Karma has time outs

Ethically demoralized
Narcissistic psychopath
Control your lullaby

Paper cuts
I don’t care
Even if it was fare
Obscure fantasy
Waiting patiently
Papers clouds

Pain threshold
Battle cry
Living ideals
Just a paradox

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meteor showers

Reaching for heaven
In the dancing light
Where angels cry
On the cutting edge of time
Images of cyclical dreams
In a cloudy haze
Ticking down to zero

Ten reasons to stay
Bitter taste of rain
Isolation of empty principles
Hopes reasoning approaching
Truth demands
Hues of the morning sky
Sultry taste of bitterness
Insane sounds of laughter
Between screaming silence
Rhythm pounding of water
Music in mine ear
Songs creeping to the surface

In the dancing light
Reaching for heaven
Where angels fall
On the edge
You can watch them cry
Where stars are hidden
Locked in the present for now
Meteor showers washing souls

Reaching for heaven
In the dancing light
A place on the edge of time
Locked for the present
Where angels cry
Before there descent
Burning across the sky
Meteor showers
Washing the dirt from our souls
Deciphering their screams
Cryptic sounds of silence
Tears from the clouds

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cloning perfection

Ironic love
Lasts when others fail
Not mocking yet a little sarcastic

Looking to the future
Three doors down
Planning for failure

Cloning perfection
Passing it around
Watching it flow

Leaving it unsaid
Three little words
Changing people’s worlds

Ironic life
Lasts when others die
Not shocking but a little shy

Looking at the future
Painted in sarcasm
Hoping on promises

Adrenaline ideals
Merry go rounds
Watching perfection

When it is cloned
Through editing rewrites
Knowing is the art

Starting new
Worrying future failure
Emptiness standing alone

Cloning perfection
Painted in sarcasm
Sultry purple hues

Sunday, August 14, 2011

E man Round up

E man round up
Jetting out of the water

Three man standing
Discussing mankind

Nards the Dragon
Waiting in limbo

Wishing for Norway
And sweet desert

E girl asking
“Can I be in these words?”

Sunsets on Montague
Salads in hand

E man round up
All in fun

No branding iron
Or rope

M in between
Jett pulling on a prairie plain

All three giggling
Sounding insane

Thinking of an exit strategy
But not to plane

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Charming life

Things can be charming
Even in disgrace
Tropical flavours
In bright sunshine

Things are never as bad as them seem
Nor as good as them appear
Mountain tops in shadows
Streams with a killing touch

Charming smiles upside down
On display in markets and town
Wandering a little here
Mixed metaphors

A gift of pleasured regret
Minds see what it wishes for
Erasing what it doesn’t make sense

Things can be charming
Even in decay
Rusted heart s
Amongst the broken parts

Things can be charming
Even at the end
Of long ennui train rides
Watching life slide by

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Numbers counting back

Comfortable conversations are never easy
Consciousness thick as ice in winter
Bitter and a little sweet

Numbers counting back to zero
Dust to dust
Five years from now will it matter?

Hunger content
Pain always bitter
Anger painted on gutterily thick

Temptation digits away
Alluring ones soul to keep
Planning an impulse
Finished in a corner

Artists chip away at the marble
The rock speaking only to chisel
Guiding the hand
Master piece fatal chip away

Words without rhythm
A myth in a shrine
Finding meaning

Some words have meaning
Only from with in
Touching one or two

Some words can change
A world one brick at time
One word can bring hope
For a few

That one word is different
It can be lost in translation
Yet it can pass the test

Will it matter in five years?
What is that one word to you?
Tension thick

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What is not

What appears is not
What is not is
Reality can be an illusion
Smoke, mirrors and indecision

Friends fading like the morning sun
Gone before noon
Seeking to be free
Like this migraine

What is not is
You are all alone
What appears is not
I am here for you

Comes like new moons
Pages of a cheap novel
What appears is gone
Meaning hidden in the refection

All chrome and no sentiment
Parts on the floor
Assembly required
Reflected in the chrome

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looking up

Looking up
Eyes meet mine
Through the window

As the Face pulls away
What could I say?
The train was gone

Next day I am on the train
Looking for a face

Looking out the window
Eyes meet mine
Through the glass

Train pulls away
Would could I say
She was gone

The next day
I am looking in
For that face in a crowd

Looking through the glass
No eyes meet mine

Train pulls away
What could I say?
So I turn around

Eyes meet mine
I say hi
She says about time

The train comes to a stop
Waking me from sleep
The Train is empty

This is my stop
I get off the train

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pulsating Reason

Decadent reasoning
Frying on an open heart

Wishing reality
Hoping on conscience

Running in the rain
Washing ones soul

Receiving nothing
Waiting on Paris

Wipers working over time
Silence the knock on the door

Mojo models
Hanging on threads

Dancing over the floor
Images screaming

Voodoo dolls Pulsating
Muja pins

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Waiting on Paris

Some are wish people
Others are make believe people
I am a hope
Which are you?
Some are fate
Others make their own fate
Some wait for fate to find them
Which are you?
Destiny is the same as fate
Waiting for destiny in a empty room
I am Hope
Which are you?
Perfection most be reached for
and cannot be waited on
Timing is not everything
Soon the future was looked back on
Where everyday is a Wednesday
Waiting on Paris

Friday, July 29, 2011

what do you see?

it is warmer inside
for some reason
can you decipher the meaning
hiding in the mirror
ticket in hand
what if it was a plane
a lake on a mountain
where the blue touches the sky
sunsets where purples and reds meet
asking for one
what do you see?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lifting Heaven

Lift one part of heaven
Accept the wisdom
What do you see?
A train leaving
I don’t have people
It is just me
In this skin
Reality biting
Dreaming this away
Liquid days
Game face on
What is left?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Under glass

