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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Perpetual Mourning

Perpetual mourning
Seven years of nights
I never meant.
What I said that night
Can’t finish the thought
It’s too far gone
To remember the feeling
That went with tears
I never meant for life to turn
To turn this way
Seven years of nights turning into day
Watching the dawn
The dusk of night’s memories
Insomnia of the day
Watching the moving undead
Dust to dust
Flaking away
I never meant for you to be a lie
Thought you meant more to your self
Then I did to me
Would give it all for a second chance
But all is already gone
And so are all of the second chances
Never meant for it to end
But everything does
Given the time
The answer was never
If you had asked the question
Can you think what it could been
About enough being enough
Interesting how life does that
I never meant to make you vindictive
Maliciousness in the cruelty of your words
I never meant for this life to get in your way
Is it too late to care?
As a calico changes color in the shade

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