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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Holding my hand on my heart
Yesterdays are gone
Tomorrow will not start

I can see clearly now
It wasn’t you
It was me all along

Holding my hands over my heart
Yesterday will not go
Tomorrow cannot start

The fog has lifted
The barrier has fallen down
Decrepit in old age

The mountains get higher
Shadows seem longer
Why did this place pick me?

Born in this land
This land is in me
It time to hear its call

Can’t seem to find my way back
Even though I hold I map
Memories changed it back

Forged in molten rock
Heart wants what the heart wants
Rain is coming to put out the fire

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Renaissance man

Sounds of crazy
Pick up the phone
Reaching out
To everything already gone
A message left on a highway
The last good bye
Memories and lawyers get rich
Climbing mountains in blue sunshine
Fishing in the rain and the fog
Sitting in natures swirl pools
Were your breath freezes in the cold
Hangs in a cloud in the mist
Hunting just to spend time
Learning about the past and trees
Bugs the only thing to get a meal
Conversation ten years long
Driving along cliff
On the edge of no where
Snap shot memories
Coming back all at once
Then a call comes
The one that says
Are you sitting down
Family reunions celebrating life
A gathering in death
A renaissance man
Five hundred years to late
Hands playing with molten steel
Directing a blade to cut the earth
Tumbling through life
Waiting in one place
For life to come back around
Somehow you both knew
It was the last goodbye
Your soul floats towards the Arctic
Dust in a deep freeze
Alone in a frozen land
Adopted by the wind
Your spirit dances
With the northern lights
I will remember you

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Standing tall

a cowboy stands tall
holding his baby girl
so small in his arms
watching his wife run around
standing in a field
all beat down
holding his three month old
cheek to cheek
she looks so small
against his blue shirt
her white dress fluttering the wind
that baby looks so safe and protected
cowboy standing tall in the mud and dirt
now she all grown up
cowboy watches her dance
protected by a new blue shirted cowboy
a young couple with life to live
she will always be that baby
a daughter in a white fluttering dress
all those years and tears in between
a cowboy in the mud and dirt
the man in a blue shirt
eyes looking down
in the shadows of a black cowboy hat

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dead Man's Reality

Dead man’s reality
No more fakes and flakes
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
No more future
No more past
Memories for the living
Murmurs of discontent
Some men live to the end
Embracing life
Mocking death
Others wait lamenting
Living in the past
Wanting more time
Waiting for one
One that choose another
Surrendering in agony
Welcoming their last breath
Dead man’s reality
No more wants
No more needs
The body is gone
Ashes to dust
Dust to earth
The soul lives on
In the spirit in our heart
Simple yet complex
Circle of life is a journey
Complex is humanities needs
A god in our own image
A dead man is still dead
Taxes need to be paid