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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

blurred vision

Ruination sanguine
Laughing at death
Joking about tragedy
Laughter rings out
The pain is real
Laughter dripping in blood
Lining up the condemned
Get your extrovert on
Mean beautiful
Live for the moment
What are we going to do
Fighting for the last fry
Sand gets everywhere
The wind picks up
Blowing city back home
God siding with atheists
Rendezvous with fate
Cryptic esoteric meaning
So much wisdom
Voices of the young
They can see the trust
Through all the fog
Live for the moment

Thursday, May 21, 2015

the trees we plant

Irrelevantly poetic

Cactus flowers
Deadly beautiful
Sun beats down
Scorching the earth
The wind blows through
Carrying words
Time means nothing
Smiling at memories
The wind picks up
Pushing heat
Words form meaning
From where I don’t know
A bad song from a garage
Or that radio station
trying to be cool
Smelling like smoke
A ladies voice
With a constant beat
Rhythm unbroken

Wash me
Wash me dirty
Wash me clean
And do it all over again

Wash me
Wash me dirty
Wash me clean
Do it again

Walking back to my truck
The music gets louder
I need to change that station
Something a little country
Even though
those words are so catchy