The sand falls
One grain
Hitting the glass blow
Filling the space

Write the tune
See where it goes
Handy machines no
Between One

Sand clocks
One end
Pore down
Empty at one end

Start over flipping it
Running in quick sand
Under glass
Sand melts

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Everyone has them
Reality fantasies
Impractical creations
Ungratified need
Supernatural sound
Reaching, almost

Friday, July 22, 2011


One dream
When others let go
Chipping away
Revealing what lies below

One touch
When others slipped away
Not letting go
Revealing silvers shadows

One dream
Digging deeper
Forming in marble

One touch
A memory cold
Yet warm inside

One dream
When others let go
Chipping away
Never letting go

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sculpture 18

Stepping out of life
A statue for a time
Watching life go by
Breathing conceptual art

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Winds of change

Winds of change
Stopping time
A reality cliché
Unavoidable condition
Hypothetical reality
Surreal obligations
Drifting proclivities
Solitude enchantment
Quiet places echoes with stillness
One step at a time
Visions in the distance
Reaching the untouchable
Vanishing in a pool of dark water
Make it safe for each step
Make the road ahead clear
Embrace instinct

Monday, July 18, 2011

Drifting stillness

Drifting stillness
437 sunrises
Colour reaching across the sky
Pushing the fog
It would seem for eternity
Floating calm
Only sound of birds
Water mirroring the heavens
A moment
Preventing the passage of time
Fast forward to veracity
Eyes across a road ignored
Apprehension bad mojo
Words fluttered over
Wiping memories clean

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is sanctuary

Pale light of sanctuary
Spectacular in rustic charm
Feels good to smile
Even though in make no sense
Looking for a perfect canvass
One that will fit
One demanding colour
And the freedom to choose
The bane of this existence
Air heavy with its seductive scent
Reminding what is right
Paint to canvass
Without a name
Shift in the air reveals
What is hidden behind a veil?
Words flutter on wings
In the pale light
This is sanctuary

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Are you wondering yet?
Where it comes from
Are you happy?
In what ever dream you’re in
Los Ninos Atardecer
On the edge looking over
Adrenaline pumping
Heart rate breaking seventy two
Harrumphed exaggerating
Incantations in a benign dream
Acquiescence because
Cold in freezing sunshine
Impressionism painted in glass
Expressions of the hunger within

Friday, July 15, 2011

malice and rage

Eyes filled with malice and rage
I see myself in them
Know that rage

A rage I seen
Reflected off mirrors of stone
But now it is gone

Now those eyes are dead to me
All that is left is calm
My heart is free

From that fire storm
Living in confrontation
Not a life for me

I feel sorry for the rage in you
Walking on Deception Avenue
All the money won’t hide the malice

You choose that path
That will bury your soul
Fractured and cruel

Appreciate the colours of the storm
Simpler to let one heart
Wonder free

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A voice

The helpfulness and pain will fade
When you can laugh again

Fractal art bleeding boll colours
Of unpredictability

Omniscient deign
Life’s improbabilities

Dissonant cacophony
Nature’s Synaesthesia

Listening to the harmony
Bursting to the stratosphere

A voice barely above a whisper
You have to strive to hear

Words stretching into the future
Syrupy slow like the sound

Of wind through the trees
A statement beyond

An artist’s rendering
Their branches creating

Moving sculptures in the breeze
Auto Da Fé

Act of faith
Silence absolute

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Escape Decadence

Decadence attempting to escape the inevitable
Everyone comes from some where
Burying yourself alive will not change that

It’s the imprint you leave that matters
The tiny piece in people’s hearts
Smiles at the memories

Snap shots of happiness
In between
Life getting in the way

Seems to be wondering why
Negate the questions about
Wanting to try

Escape decadence
Burying yourself inevitable
Everyone ends up somewhere

Tiny memories
Felt in some ones heart somewhere
Makes me smile

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scar tissue on a time line

In a race to finish
The rain beats down
So hard you can’t see your hands

These words were therapeutic once
Like Water on the incoming tide
Now just on a ride

Tired of riding alone
On a merry go around
As the clowns look on

Adrenaline a fix
Never fills the void
Mercy sliding on silk

Tired of the superficial
Buried in the sand
Obscure as it is

Dancing on whiskey
Singing on moonshine
The colours of the notes shine

Monday, July 11, 2011

Totally Random Conversation

Standing in a checkout line any where this happened to me yesterday evening on the way home from work. The temperature was hot as in plus 30 c outside and writers always say weird things happen when it is hot out.
I looked up from purchases and adding the prices up in my head to a pair of eyes staring at me saying Hi.
I say How you doing? The older gentleman around 75 plus says “I am on this side of the grass so it’s a good day If I was on the other side on the grass I would not care and I would have no worries!”
What can one say to a statement like? I awkwardly respond with I guess you wouldn’t.
The Old man now says “My sister would have to worry about it and I told her to bury me with a flash light and two packs of smokes and a lighter!” “You Know why right?” he says.
Of course there is no light and at least you don’t want her pipe in CBC was all I could think of as a response
He giggles a little and thinks about it for a second. He comes back with “My sister always said that she would only buy the items if she could get it at the dollar store and wonders why someone would think like that?”
I am thinking to myself what is it about me that people want to share their thoughts in a checkout line with me but all that comes out why you must watch HBO.
The old guy and line of people laugh except the lady between him and me. She just stares ahead with mortal fear in her eyes.
He is still giggling as I pay for my purchases and quickly make my way out of the stare.
Somehow the lady that was behind me in line and between the guy and I beats me out of the store.
Menu to self say Hello when someone says HI

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Points of view

Points of view
What is new?
Looking up from the sand
Or down from the clouds
Things looks different some how
Reacting from emotion
Begets no where
Smiles wipe the slate clean
Insert Sun Tzu quote here
I am sorry
Eyes laugh through marble

