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Monday, May 14, 2018

the rage

the world in shadows
they want us in the dark
dragons behind every wall
rage wanting it all to burn
decisions defined by monsters
they tell their child
to fear the dark
easier to manipulate
you gave their futures away
molding them
to what they couldn't be
the actions of every man
good or bad irrelevant
the world is a dark place
impossible to see the light
they want us there
the rage building
volcano about to erupt
lashing out blindly
dragons laughing behind their walls
decisions defining fate
the casualties pain
just another tool
in a Public Relations campaign
dreams lost in the dart
happiness just a fantasy
drifting between borders
looking in the mirror
seeing the face of their father
fade into darkness
rage wanting all to burn

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Seen you today
Sitting there
Eyes reaching across
Recognition dawned
Then you look away
One more glance
Making sure
what you seen was true
diverted that look forever
thought about going over
maybe to say Hi
I am not one of your demons
Diverting your glaze said it all
Recognition and guilt
Can’t go back
To what never was
So why the look of guilt
Perfume so intoxicating
Weaving its tantalizing web
Never going to happen
Words said with sassy tension
Contemplated and rejected  
It never even crossed my mind
Saw you sitting there
Saw recognition dawn
Seen you ignore and look away
Wish the past away
I turned walking a different path
Never looking back
It was only a matter of time

Friday, May 4, 2018


Botox beautiful
No less original
Trying to look eighteen again
The fountain of youth
In a needle
Botox crazy
No less arrogant
Working towards elegance
Artificial presence
Improving the facade
Old lines said again
Needles and knives
Agony airbrushed over
Botox beautiful
Creative original
Augmenting reality
Dedicated to self-mutilation