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Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Philosophers of death
Notes from a blind man
Living in history
Soldiers morally flawed
staring into space
The souls of the dead
Walking in the shadows
They hear the screams
In their dreams
 Epidemic of schizophrenic stories
Pilgrimage through all the brace casings
The wealthy getting rich 
Taxing the dead
Smiling at all the pain
That is what some people do
Justifying the blood under their nails
Blaming it on religion 
The colour of your skin
The fear in their eyes
Losing control
The president stands in front of a camera 
Saying something he believes to be true
As the ice melts
And the bodies pile up
Philosophers of death
Smiling at the camera 
As the smell of dying
lingers heavy in the air
Tasting like burning hair 
Saying something 
he wishes was true
Hate a tool 
Blame it on religion 
Blame it on the colour of my skin
Wrapped in a flag
You call it national pride
Burning all the books
Fire anyone that questions validity 
Blame it on disloyalty
Hate is your tool
A strategy to manipulate 
Say it over and over again
You will still hear their screams 
In shadows of your dreams