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Murky ambiguity

We all want love
And to be loved
Is that a legacy?
What about all the lonely people
Dining in the mist of strangers
Fearing isolation

It not what one does?
Where one goes
Or what one makes

Knew when you have it
That it is too precious
To let go at a whim

Trust will glue heaven to earth
Mistrust will rip diamonds apart
Fragile threads can bind

We all want love
And to be loved
Murky ambiguity is our legacy

Peeking from happy memories
At the world coloured blue
Conscience is a tranquil place

Friday, July 8, 2011

Five letter word

Always an afterwards
Rearranging nature contrivance

One five letter word
Is so precious

It needs to be guarded
Otherwise a prophecy will be bleak

Anticipation lingering
In the sands on tranquil beach

Inevitable will be the scorned
Happiness an unfulfilled myth

Screaming like a Tourettes savant
Thriving on conflict

Quick as mercury
Questions linger

“Always an afterwards
Trust is precious
It should be guarded
Lingering in anticipation
Unspoken on a tranquil beach
Dilapidated myths
Near deception point
Mischievous clouds
Have their way
Staring an intoxicated stare”

Thursday, July 7, 2011

World of predictability

World of predictability
Even ironic smiles fade
Time stops and dilates
Conversational convenience
Cyclical Nietzchean reality
Hungry for hope
In a symphony of rain
Tranquility as the colours fades to blue
Stating the obvious
As the blue fades to black
Analyzing the obscure
Orwellian dystopia
On a prairie plain

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bitterness a fleeting analogy

Bitterness a fleeting analogy

Thought things would be the same
Looking through windows at a distorted world
Not everything fits in a tight little frame
Some things need to be experienced
Not read about in a 100 year old diary

Insidious is a multiyear one stand
Contrived realizations
To conceal a fear of loneliness
Trapped in a loveless romance

Wondering for better
Descending to despair
She says I will wipe that smirk
Echoing her lawyer

Frigid assessments
Categorizing observation
Substantiated roles
My answer is “I feel sorry for you”

Image is not every thing
Your shadow is intoxicating
Like the shadow of the ugly coyote
Hanging by the road eating off carcasses

Sweet indulgence
Lie in the murkiness of ones aged skin
The eyes show the character of desolation
Living behind a façade

Nothing can make some people happy
Everything cannot make some happy
A little can make others scream with joy

Most are takers
Some are givers
Others take and take some more
Nihilistic hedonistic pseudonyms

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eyes you see

Eyes you see
Once looked different
In the morning light

Aged in away
That broadcasts their pain
Looking at the world

Missing things as simple
As morning light
And the smiles on babies faces

The eyes you see
Are bitter to me
Maybe asking forgiveness

Anger boils out of every pore
Not mine but your own
Forgive once I have

No more
Eyes you see
See through you

At the emptiness
Of a tomb
Cracked and faded

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Distant Closeness

Distant closeness
Driving in this free for all
With no exits
Intense Sui generis
Mysterious epochal roles
Elusive categories of life
Every one desires it
Yet safety of mediocrity beckons
Lamenting happiness
Hope intoxicates
Murky indulgences
Multi layered puzzles
Exclusively crowded
And always an afterwards
Eternal questions
Tame a savage prophecy
By making happy memories
Or just trying too

Monday, June 27, 2011

Eternal Question

Eternal question
Floating eternal question
What is happiness?
Knowing it elusive
Questioning redundancy
Realizing happiness
Unvanquished appreciation
Accepting the inevitable
One small step at a time

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playing Philosopher

Playing philosopher
Whispering words
Living in a song
Violating the rules
Sad when it ends
Knowing it must
The rest of life started
From this point on
Immune from time
Racing shadows
Almost touching sanity
Melancholy obsession
As the last note plays
Bursting with longing
Can’t stay forever
Matters immensely
For a moment
Silence wafting in the aroma of despair
As the next song begins

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Edge of yesterday

Life on the edge of yesterday
Deceit organic
Spirits of time lingers
Hope another fool’s game
With a hellacious reality test
Mannequins’ stare
Screaming loudly
In the silence of one’s own mind
Déjà vu mistakes repeated
Dangerous a conscience can be
Hidden with in
Yet small enough to fit
In the palm of a hand
Taste that thought
On ones tongue
Feel the beat
Drain away

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Continues Symphony

Reality beyond defined
Fluid impressions
Inevitable familiarity
Fate has no morality
Quid pro quo

Paint that
Looking at the world
Through sea filled eyes

It is the colours in the clouds
And reflected in the trees
That I like

Yet it is the messages
In the shadows
Between the grays and blacks
That speaks to me

Potent as a favorite song
Continues symphony
Opening a path of decisions

My hand grips the air
Reaching for the clouds
Hope a ravenous character flaw
Only I can enter
Words echo “ why are you here?”

