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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Watching jet planes

Watching jet planes
Flying towards yesterdays
Wondering what it holds
Receipts piling past
Recording deceptively
A guardian for seven days
Growling at strangers and friends equally
Judging lethargic proposals
Degrees of clarity
Shots at second chances
Spinning the bottle
Caring not where the chamber points
Burning intent ions
Understanding the broken hearted
Destroying everything started
Crashing down dejected
Wanting hope restarted
Tenderness is fleeting
Knowing the unlikely
Linking the parted
Watching jet planes
Flying towards tomorrows
Knowing what it holds
Clarity piling up
Erasing in honesty
A sentinel at the door
Judging viewpoints
A bottle pointing at a door
Standing among the broken
All the cast a ways
Holding hands tenderly
Smiling ephemerally
Gluing the shreds together
Shinny public grin
Knowing where it goes
Looking at departures
And arrivals

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

meaning on display

Hidden meaning on display

Sculpture in ice, iron and stone
Painted in oil all in hues of blue
Martyrdom by arrows of desire
Longing for inner peace
A soul lost in conflict
There are two sides to doubt
Talking out loud
Meaning lost in the haze
Some will see the meaning
Some will guess at it
Thinking it reflected in needs
Refining the design of fate
The mind a resource gone to waste
Philosophical questions is
When is the time right?
Doing what is correct in spite of image
A type of courage faced alone
Hidden meaning on display
With all those numbers in her eyes
An all knowing smile
Parody of hypocritical mocking
Tear tracks of laughter
On a symmetrical face emulating divinity
Can you see her staring?
Mountains in the background
Garments from another place
Watching you looking
Analyzing your reaction
Staring across time
Watching every move
In a lonely crowded room
Rolling ideas in cabbage leaves
Hidden meaning on display
What would Mona Lisa Say?
About this simple recipe
For ever one to see
What was the meaning?
Meant for everyone
But really only meant for one
Do you say you understand?
Time slams the gavel down
The sound witnessed
In the blue mountain haze

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Disappointing and fragmented

Disappointing and fragmented
Empty park bench watching the stars in the rain
Once a life time you will look up
The sky will be so clear
That they stare back at you
Through the fog of everyday haze
Some memories are disappointing
Fragmented between happy
Time slows down to a heart beat
Steam on the water floats
Like lost souls drifting in the shadows of yesterday
Flower pedals are resilient in the wind
Resilient in decrepit
People drift like pebbles in the current
Mixing yesterdays and tomorrows
The train echoing in the distance
Crying a lonely resolute
Floating down a mountain side
Like clothes in the drier
Ending up nice and folded
The light is warm
Touching here and there
Hearing a voice
But not the words
And what they mean
Fragmented yesterdays
Between disappointment
And painted on smiles
Burning inside with hope
Waiting for fate
To dig up a sweet potato pie
It will warm your insides
But not the words
And what they mean
Lips so moist in the moon light
As the steam kisses them

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Broken Angel Calls

Broken Angel calling
Requesting a guardian of her own
Tweaked, twisted and funky
Encased in metal and glass
Feeling like a write off
Playing tag on glass ice
In the beauty of the sublime
The trees in rime
After twilight under a crescent moon
Shadows looking like reapers’ tool
Hoar frost watching
Santani playing piano
Tweaked and twisted metal
Broken angel calls
Requesting a guardian
Grim the reaper smiles
The frost on the trees
Drift away in sheets of ice
Like a snow falling from the ground
Silence broken by glass
As she lays upside down
Encased in metal and glass
A cage of steel

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Elegance washed it waste

Elegance washed it waste
Curiosity building like the morning
Amateurs in a whiff
No patience for the philosophy of life
Devouring souls like a hungry parasite
Consuming every one that stands in her way
Excruciating weight of responsibility
Clumsy intent balanced on restlessness
Karma by another name
Words woven in rejection
Serene vantage points
Inevitable calm
Lost memories are like that
Haunting the unsteady insane
Omnipresent reality destroyer
Seeing rainbows in her tear filled eyes
Looking through a window
Her baby on the other side
Born to early
Living in a glass cage
Wishing things were different
Seeing into the future
Knowing things will change
Everything past broken
As she just stares
Will he stand in front of a window
Hoping things will be different
She slowly touches the window pane
Her way of saying see you
When I see you
I will always be by your side
She looks to the left
Hearing voices
Her mother and father are standing there
Both looking through her
At her son
Her daddy’s words
Just above a whisper
To her mom
I want her here
to see her son

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Evangelistic screaming

Evangelistic screaming
Waking up to a nickel plated throw away
Pointing at my head
The words primal wash
Milquetoast warmth in proximity
White bandana covering all features
White and red hat
This is for all you done

To the right avenging man in white
Stands a man in brown
Malevolent posture ambiguous stare
Merely a hazy silhouette in the background
Details are in delineated detail
The frozen ground in falls reds and yellows
Diner table and chairs
Outside in the midnight air

lighting flash
this body slams to the ground
a pair of knee high leather steps over
walking towards the east LA want to be
nickel plated throw away smoking

the leather boots turn a tight pair of red leggings
black fitted leather jacket
faceless mop of hair
struggling to see more
fighting the sleep
the scene slowly spins

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

new story

Be that new story
Over the old
Making happy memories
Over the scorn
Make her tears dry up

Be a new story
That drives out the old
Making happy memories proud
Tears of joy instead gloom
Like summer that warms the soul

Be that story
That people envy
The one that beats the odds
One that makes you proud
New beginnings in the ashes of old

