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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Judgmental mockery

Judgmental mockery
Learn so much in the silence
A heart can hold only so much
Motivational oxymoron
Obvious in all the moon light
Fate laughs in the background
Karma is all about vengeance
Lost my religion long ago
Heard a whisper
Sweet goodbyes
Changed perceptive
Blinded in the light
Warmth in a broken man’s soul
A full heart feels empty
Words mean nothing till they do
Words that melt
Happiness can surprise
Seeping in for a moment
Pleasurable amazement
Washing the lines away
An artificial factual
the illusion of reality
Silence has a voice
Closed my eyes
Cleansing December rain
Pleasure waits on the beach
A fortune in critiques
Fate changes but still it waits
Chains that bind reality
Even as those words melt me
Pejorative eyes

Friday, December 18, 2015

little letters

Four little letters
So powerful together
Careful how you toss them around 

Shocked me the first time
So much trust in those letters
Careful how you toss them down

So many confuse them with desire
Till the heart evolves
Easily tossed about

Four little letters
Powerful enough to change the world
Meaningful enough to warm the soul

Second time it came like a gift
Rolling off your lips so smooth
Carelessly reassured

Broken people are fragile
Glimmering hope is refreshing
Brings warm with a chill

Disarming beam
Answering without shame
Carelessly comforting

Unconditional smile