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Karma has no conscience

Karma will have a say
As she has no conscience
It will be long and painful
or quick and deceitful
Perhaps but not from my view point
Will it reflect scrutiny?
I no longer care!
Threads grow thinner
Time heal all but regret
Karma will have a say
It will no longer matter
The honor will have faded
Humorous at a number of levels
A metaphor in there some where

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thought of the day June 17

Painting without names
Art without soul
Names give the art a reason to be
Mona Lisa named Arica would have no meaning
A painting needs names like they do paint
Images are a thousand words
Images named define the words
Giving it context
Name it only after it born
Because the character will then be exposed
Miss-naming it will cause a life of confusing

Thursday, June 16, 2011


“Why won’t you let the past be in the past?”
Messages pasted throw the lips of babies
Actions are the benchmarks

History defines who you are
Where you are from
Ignoring it is like hiding in a mirror

Hold my heart dad
Feel the heartbeat
The beat knows my love

That from a 5 year
Eyes so young
Knows too much

Considerations are just smoke in a window
Smiles distractions from the fangs
It is what it is and I know the truth

So it wont happen again

Monday, June 13, 2011

Paradox dream

A home with in a house
On a hill overlooking a lake
Reflected from within
Flickering candle light
Playing shadow games
Welded together in a watery dream
Spirits of the past
Dancing on the walls
Touching the floor where the sound should be
The fire cleansing one soul
Surreal reality colliding in circumstances
Songs without words
Maps without roads
Meaning whispered in the wind
A touch melted in wax
Warm at first but resonates in ice

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bones on Bones

Bones on bones
Pilled high
Looking up to the sky
Cold to the touch
Warming in the sun’s embrace
Collecting vitamin d
In the sand
The waves wash away
Revealing bones from history
Lessons of the past

Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick sand

Standing in one place
Racing as fast as I can
Seasons fly by
Colours blur

Faces and memories fade
Situations resonates
Days tick by
Like the seconds on clock

Standing in quick sand
Perfection past due
The taste of isolation bitter
Images blend like snow in a storm

Friday, June 3, 2011

Is this a dream?

Spirit Omens
Most don’t believe
Some tell themselves it not real
As the eagle glances in my window
Perched on lawn chair
Daily ritual it seems to be
The commute to work has another
Flying at window level travelling at the same speed
Drops back after a second or two
The occurs daily too
In the morning and evening too
On the week end turkey vultures float on the wind
Silent in their pack
Mother Nature so twisted and none forgiving
Buried under rotting foliage
Perception just a point of view
Sunset to some
Is a sunrise to others?
Insomnia is this a dream?
Thoughts between the grayness of sleep and restlessness

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life is fascinating

Life is fascinating
Questions never ending
And non satisfying
Colours can string across the heavens
The stars can be shy
Peeking across the heavens
Like a troubled child
Mirrors in the wind
Rain comforting to touch
Leaving a resonating residue
Some say it makes you stronger
Some that it was meant to be
Other that luck is made
Is searching for perfection wasted?
Not if perfection is searching for you
Moral metaphor ambiguous

Monday, May 30, 2011


Hope can be lost
Hope can be found
Hope is dynamically tangible
Suspended in amber
It can be rationalized
In the lies we tell ourselves
Hope can even have a time line
Hanging in a tree
Slim the threads of hope can be

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walking in line

Walking in line
Wind burns your face in time
Never deviate
The plan is in play
Predators in their Armani looking for their fill
Vultures waiting to feed
Dynamics of the game play
Looking to the future already gone
Memories on a hill
Define interesting
Colours of sunsets
Oddly a little different every time

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Colour?

What Colour?
Does it hurt?
The colour of the day
Flavors frosted on my lips
Ice metallic blues
Reflected off crystal
Black on Monday
Velvet on Friday
Questions in between
This is not a side show
Even if it seems so
Frozen under glass
Each letter on a different page
Hanging on by a clichés

Monday, May 16, 2011


Living in one’s own skin
Strange the voice of the walls
The message never received
Answered with silence
Eerie calm
The feeling deep inside
When you wake from a dream
Knowing that something happened
And knowing that it was not real
Wondering maybe it was
A hang over with no drinks consumed
The silence shatters my ear drums

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Some scars are not visible
Some scars run clean through not breaking the skin
Invisible to every one

Some are just scar tissue
Different from everything around it
Harder to break through

Some are just scratch marks
Discolored and barely noticeable
Yet change you like nothing before

Scars leave there marks
Some going through
Others just on the surface

All leave there marks
Some deep inside
Others invisible

Sunday, May 8, 2011

“Are you okay”

“Are you okay”

The message was
Broken down
Answer was silence

Silence amongst the noise
Shadows of grey
No words for it

Staring into the sun
Shining off the rocks
Black hole
Burning in

Silence is the answer
Your desire to know
Silence ignored

Disregarded and unseen
Silent scream
In a box

Friday, May 6, 2011

Anything can be beautifull

Anything can be beautifull
From the sound of waves hitting the shore in a storm
The lighting shooting across a black ski
Thunder calling out in anger
Electricity making the hairs on once arms dance!
Wind pulling one across the water
Fueled by adrenaline
To a rock on the ground
Black against the brown
One among many
Looking lonely and out of place
Yet completing the frame
Or the fold of skin as sweat drips down
Hypnotic as they slid down the skin making trails of salt
Being one of two
For second or two
Connected in a memory
That shatters like glass
From a window of a car
Hit by semi in a crash

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cold As Rain

Cold as rain

Dancing to a voice cold as rain
Getting wet in thunder storm
On an empty beach flooded with irony
Hard to shine in someone else’s sun
Reality is a bitter taste to wash away
Listening to the memories

Dancing to a voice cold as rain
On an empty beach flooded
Shadow and moon light my only company
Wind singing it's song

Rain can wash most things away
The dirt from an idle life time
The sweat of living under a burning sun
Taste of an empty bottle

Dancing to a voice cold as rain
Footsteps in the sand
Rain drops cooling the tan
Wind wafting the words

Memories of a simpler time
Less complex, at least in my mind
Rain washes the beach
What remains the waves take away

Dancing to a voice cold as rain
Telling me that story about that time
Just a pebble in field bathing in sunshine
Like a painting to be revealed

Saturday, April 30, 2011

It starts with a blank page

It starts with a blank page
Some times the words flow
Other times the words drag
If it feels right it turns to a song
And then the words can mean much too many
Like a relationship
It starts with a blank sheet
A perfect date not a place
But who you’re with
When time stands still pick someone new
If it fly’s by in a blink of an eye
Then you have found what is true
When some one brings tranquility to your spirit
Serenity to your soul
And composure to your life
Then it is true
And then your life will give meaning to one

