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Thursday, December 9, 2010

It starts with a blank page

It starts with a blank page
Some times the words flow
Other times the words drag
If it feels right it turns to a song
And then the words can mean much too many
Like a relationship
It starts with a blank sheet
A perfect date not a place
But who you’re with
When time stands still pick someone new
If it fly’s by in a blink of an eye
Then you have found what is true
When some one brings tranquility to your spirit
Serenity to your soul
And composure to your life
Then it is true
And then your life will give meaning to one


Anonymous said...

So SO so... ooey, gooey, good! Another favorite! Standing Ovation ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you but what makes good or not good?

Anonymous said...

Flying Time... blink blink.

William Wright said...

Flying time between cities varies on availability.