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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Double Entendre

Beautiful silence
Rain knocking
The deer stand staring
Double entendre not subtle
Dead inside but fighting anyway
Silence has a symbolic symmetry
Like hard rain on a tin roof
Deer stand and stare
Dead pan eyes looking off in space
Road kill with an empty soul
Wasted and Spiritless
Rain washes the blood away
In a raging fire

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alabama calling

Alabama calling
Tennessee close by
Georgia looking on
Growing up on grits and corn
Looking like liquid gold
Sipping all the sunshine
Blowing kisses at heaven
Just to tease the devil inside
Alabama calling
Winkling eyes in the land of Dixie
Tantalizing and demure
Tennessee close by
Little on the wild side
Walking daisies dukes
Tightening the black belt
The aroma peaches so beautiful
Georgia looking on
Wide eyed and beautiful
Two stepping whiskey
Under the canopy of that old lynching tree
Stone Angels look on and pray
Alabama calling
Tennessee close by
Georgia looking on
That cotton dress swaying in the wind
Drying in the smelting breeze
All that sin washed away
Two stepping whiskey
She can still smell it on the breath of that preacher man
The Deep South has it way of casting its spell
Sipping that golden sun
Alabama calling
Tennessee close by
Georgia looking on

Monday, April 7, 2014

cast from thee

Sense of remorse
Entangled predicaments
Truth through the eyes of death
Sympathetic indifference
Walking ghosts
Weightless and invisible
An allusion in a cryptic purgatory
The truth painfully hard to accept
Paradoxical passion and detachment
A place unfulfilled, Unrequited and unattained
Losing this soul
The places aren't the same As I remember them
The happiness some how seeped  away
Memories whispering
I beseech thee
Leave now in peace
What thou so much desired is cast from thee
All men have flaws
Thou is cast from thee

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Smoldering Eyes

Smoldering eyes in the darkness
Not an apology for a life lived
Revelations in every strange predicament
An architect of ones own demise
The time for decisions has come
Tangible pathways in the darkness
Irrelevant innocence all the same
Silent leverage omnipresent
Hard resolve trusting ones subconscious
The purgatory of indecision
Exponential sense of helpfulness
Silence affirmation of a peace fated
Emptiness at the feet of mutilated stone guardians
Redemption often missed as it passes directly overhead
A soliloquy of trepidation
Deciphering this elaborate language
This prophecy in the landscape of tomorrow
Salvation in the shadows of sacrifice
Looking beyond a shallow facade
The devil comes out from the shadows
Rejects the angels love and runs

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Perpetual Mourning

Perpetual mourning
Seven years of nights
I never meant.
What I said that night
Can’t finish the thought
It’s too far gone
To remember the feeling
That went with tears
I never meant for life to turn
To turn this way
Seven years of nights turning into day
Watching the dawn
The dusk of night’s memories
Insomnia of the day
Watching the moving undead
Dust to dust
Flaking away
I never meant for you to be a lie
Thought you meant more to your self
Then I did to me
Would give it all for a second chance
But all is already gone
And so are all of the second chances
Never meant for it to end
But everything does
Given the time
The answer was never
If you had asked the question
Can you think what it could been
About enough being enough
Interesting how life does that
I never meant to make you vindictive
Maliciousness in the cruelty of your words
I never meant for this life to get in your way
Is it too late to care?
As a calico changes color in the shade