Friday, April 29, 2011

flames that hold

One day soon
I hope to rise up from these flames that hold me down
The cries I have heard
make me wish to live for those that mean the most
For those that care
and I never realized that they knew who I was
True friends
that give and ask nothing in return
It amazes me
the number people who care I did even know they were there
The simple things in life
that are import yet have gone on unnoticed
The sunrise,
colours of fall, and steam on the water in the early morn
The sound of laughter
and tear drops that crawl down a cheek
Peoples feeling
and the hunger on the street
It amazes me
the disregard some people have for others
Dishonest people
all about even those that welcomed you into their homes
Those that once laughed
with you and now stab you in the back

Sounds of words
Caring people helping hands

Rise from the flame

Thursday, April 28, 2011

mesmeric Sunrise

An avalanche of vibrant colours
Radiate from the horizon
Trespassing on the night
Pushing forward the dawn
Shimmering brilliance
Whispering promises
As the colours dance on the ripples
Like a vision of curiosity
The illumination from the heavens
Brings a promise of life
As the beams crawl across the sky
Shouting the with joy at the open sky
Voices echoing off the clouds
There is a mesmeric quality to a sunrise colours
Like the first kiss from a beautiful woman with
Only love in her eyes
Every morning is a kiss from the heavens
Be my heaven every morning

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I didn’t

I didn’t

I didn’t but what if I did
What would you say if you thought?
I was with someone for a day or two
Would it hurt you?
Can you explain that to your soul?
If you thought I was with another
Would it burn you deep inside?
Isolation is a long road
That sometimes any one would do
For a day or two
When you go to your house
And stay with your toy
Do you ever wish it was me?
Do you ever say babe
Catching yourself before you say my name
Wishing he was me
And I was he
Thinking about times
When you’re with him
Remembering conversation with me
I didn’t but what if I did
Would it burn you deep inside?
Thinking I could be with another
Even for a night or two
A one night stand I can’t get over
You may think I have been lying to you
I haven’t
I have been true
As you stay with mediocrity
The irony washes through
Burning me even to look at you
I still miss you
More then you will ever know
You ask if I am mad at you
Yeah maybe a little
Deep inside
Yet I still hope for something that true
I just don’t understand.
The widows have changed
As have the doors I walk through
Is that because you thought
I was with her for a night or two
Because I have been true
And come from deep inside
Sincerity in every breath I take
I wish you could see inside
Even though the memory has died
You can you know
just look into the window of this soul
you will know what is true
The widows have all changed a little
Is that because you thought
I was with her for a night or two
Because I have been true
The words are true not thrown out like dirt
But come from my soul
I wish you could see inside then you would know
Just by looking into my eyes and seeing into my heart
You will know that I have been true to you
All the words mean knowing to you
Because you don’t trust me!
The irony of that as you go to your house and
I go to my home alone
I didn’t but what if I did
What would you say if you thought?
I dated someone else for a day or two
Would it hurt you?
If you thought I slept with another
Would it burn you deep inside?
I have been alone for so long
Yet no one will do for a night or two
The irony of that burns deep inside

Saturday, April 23, 2011

morning dew

morning dew

Hate enslaves
Crippling empathy
Long dark road
Tinged with doubt
Shadows can’t hade pragmatism
Onerous acquiescence
Vaguely eloquent
Prerequisite to tenderness
Sympathetic reflex
One step at a time
Cleansing like

Friday, April 22, 2011

change all that

change all that

Hope can take hate away
Someday maybe
I miss you, how dumb is that?
I can never trust again, how sad is that?
Can meet thousands but all it takes in one
To change all that

Hope can take the hate away
Maybe one day
I still miss you, how bad is that?
The wounds are still wide
I can never trust how dumb is that?
All it takes is one to change
All of that
Some day maybe perhaps

Hope can break the walls down
Perhaps one day
Wash the hate away
I miss you but I can’t find away
The scar tissue remains
I gone too far to find the way home
Never looking back
Trust is gone like a movie ticket
So take all these dreams and sell them for a dime
I am sorry that the pain got in the way

Hope can take the hate away
Someday maybe
I miss you
Maybe one day there will be away
All it takes is one to change all that
Perhaps maybe someday

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Veritas vincit

Veritas vincit

Veritas vincit
Searching for real
Deceit surrounds
Veni, vidi, ambulavi
Ever look forward
Past is scar tissue
Some things are written in books
Other things are just written
Walking with a shadow
Is better than walking alone

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seventh Fire

Seventh fire
Rocks can see more
Blinded by insight
Emptiness resonates
Spirits on the wind murmurs
Sorrow echoes
In this pulmonary walls
Peace with in walks
An empty path
The touch lingers
Cold fingers gripping
What could not be owned?
Demanding temptation
Desiring one mind
Beyond reason
A vortex
Away by inadvertence
Good life or bad
We all must walk through fire
Will it cleanse?
Enough thought for a single day

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Frozen in Glass

Frozen in glass
A glance across open space
Time measured in sand
Cased in glass
With whatever engraved
Dust at two thousand degrees
Particles in the wind
Piece of sand in the rain
Snow lakes of white
Non identical each individual
Swirling in a storm
Sometimes nothing will fill the ghost left behind
Of all the empty memories
Knowing this will not push away the fear
The ach will not go into the good night
With or without the flavor of the day
Patience an indifferent tool of wisdom
Karma giggles
Deities have devilish smile at times
Faces frozen in glass

Monday, April 18, 2011


Truth in every lie
Fantasy maybe
A wish all the same

Truth in every joke
Biting from the mind
Hiding behind laughter

Lies in every truth
Cracking the foundation
Of one’s soul

Deceit in every smile
Lurking under every laugh line
The eyes are the keys if it is real

