Slide show

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Authenticating what is
Recognizing love to make sure it is real
Hidden between no doubt and what ever
Alternate fiction just a drama being play out
Emblematic representation of perfection
Just a straightforward girl who meets an undemanding boy
A simple relationship tossed in complicated
Recreating reality with a flashmob
The blow back beating the drum
Sounding like screams in the rain
It is fun but it hurts
Authenticating the love
Confirming that it is genuine
Making it feel valid
Before the mob can change the real
Giving Juliet a make over
Faking the appeal
Sliding real between no doubt and what ever
Sophisticated manifestation  imaginary fiction

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Crisp air tainted white
Hanging over the morning
The past obscure
The future obstructed

Bitchy Angels scream at the sun
Pinching the clouds with thunder
Wondering where yesterday has gone
Lamenting about everything

A fog ascends
Erasing reality
Washing the future and the past away
Bitchy angels descend

She says in that smoothing voice
She is perfect for you
The timing wasn't right
She was you years ago

The angel tilts her head slightly
Fading as the fog burns away
Memories lingers
The future is bright yet tainted

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Don't think I would live this long
Patience to pay old debts
Pardons is not redemption
For the pain I have caused
To all the people I have hurt
Intentions not an excuse
It's hard to believe
It's hard to let go and breath
Only thing with a heart beat
Are the shadows on the wall
Every ballad written in regret
Feel all the hate inside
Feel no pain

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Your Halfway There

I don't care if you want to go
I do a little
I can't lie
Your halfway there
Living in this lie
Rain falls black
And the sun shines through
If you end your life
That is up to you
Just by living
Your dying a little everyday
So have a good life
And die your good death
Live for today and tomorrow too
I don't care if you want to live
Your halfway gone anyway
Living to find the truth
Rain falls turning the black to gray
The sun shines through the gloom
Just by living your winning
If you decide to go on
That is up to you
Dying a little every day
Pushing the adrenaline
a little more  each day
What drives you to end your life
Has the pain become unbearable
Is it the insanity of not fitting in
Never being on the inside
Always being an outsider
What was tiger that pushed you
Just by living your halfway there
Cheating death
The reaper smiles
Those delusional fools

Sunday, October 5, 2014

in the fall

Why do I think of you in the fall
Why are you on my mind
When the summer ends
Flowers are a memory
The trees are so colorful
Gone with one good wind
Didn't know what to say
When these words came
So poetic and lyrical
They could be words in a song
Is there more then the obvious
Is all the jaded bitter in the way
Why do you think of me in the fall
When there is a bite in the air
The world looks a little gray
Shadows at night get long
Days become short
Analyzing reality
Why do I think of you in the fall
Why are you on my mind
When the world becomes colorful
The harvest is plentiful
The world gets silent
Snow falls turning color to white

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Infidel and Muslim
Working together for your demise
Enemies yesterday
Friends in a cause today
Ideals so extreme
It turns blood feuds to brothers
Mortal enemies to family
Eagles and falcons
Screaming over head
Hot is their anger
It turns sand to glass
Scorching meat from bone
For all those piles of heads
If god wills it
You won’t suffer
As you made others suffer
Their outcry will make your ears bleed
Their agony will burn your eyes
Their suffering will crush thee soul
Judgement spoken
A thousand life times
Walking on molten glass
One day the sun will set
The sand will again be cold