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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Going Dark

Going dark
Intentionally vague
At sunset the colors explode
Decrypting deception
Demonizing meaning
The color creeps across the sky
On the horizon empty promises
Draconian reality
Encrypted between the lines
Consequences of privacy
Back door left open
As the sky slowly goes dark
Colors slowly fade
In the shadows
Hiding in the greys
Cooking smores on the fire
Listening to the corruption
Officials entering through the back door
Going dark
Legal loopholes
Intentionally vague
Decrypting deception
Demonizing meaning
empty promises
Draconian reality
Encrypted between the lines
Listening to the corruption 
Going dark
Legal loopholes
Consequences of privacy

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Borrowed Hearts

Borrowed my heart
Like a tourist in the sun
Walking on the broken pavement
Asked for it back
All you said was no
Smiling as you left the room
Touring all the broken sites
Tears fall from the sky
Living for the moment
Reality shaking me down
My heart remains
Like a revolving door
Aching for what it wants
The past
all it does is slow me down
you borrowed my heart
asked for it back
all you said was no
walking on broken pavement
to that place with no name
like tourist in the sun
running wild
the next girl comes
then shes gone
but still thinking of you
such a beautiful thing
you borrowed my heart
asked for it back
all you said was no

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

digital smile

Digital reality
Two dimensional people
Snapping pictures on demand
Airbrushed beautiful
Intimacy through a lens
What kind of life is this anyway
Digital romance
Mechanical ambiance
Pasted on smiles
Artificial fantasy
Hanging on the other side
Digital real
Two dimensional girls
Snapping photos on demand
Smiles hiding all the pain
Look different in the light of day
Together from the other side
Sadness between pain
Airbrushed reality
In the shadow of La lune

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

whispering silence

Whispers in silence
Talking to shadows
Dreams are fleeting
Broken with the dawn
La Hat in the distance
Above the horizon
Across the mountains
Dust filled utopia
Under all that ice and snow
Rye and coke around a pole
Can still see the ruts of wagons
Whispers to shadows
Shadows creeping near
Nightmare beckon
In the middle of the day
The horizon comes near
Where clowns walk tight ropes
Balancing on threads in the clouds
Rain pours in the desert
Drowning the cactuses
Under all the ice and snow
Sun drenched paradise
Whispering to the silence
Echoing off the sand
Prisoner of this mind

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Darkness is comforting

Wondering a new path
Waiting for someone that never was
At place that never will be
Writing words no one ever hears
Even a blind man can see
A path covered in moss and dirt
Slipping with each step
In the shadows of tomorrow
To a place in the future 
Nothing like yesterday
All this accumulated stuff
Scar tissue build up
Ripped away in sorrow 
Waiting for someone 
That never was
Writing words no one hears
A song never played 
That place in the future 
that does not exist
A digital utopia 
Waiting for one 
that will not arrive
Silence my only friend
Wondering a new path
To that place that never will be
Wanting what never was
Saying words never heard
Listening to the sound of heart beats
In the darkness of empty rooms
Doctors close another chest cavity 
Darkness is comforting 
Sent from tomorrow