Expectations frozen
Waiting for the thaw
Like unanswered phone calls

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Glass Faces

Glass faces
Sunlight peeks over the horizon
With sleep in her eyes
Pink glows pushing the purple back
Fog covering the frozen lake
The day looking inviting
A frosted optical illusion
Even though there is nothing more to say
Left in echoes of regret
It will sneak in
With words on the air
A spot on the beach
The dew on the windows
The stars pointing the way
Mistakes that tear out ones heart
Left it numb on the floor
Glass faces arouse curiosity

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foot Prints

Foot prints on a windshield
Clouds all around
Whispers in the dark
Shadows haunting
Fates pranks, karma calling
Footprints in the snow
Pity unjustified
Rain drizzles like frosting
Cassiopeia watching
Hugging all the mistakes
Sweat can never drive it out

Friday, April 15, 2011

Walking in the fog

Walking in the fog
There is a time
Once a day
Perhaps a minute or two
Part of me goes to that day
When I died a little inside
A normal day in a normal life
For anyone else
The ringing goes on
Or the lonely call of a train
From across the lake
Will bring me back
From the slender of inner solitude
Listening to the voices of rocks and trees
Wondering where this journey will lead
Missing those walks in the fog
Shielded by rain
Face tranquil in hesitation
As that minute flew silently past

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Demons Discretion

Demons Discretion
Know ones demons
Deviltry of their deceit
Keep them near
The murmur of their fire a far
Will burn more deeply
Clichés in a pocket
Quickly an angel can change her finery
To claws that will mangle
A smile to bare teeth
Imbedded in ones chest
August star light showers
Foretelling of one’s plight
Pleasure before the bites
Intoxicating like the fog of morning light
Acknowledge ones demons
Before picking the battle
Don’t scream like a theatrical drama queen
Silent smiles can prevail in a pragmatic battle
Some things are stronger then fear

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The bite

The bite silent
Adjuration of discretion
Wry acknowledgement
Cynically undignified
Eliciting a grin
Rather precocious
Inopportune weather
Audaciously mocking
Murmurs of strangers
Metaphors periodically

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mockingly Ironic

Ironic mocking
Covered in expectations
Touched by lingering dreams
No inking indicated
Raucous choruses provoked
Ghost of a former banished
Imperious to the rain
Led into amorous dalliance
What an unsettled dream
Tumultuously murmuring
Portents and metaphors
Touched with subdued amusement

Monday, April 11, 2011

One Day

One day,
These words will not be enough,
No satisfaction in sounds
Meaningless words
What then?
Ride the clichés
Hiding under excuses
In a sea of sorrow
Washing regret away
In suns embrace

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deju Vu

Deju Vu
Styled shenanigans
Deviltry of tricks
Deceitful pranks
All with a toothy smile
Fate giggling in the vicinity
Meaning defined
Empty promises
Ice reflections
Distorted clown faces
Glances over empty bottles
The beat deafening
Vacant laughs
Company for an hour or two

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life Astray

Life Astray

Filling the missing
Life Astray
Clouds a little to grey
Finding happiness in paperback novel
Desiring more but every seems
Like a Hollywood distress story
Sorrow in the taste of everyday things
Music never meant to be
No more heroes
Just a little story on page nine
Seconds before the weather
Mystical compass spinning
Pointing everywhere and no where
Finding what is missing
Filling a void
Under a rock by a lake
Sand ticking a way

Friday, April 8, 2011


The sound of the waves
splashing on the sand
washing a line away
the wall still remains
crossing over it never again
the water washing the emptiness

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Draconian Realities

Draconian realities

Tone of dreams
Singular outlook
Draconian realities
Learning the truth
At any age can be painful
Fours fires all to clean
One for every direction
The haze of the future
Painted on a wall

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enjoy Sun Kisses

Enjoy sun kisses
Even when images try to hide
In a window without a hero to save us
Don’t tell me there is no way
Karma said there was a chance
Stop watching life fly away
Outside looking through frosted glass
Wanting a better life
Even as it washes in the wind
Suns kiss marking another end
Sounds so far away
Will fade leaving a stain

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sun kisses

Sun kisses

Every morning the sun kisses
the ground good bye
every night the sun kisses it again
saying hello
even in the land of the midnight sun
some wishes never come true
even when they stand before you
hands open, reaching for a touch
some days the light is in a cloud
blind faith still knows it to be true
every morning there is kiss
good bye
every evening another saying hello
some dreams are left behind
some are held true

Monday, April 4, 2011


Images will stop haunting
Dreams will have happy ending
Loneliness will be a memory

Someday so near
Someday so distant
Someday missed

Images will stop waking me
Stop calling my name
Asking for impossible favors

Someday this will be more
Smiling in mirror
Sailing in the wind

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Under Canvas

Under paint there is canvas

An illusion of reality
Through cloudy glass
A window to a moment

Notes on page
Sounds to a moment in time
Echoing through the walls

Words scratched down
Inked in skin
Meaning to everyone

Meaning to no one
Meant only for me
Performance undone

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Three A.M.

