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Friday, November 28, 2014

Rattlesnakes and Vanity

Footsteps on my soul
Rattlesnakes in my pocket
I am not that vain
When I see reflections
I see all those mistakes

She talks to angels
Even though she doesn’t have wings yet
Tiny slip of his hair
Tucked into that little silver locket

Hemorrhaging heart
More with every pump
Feeling the pain
Hidden behind that smile

I am not that vain
Like that song from so long ago
Remember from so long ago
Not yesterday old but years ago

Rattle snakes and vanity
Walking down empty hallways
Reflections in the shadows
Voices in the past

She talks to angels
Even the wings are years away
The locket empty
Laying in the shadows along the hallway

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

sounds of the moon

The sound of the moon is beautiful
Remember that time we danced
In the bed of that pickup truck
Moon light and fireflies the only light
Shadows setting the mood
Twinkling little stars in the darkness
Gone in a heart beat
A memory frozen in summer time
So vivid it could be yesterday
Two stepping under the moon
In the glow of fireflies
Country music lingers on air
Smelling like summer
A memory that brings warmth
Frozen in yesterday
The wind is cold now
Windows crystal snowflakes
Snow and howling wind
Memories the only warmth
In this cabin at the edge of the world
Fire burns in the hearth
Crackling and cooking an Irish stew
A moonlight sonata floats in the air

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dried Paint

The paint swirls
Colors mixing 
Only stopping 
when it's just right
Layer on layer 
Slowly an image appears 
A memory from so long ago
Words swirl in the mist
Having meaning only when they want too
I miss you more today
More then yesterday 
The image so guttural 
With an intense stare
Looking clean through your soul
The paint gets thicker
And some how smoother
With the passage of time
I miss you more yesterday 
Then the day before
Paint has dried 
An image telling a story
Whispering through the years 
A memory you can't take away
Hanging on a wall
The damage so evident