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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ethan’s Poem

Heart pounds my hand
Punching with a fierceness
Hold my heart dad
So you can feel my love
Words so innocent
So simple yet digging deep
Heart that punches
The breath from my lips
Stabbing deep
Hold me tight
So I can feel you sleep
Words from the young
That can make you weep
Innocence that somehow knows
Yet still asks for toys
His heart beats
Eyes that shine
Laughter that washes
All grime
Hold my heart dad
So I know your there
Keeps the monsters
Away from my bed
Heart that punches
Innocent words
That somehow knows
Yet takes the breath from my lips
The smile which holds
Ones soul
Those words a moment in time

Monday, December 12, 2011

Emma’s Song

The beat so strong
Hear the thump
From across the room

The beat so demanding
It feels like it going to burst
To burst through her chest

The smile so endearing
Beams louder than her heart
Bursting from her lips

The beat pounding
Across the floor
A smile lighting the space

Her smiling heart
Makes it fun being here
Fun to be alive

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life Measured

Life measured
By moments
That takes our breath away

Staring at the sun
Walking in the rain
Happiness realized

Friends that endear
Taste of spring
Smell of Christmas morning

Life not measured in breathe we take
The things we have
The cars we drive

Life measured in smiles
Walks on the sand
And the footsteps left behind

The warmth of suns embraces
The souls imprinted on
Walks with Angels at dawn

Friday, December 2, 2011


Blink 10 years later
Killing time
Bitterness leaves a stain
Not easily washed away
Once it has set
Masking the ache
Lashing out
The guilt in your eyes obvious
The culpability in your actions
What is on your mind?
No you don’t bore me
You’re a little Bourgeoisie though
Depending elevated expectations
Holding yourself to none
Blink and its years later
Brusque around the edges
Life’s schedule diverse
Days fall away
Fading progressively

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lake Devil’s offspring

Lake Devil’s offspring
An illusion of goodness
Pretty as an Angel
With a heart of the Devil
Born to deceive
To manipulate
And control
Narcissistic renationalize
Looking like Christmas morning
Playing you like a cello
For all the mistakes of mankind
Stage managing others lives
Princess that likes her puppet strings
And a whole lot of contrive
Moves like sunshine
And burns more than boiling steel
Looks are deceiving
See into the soul
Before jumping off that high-rise