Three A.M.
Shadows long
Sounds edgy
Prejudice lingers
Refutation rains
Rejection disowned
Music floats in the waves

Friday, April 1, 2011

Savor Heaven

Shakespeare had it right
No poetry at court
Sonatas by moonlight
as dinner floats
Resonates in the halls
Floating notes
Hungry for beauty
Savor heaven

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Panem et Circenses

Panem et Circenses

Songs melt away
Five years or twenty
Some things will always matter
Sincere subtleties of irony
Sanctuary among mannequins
Stoically morphing statuettes
Single words swim through the haze

Humiliation of trust
Music pulsates in the background
Articulates into instant reproach
Wrapped in silence

Decrepit and anonymous
Adrenaline junkies in memories
Sustenance and sanity evasive
This is normalcy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

rhythm of rain

The rhythm of rain
Words flow like water in a rain storm
Other times it crawls across the mountains
Like a glacier in the clouds
Eons before a single rain drop
Melts to be heard
Meaning lost as time passes
Sustenance for a single flower
In a sea of wheat
Where people once danced
Past intertwined in the future
Lost in the present
Puzzle pieces of fate
Changing as every rain drop
Licks the ground

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Midnight clouds

Midnight clouds
Silvery light across the lake ice
Cold lonely whistle of a distant train
Snaking through a valley forlorn
Memories through frosted glass
Happy giggles in the remote past
Light plays tricks in the shadows
The haze of reality swims
Through a frozen lake
Four seasons go by
A single frame at a time
Winds howl the only content
Breezing through life’s clock
And the sliding silvery light
Of moon shadow pulsating
A voice asks
Feel my heart beat
Hide under heaven

Monday, March 28, 2011

Devil in the Pocket

Waste on explanations
Devil in one’s back pocket
Angel on one’s shoulder
Limitations on in one’s mind
Both with wings and attitude
Nice to know what a devil will do
Better to know what a demon can do
Even if she on ones shoulder

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home Fire

Home fire
Some walks need to be made alone
With only the accompanying sound of foot steps
No breeze can scatter
Some memories
Incinerated ideals
Dreams that lie in various
States of decomposition
Carrion for painted on faces
Scavengers on a dance floor
The area of fate
Retribution for breathing
Numbly the fire burns through
The clouds haze of narcissism

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Glean from whispers

Glean from whispers
Embodiment of patience
Focus barrier
Reluctant remembrance
Induced dreamland
Obliterated grief
Indelible vigilance
Submerged in frosted water
Cease to exit
Fate laughing in the distance
A cool kiss under glass

Friday, March 25, 2011

Time And Tradgedy

Time and Tradgedy
Immunity from reason
Reneging on life deals
Whispers evaporate
Validity white washed
Only the stain remains
Incorruptible soul
Curiosity of a line in the sand
Invisible metallic scar tissue
Claustrophobia even on a prairie plain
A voice icy even in the scorching sun
Ridiculous logical position

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gambling with fate

Gambling with fate
Weighting your odds
Placing your bet
Chances in hell
Bets placed any way
Less in a second fate can change its mind
Laugh at the eyes in the crowd

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Karma exchange

Karma exchange
We have already said
Our Goodbyes, Darling
Walking down Redemption road
Past Narcissistic Boulevard
Way past nameless Avenues
Lost in the shadows
Wanting to turn back
Knowing it’s too late
Redemption Road is a one way thoroughfare
A toll road that cost a life time
Emotional Karma
An exchanged timed out
Trust dripping to the ground
Like rain drops off a windshield
I had enough of drama queens
And Isolophobics with poor excuses
Tease fate and never look back

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remorse Resonates

Remorse resonates
Perfection hiding
Smoke lingering in the trees
Fog an icy reminder
Rain water glistens
Painted in memories
Dreams without beginnings
Images through frosted windows

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Looking through water

Looking through water
Omnipresent reasons
Modus operates
Wrapped in heaven
With clipped wings
Skydiving from the ground
Marshmallows all around
Buckets of water
It is true
What is the next line?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nabulus echoes

Nabulus echoes repeating
Gypsy girl dancing in circles
Yet is there more
Proposing only cognitive ideals
Somehow saturated and spurred
You never know where this could go on a Wednesday
Gaelic interruptions
Intrinsic stone giggles
Riddles in the air
Lyrics to a country song

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A song like mountain air

A song like mountain air
Heard in the valleys and across the plains
In the wind
Asking a simple question
When and where
If you dare
Or do you care
Eerie howl the wind makes
If you listen to it on winter nights
It may call your name
Searching for the impossible
From a glarier summit
Were the water looks like gems,
Mountains calling you home
Asking a simple question
When and where
Echoing a sound
From up high
That lake in the sky
Where the land
And the sky are mixed in the clouds
When and where

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Accents and Aliases

Accents and aliases
Laughter has neither
Travesty knocks
Avoid answering the door
A place made of dreams
At the very edge of the world
Never rains in California
Still there are sad songs
Sometimes a smile is a reflection
Of things to come
Sometimes the wind even lies
Telling you things that are not there
The light hiding in the shadows
Clawing at the storm door
Ascents and aliases
Smiles in the eyes have none

Monday, March 14, 2011

Windows steam up

Windows steam up

In a car
In the dark
In a park

Windows steamed up
Pictures on the glass
Images across time

The beat plays on
A song in the background
Living in an oxymoronic
Metaphor to a better time

Eons ago before the pain
The agony of life
A pleasure in my spine

Not a second goes by
With out the fingers in my mind
Scaring my thoughts

The flowers are colourful and beautiful
The flower you are
Stands out from the others

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wind so cold

Wind so cold

Wind so cold
I feel it in my backbone
Blows right through me
It burns my face, and hands
Any thing exposed
Gets burned

The wind blows so hard
The trees bend down
The ground wipes up
The sun disappears in the clouds

Feel the cold in every bone
Clothes don’t keep the chill away
The sunshine can’t keep you warm

A fire place in my heart
Is what I need
A warm place to keep the chill away

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trance like dedication

Trance like dedication

Trance like dedication
Dissolved focus
In a thunderstorm
Seeking boredom
Just for a couple of hours
Tantalizing steps
Take away the total numbness
Surreal nightmare
In the middle of the afternoon
Emotional abduction
Three becomes a tool
The need for control
Hate eating you up
Lies become your truth
And zero treads on the front tires
A dangerous place on icy roads

