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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Red Mist

Names made up
On this side of the water
Memories come back in flashes
The smell of sweat and death
Red mist and flying meat
Days of waiting in the heat
Freezing in the silence
Waiting for hell to visit
Staring at the moon
Normalized back at home
Desensitized to reality
Waiting in silence for hell
Feeling the eyes following
The shadows talking
Concrete walking
Drowning in the very air
That gives life
In wide open spaces
Walls closing in
Missing the good times
Masquerading as something else
Wasn’t happy then
Only remembering it was
Waiting in silence
With a painted on smile
For hell to return
With its rage

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ballistic Fireworks

Terrorists play in the suburbs
Luring the cat to the trap
Another ballistic missile fires into the sky
Like fireworks on the 4th of July
Kids hide in their mother corpses
Protecting even after death
Men playing the terrorist version of a video game
A lone hero fighting back
With tables and empty bottles
The police run and hide
No restarts in this game of stupidity
Suicide by special operators
Neutralized in 8 minutes
Lead rain
Everyone loses
Strike eagles and Mig-31s flying
On a collision course with history
Nuclear winter will freeze global warming
Flowers will grow
Tomb stones will glow
People will crawl out of the rumble
Everyone loses
No civilians in this battle
Raging on the unaware
In the pouring rain
Paying tribute to the victims
And taxes still need to be paid