A story that seems old
Seemly a fairytale
A probability that is odd
One that people strive for
A summer that warms the soul

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Price

The price of freedom
One minute of silence

Once a year
For memories we will never have
With the ones we will never know

Bagpipes crying
Coffins draped in cloth
Maple leaf cut in granite

Dust to dust
Last post lingers
An empty spot left

As the planes fly in formation
The flag is folded
Handed over with tears

For memories we will never have
With the ones we will never know

Friday, November 9, 2012

Jagged edges

Jagged edges
Open chest cavity
Faceless romantics
Filling an abyss
Desperately melancholy
Sad happy memory
On a epitaph
Alias illusions
On stage in the curtains
In someone else’s play
Jagged little smiles
History written
Yesterday before tomorrow
Words mouthed on schooner
Road trips in Canberra
Over broken glass
Scared by a passer by
Stitched a little jagged
The cutting edge
Of broken glass
Slowly working towards
Well again

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who going to be president

Dripping honesty
Mocking the truth
The world believed
Locked in gridlock
Lost in indecision
Been cursed
Recycling words
Left behind

Mouthing words
Sounding bourgeoisie
A silent song
Collecting hats
War trophies
Stacking body bags

Little boys wander
In the snow in bare feet
Along busy highways
Looking amongst the debris

Falling from mountain tops
Picking up the pieces
It is not so bad
Pictures in every syllable
A girl comes along
Helping pick up those pieces
Finding a pair of shoes
A human among a million faces

All those cars
Stuck on a freeway
Paying a toll in time
Everyone mouthing the words
Silent songs of blind rage
Waiting to for the present
As little boys walk
On the side lines bare foot
You can hear the voices
Singing their silent songs

Who going to be president
Help pick up the pieces
One chance to change the world
dripping cynicism

Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving Chalk Line

Life shadow dancing
Pantomime dance

Transforming symmetry
Facing fear to overcome it

In the artificial now
Developing new

Shadow follows
Moving chalk outline

Waiting for the tape off
Synthetic happiness

Sincerity I don’t care
From people that dare

Infinite ending
Contemptuous loop

Losing identity
Spite is appealing

Without hate
Indifferent beginning

Apathetic here and now
Lethargic love

Listless ending to be endured
Regret woven in the fabric

In the cheap t shirt
Called longing

Whirlpool sucking your soul
Picking up pieces

Holding shards together
The jagged edges cutting

Like the words of tomorrow
Leaving you dripping red

On an empty time line

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Autocratic Free Fall

Autocratic judicial

Tyrannical statements
Despotic court
All on precedence

Fall Exploding in colours
The beautiful before the cold
Serene ice in a sea of white
Digging holes so as not to be touched by it

Autocratic democracy
Dictatorial legal organism
All based on fees
Legal briefs dictating you and me

Calm sun sets
Water splashing on the sand
The tide of this life has high and lows
Money men surfing on the surge

One hour to go
Someone else’s freedom
Caged me in this room
Imaginary walls and an open ceiling

Autocratic free fall
Tyrannical judgments
Hinders democratic free for all
Baiting the will for all

The colours of fall
Will splash the sight line
Everyone will walk new trails
In the wilds a little less blind

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Years melt

Years melt
Her tears float

They come
I don’t know why

Years melt
Her tears float
Cascading in a drought

They come
I don’t know why

Years melt
Tears float down
Cascading in a drought

The tears come
I don’t know why dad

Years melt away
Tears float down
Cascading in a lullaby

They came
I don’t want to cry
I want us to be together once more

Tears melt like rain in the desert
Years float suspended
Cascading in a desolate drought

I don’t know Daddy
Why can’t we be together?
A family once more

Tears melt down Emma’s checks
Years float in an endless misery
A lullaby in a cascading drought

I miss you daddy
Like rain in a desolate drought
I miss you when I close my eyes

The tears float
Melting like the years
Dripping down the window

Friday, November 2, 2012

Unexpected context

Unexpected context
Manhattan floods
The quiet between waves
Rain has its own voice
Seeking forgiveness
Through all those open doors
Waiting on miracles
Even the blind can see
Witnessing what had been told
Quick to assess
One thing you do
Show to respond
Here it comes
Sanitizing rant
Dictionary in hand
What can it mean?
That twist of fate
Wondering around midnight
It comes falling down
Whatever did you want?
Calling way past midnight
Hanging up at hello
Somehow it will fall into place
Knowing the music
Making your body dance
Till you understand the lyrics
Flying away amongst a million faces
An old town on the edge
On the edge of the day before yesterday
Buying tickets to that show
Even though you sold out
Every line had meaning
As that couple sit in the snowy field
Sitting in a car counting winter wheat
Thunder strikes the ice
Waiting on miracles
It feels good knowing
Time is invincible

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good soul

Good soul
Doing things right
Regardless that it is the right thing to do
Making us smile
Even when the storm is on us
The wind will howl
Manhattan drowns
Suffocating cardiac arrest
Soul will listens to the inaniloquent
Distracted by limerance
Dr. Mungo extracting valuables
Coming as himself to a costume party
Planning and scheming phenakism
Medical zabernism
A necrotizing fasciitis on this society
Getting coulrophobia when looking in a mirror
Pervasive screaming
Parasite in an Armoni suit
Putting your scent on everybody

What happened that changed your soul
Everyone is born a good soul
Every baby knows how to smile
Even as they grow
Good souls are inert
Doing things right
Regardless that it is the correct thing to do
Making us smile
Even when the storm is on us
The wind will howl
Manhattan drowns
There is a chance to come around
changing the ugly to nice