Friday, March 11, 2011

Time heals all

Time heals all

Philosophically time heals all
But the pain is real
The agony lives on
Time and distance will make you strong
A sound will remind you of the fun we had
A taste will bring back a meal
The sight of falling stars will show the night
Songs we shared will take you back
Driving by a field will flood back a moment in time?
Dancing among the flowers
Waking up at five to hit beach before sunrise
Putting your head in ice to clear the cobwebs
From the barn fire
Walking across the border
Seeing the wagon tracks from years ago
Watching the sunset from bald point
Camping in trail

Waking up in a dream scream
Marriage some call it
Your best friend a stranger
Change before your eyes
With hate on her mind

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The prairie sun

The prairie sun

In autumn the prairie sun
Has a peculiar radiance
Like a single flower in a desert
An idyllic place to spend a lifetime
I have no illusions left
A statue vaguely familiar
Melancholy look
Her only expression
Philosophical view
Highly improbable
Resentment written
On trembling lips

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The cold is everywhere

The cold is everywhere

The cold is everywhere
It’s only a matter of time
Delicate features of black ice
On the road ahead
There is no turning back
The choice was made on February 11
A battle lost here and there
A double meaning implicate
In every thing we do
Wings with frost on them
She may not wish to fly this way
Even if she thinks there is complexity in her path
It sounds like a song
You only hear once on the radio
Maybe even a script to a movie
No one would see
The pain I feel well go away
Time heals most wounds
Scars will be left
I know that pureness
Of honesty is lost
In The crack of glass called trust
Gone with the sound of your lips in the wind
The tears are for 3 now
And the time you wish to take from them

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The steam rises

The steam rises

The steam rises
Sitting in a pool
The steam clouds everyone ones vision
Snow flakes make the night magical
Heavy sticky snow
No wind in the air
An old street light
The source of the only light
A silent disillusionment
Not quite comprehending
Eyes deceptively dreamy and a little tense
Hoping to see a seductive look
From one with stylish elegance
Desiring her to show
Sitting a there amid the ghosts
Taking a fatalistic view
Hoping to hear the voice
Say “there you are,”
And knowing it will not happen this night
The giggles of the three snap me back to reality
Rolling in the snow before jumping back in the pool
Affectionately asking daddy
What are you waiting for?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Stealing memories

Stealing memories

Stealing memories
Makes me smile
Through a heavenly valley
A Garden of Eden
On a flat prairie
The colours so beautiful
It makes your heart bloom
Like a blind man smelling a flower
Reaching down to touch the sun
Jumping up to slam the ground
I don’t understand
Stealing my soul
Nothing to call mine
Took my identity
Cause I am lost with out
Lost all that time
We could have been enjoying
Each other
Breath before it my chest falls in
My last breath
Your name will be
On my lips

Sunday, March 6, 2011

killer Smiles

Killer smiles
A dare
Maybe even a what for
Fingers that cannot stay still
Eyes with an open stare
Makes me nervous
Don’t know what to say
Every move wrong
Every step confused
Looking up to see killer smiles
All teeth and corners turned up
A dare but more likely, what for
A music video could not fake it
The look circumspect
Wondering in a experiment
Feels like an insect
Just before being crushed
Her eyes giggle just then
Looking up from thought
She says hi
All smiles

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Set in stone

Set in stone

Life is an adventure
Nothing is set in stone
Cries of your heart
Screams of your desire
Lost in my head
Why do you ignore me?
Avoiding the chance
Fear of hurting others
Even for a little time
Away from the eyes
That stare me in my face
Thoughts of adventure
But stuck in despair
Lying about in the dark
When will you tell me?
If you have decided
Or wish that I would go away
Disappearing in the mist

Friday, March 4, 2011

Nebulous dream

Nebulous dream

An oasis in a nebulous dream
Obstacles stain a surreal reality
Intriguing looks from across a room
Fabricated and embellished stories follow
Like a golden orange glow of a setting sun
Romantic exaggerations surface from the shadows
Perplexing like a waning moon
A spirit of adventure still rests
Intricate situations cloud an open mind like noxious smoke
It makes me feel apprehensive and strangely remote
A dream in colour looking forward
Black and white looking back
Finding meaning were it is manageable
Apparently I did not comprehend
Like a arrogance impairment
Dedication to an ideal

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Be your every thing

Be your every thing

The beat plays in four four time
The cello joins in
The word comes slowly
A whisper above the beat
Each word pounds from the lips

I want to be your everything
She responds with silence
I want to hold you in my arms
She looks up into his eyes
You take my breath away
She walks away

The base joins in
Then a scream from the guitar
You can feel the beat in your skin
The voice echoes off the walls

I want to be your everything!
The girl walks

In whisper
I want to hold you in my arms
The girl turns around
Making contact across a room
You take my breath away
She takes a step forward

The fear of what is to come, holding both apart
I am just throwing that out there
Do with it, what you wish
She look up into his eyes hoping he is right

The music stops for a second
And it is just his words that can be heard

In a gravely voice
I what to be your everything
Let’s touch the sky
Be there for you
Hold you when you cry
Open your heart and let me in
Don’t let the fear scare you

The beat comes back
With the cello and the base
And guitar joins in as the song ends
And the girl takes a step forward
Before turning away

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Middle of a thunderstorm

Middle of a thunderstorm

Life in a middle of a thunderstorm
Vultures sour
Getting their panoramic view
Expressionless faces groping in the dark
Haunting my dreams as my heart screams
Hammering against my rib cage
Transparent visible people all about
Dissolved voices ceased to let me hear
Walking around in a trance like sleep
Condescending smiles from expressionless faces
Malicious actions
Coming from a hideous spirit
Malignant souls shrouded in the past
Mixed with happiness