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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When the time comes

Grainy film of memories past
Cloudy future forecast
Nomadic drifting

Foreshadowing or commentary
The voice as not said
Cloudy dreams on a sunny day

A voice echoing indiscreetly
From the background music
The heat that melts

When the time comes
Leave me be
Let me go
Let me go my way

Waiting changes you
Knowing the past is gone
Knowing the time wasted
The future calls discreetly

When the time comes
Just leave me be
Let the memory
Fade gracefully

When the time comes
Let the memory
Rest on the frozen ground
Walk the other way

When the time has past
Know there was happiness at last
Just leave me be
Let the memory
Fade elegantly

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Java with a twist

Hells Angel cowboy
Riding a chair
Smile hidden behind the mask

Bat woman making lattes
Crawling across the floor
Java with a twist

The nomad said hello
As the order is placed
Hours to kill

Patiently waiting
For fate to make it decision
Wishing for the sun to warm my bones

To take the cold away
Burning inside
Paradox more than words

Even superman is superstitious
The number 13 tattooed under the s
He I am not

The brotherhood of the lonely
Looking for imperfection
Seeing reflections

Some many lonely people
Lost in their pain
Scar tissue their chain

Adrenaline hiding the shame
Ghost walking past
Their penal isolation

Trust idly laying on the floor
The door glued closed
Locked waiting for a knock

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Formula poetry

Let airy pun and play on words
Perhaps Shakespearian

Innocence struggles to secure a throne
Butchered yet indignant

Popular book or Movie references
Obscure word to sound intellectual

Contradictory purposeful counter factual
Maybe even in a different language

Fallaces sunt rerum species
Someone must pay for the pain today

Reference so anybody can relate
Sandy beaches in the morning light

One friend can place themselves in
Singing on a band stand in blue

Paradoxical paraphrase
True love reflected in her eyes

Metaphoric counter point
Like ice blue arctic warmth

Ambiguous and an incomprehensible closure
And pocking fun at oneself

Emptiness is a lonely road
One baby step at a time

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paper cuts

Pain threshold
Paper cuts

Battle conditioned
I don’t care

True love
Obscure fantasy

Living idiom
Waiting patiently

Paradoxical truism
Paper clouds

Did you do it?
I don’t care
Did you wish it?
I don’t care any more

Enemy with in
Mocking drive by
Others will see the ugly
Knowing why
People will cry but not you
Are you going to be?
Rejected by society
Even Karma has time outs

Ethically demoralized
Narcissistic psychopath
Control your lullaby

Paper cuts
I don’t care
Even if it was fare
Obscure fantasy
Waiting patiently
Papers clouds

Pain threshold
Battle cry
Living ideals
Just a paradox

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meteor showers

Reaching for heaven
In the dancing light
Where angels cry
On the cutting edge of time
Images of cyclical dreams
In a cloudy haze
Ticking down to zero

Ten reasons to stay
Bitter taste of rain
Isolation of empty principles
Hopes reasoning approaching
Truth demands
Hues of the morning sky
Sultry taste of bitterness
Insane sounds of laughter
Between screaming silence
Rhythm pounding of water
Music in mine ear
Songs creeping to the surface

In the dancing light
Reaching for heaven
Where angels fall
On the edge
You can watch them cry
Where stars are hidden
Locked in the present for now
Meteor showers washing souls

Reaching for heaven
In the dancing light
A place on the edge of time
Locked for the present
Where angels cry
Before there descent
Burning across the sky
Meteor showers
Washing the dirt from our souls
Deciphering their screams
Cryptic sounds of silence
Tears from the clouds

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cloning perfection

Ironic love
Lasts when others fail
Not mocking yet a little sarcastic

Looking to the future
Three doors down
Planning for failure

Cloning perfection
Passing it around
Watching it flow

Leaving it unsaid
Three little words
Changing people’s worlds

Ironic life
Lasts when others die
Not shocking but a little shy

Looking at the future
Painted in sarcasm
Hoping on promises

Adrenaline ideals
Merry go rounds
Watching perfection

When it is cloned
Through editing rewrites
Knowing is the art

Starting new
Worrying future failure
Emptiness standing alone

Cloning perfection
Painted in sarcasm
Sultry purple hues

Sunday, August 14, 2011

E man Round up

E man round up
Jetting out of the water

Three man standing
Discussing mankind

Nards the Dragon
Waiting in limbo

Wishing for Norway
And sweet desert

E girl asking
“Can I be in these words?”

Sunsets on Montague
Salads in hand

E man round up
All in fun

No branding iron
Or rope

M in between
Jett pulling on a prairie plain

All three giggling
Sounding insane

Thinking of an exit strategy
But not to plane

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Charming life

Things can be charming
Even in disgrace
Tropical flavours
In bright sunshine

Things are never as bad as them seem
Nor as good as them appear
Mountain tops in shadows
Streams with a killing touch

Charming smiles upside down
On display in markets and town
Wandering a little here
Mixed metaphors

A gift of pleasured regret
Minds see what it wishes for
Erasing what it doesn’t make sense

Things can be charming
Even in decay
Rusted heart s
Amongst the broken parts

Things can be charming
Even at the end
Of long ennui train rides
Watching life slide by

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Numbers counting back

Comfortable conversations are never easy
Consciousness thick as ice in winter
Bitter and a little sweet

Numbers counting back to zero
Dust to dust
Five years from now will it matter?

Hunger content
Pain always bitter
Anger painted on gutterily thick

Temptation digits away
Alluring ones soul to keep
Planning an impulse
Finished in a corner

Artists chip away at the marble
The rock speaking only to chisel
Guiding the hand
Master piece fatal chip away

Words without rhythm
A myth in a shrine
Finding meaning

Some words have meaning
Only from with in
Touching one or two

Some words can change
A world one brick at time
One word can bring hope
For a few

That one word is different
It can be lost in translation
Yet it can pass the test

Will it matter in five years?
What is that one word to you?
Tension thick

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What is not

What appears is not
What is not is
Reality can be an illusion
Smoke, mirrors and indecision

Friends fading like the morning sun
Gone before noon
Seeking to be free
Like this migraine

What is not is
You are all alone
What appears is not
I am here for you

Comes like new moons
Pages of a cheap novel
What appears is gone
Meaning hidden in the refection

All chrome and no sentiment
Parts on the floor
Assembly required
Reflected in the chrome

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looking up

Looking up
Eyes meet mine
Through the window

As the Face pulls away
What could I say?
The train was gone

Next day I am on the train
Looking for a face

Looking out the window
Eyes meet mine
Through the glass

Train pulls away
Would could I say
She was gone

The next day
I am looking in
For that face in a crowd

Looking through the glass
No eyes meet mine

Train pulls away
What could I say?
So I turn around

Eyes meet mine
I say hi
She says about time

The train comes to a stop
Waking me from sleep
The Train is empty

This is my stop
I get off the train

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pulsating Reason

Decadent reasoning
Frying on an open heart

Wishing reality
Hoping on conscience

Running in the rain
Washing ones soul

Receiving nothing
Waiting on Paris

Wipers working over time
Silence the knock on the door

Mojo models
Hanging on threads

Dancing over the floor
Images screaming

Voodoo dolls Pulsating
Muja pins