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Friday, September 30, 2011

Vampire butterflies

Vampire butterflies....
come out during the night
never breathing
searching in vain this time

Masks painted on
Looking for one
To sink their teeth in
Moths flutter around them

They dance in the throbbing light
Swaying the crowd
Moths drop to the floor
No strong enough I guess

I seen her dance
Spread her wings
Looking colourful in a simple white t shirt
Her eyes penetrate mine

Luckily it was closing time
She drifts across the floor
Why didn’t you ask me to dance?
You seem to be busy

Vampire butterflies
T shirt looking fine
Dancing in the throbbing light
Luckily it was closing time
Because I would have been on the ground

What do you look like in the sun light
she answers with her eyes
getting on my bike
maybe I should have danced

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Identity cliché

Identity cliché
Changing a little everyday
Fashion retread
Never really in

Hours slip away
Days drip past
Years seem to fly by
A Shadow stands looking familiar

Who are you
Where did you go
Why have you come now
What took so long

I am here now
Time to be happy
Standing before you
I was not ready

Waited so long
A leaf can float for only so long
Before it drifts beyond reach
Frozen in ice

A response yet no answer
Strangers have so little time to be happy
Glances and a smile
Lips frozen

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blue sunsets

Blue sunsets
Stone cottages
Off a road called heaven
On a hill called hell
Some angels look down
And smile through all the tears
Every one washing heaven and hell
Single question on every line
On every page
Three seeming to be tattooed on
Obscure through the down pour
Empty is the number eleven
Standing alone
Like two oak trees
In the fog at dawn
Faceless shadows
Wondering around
Cups in hand
Asking one question
Maybe someday soon
Blue sunsets over the horizon
One baby step to change
The distance between greater
A gap on the map so small
Yet unattainable

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where do all the butterflies fall?

Where do all the butterflies fall?
Where do all the butterflies fall?
On a line at dawn
Looking to the sun
Looking to the ground
Where do all the butterflies land?
On a table the answers lie
Fluttering down like rain
Landing all in a pile just so

Like broken angels
Their hearts no longer beating
Wings folded so
Their last breathes lingering in the morning dew
Filling the valleys and looking like morning fog
Where do all the butterflies fall?
Where do all the butterflies fall?

Is she among them?
The one that touched just so
Flying so far
Just to fall on a line at down
Gone like the morning dew
Looking to the sun
Looking to ground
Fluttering like rain
Where do all the butterflies fall?
Where do all the butterflies fall?

Words can change the world
Words can make life come crashing dawn
Making bullets meaningless
Stop fighter jets
From dropping the voice of god
The thunder that rolls across the ground

Where do the all the butterflies fall?
Where do they all come down?
Is the fight worth all the broken angels?
Marble wings tossed around
Are the answers on a table?
Like an open book
Just need to hear the answers
To understand the reasons

Where do all the butterflies fall?
Where do the butterflies land?
Do they all look like broken angels?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Under a Cross

Practicing under a cross
The shadow lingering long
Tempting fate
Growing apple trees in Eden
Heaven ending in a dead end
On a river flowing in circles

The lights dance in silence
The greens flowing into blue
Stars watch in wonder
One or two falling through

Adults playing kids games
Children pawns to a few
Paying the price for indecision
Aging leisurely sacrificing dignity

Under a cross
Lingering long
Tempting fate
Doing right
Before all is gone
Flowing in circles
As the apple lies rotting
Under shadows
On the ground

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Looking she did stare

Every day I pass a spot
On the ground I once lay
Pulled for a wreck
By a faceless man
With a headless body
She said I wish you died that day
Even my ego knows that now

Every day a spot reminds
That fate teases a little
Between twilight and daylight
Even though one wish you dead
You would not go
Pulled from a wreck
I have never been so cold

Looking she did stare
With e man in hers arms all bare
Staring down on a body on ground
Thinking what if it was gone
Baby cries in ears
Police man in my eyes asking
Asking what did you drink?
Trying to answer I don’t drink

Waking in a room
All white and strapped down
Way passed twilight and noon too
Cords and lights flashing
I could ear
The fog slowly cleared
The pain screamed back
It was a voice I know
I think my own
Hands hold me tight
Cutting with plight

Once on the ground
Heart pulled apart
Cold still there
Hands hold me still
Lights red and brown
45 minutes and day or two gone
I would not be done
From this dream that is gone

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Other side of the moon

Other side of the moon
One thousand pieces
In the shadow of the day

What is there to say?
Is there another way
Fate decoded

The light splashes across the heavens
Turning night to day
What side of heaven are you on?

Nothing is made
Everything needs to be reached for
Even on the other side of the moon

Living in the shadows of dawn
Between night and light
Nothing compares

The wind trying to have a say
I know a little
But even than it sounds like the wind

Living in the shadows
On the other side of the moon
Nothing compares

On the moon
Frozen in time
Marble angel for company

Broken wing floating
Between there and here
Nothing compares

One thousand pieces
This life on the ground
Nothing compares

Friday, September 2, 2011

If you win

If you win me
What would you do?
Be kind or refined
Would you be mean?
Tell me lies about the past

If you win me
What would you say?
Would send me away
Would you be mean?
Could you find a way?

If you win me
What would say?
Would you run away?
Would you be mean?
Could you find away

If you win me
Where would you go?
Would it keep you awake?
Lying in bed trying to think of another way
Would you fight it?
Would you give in?

If you win me
Be kind
Be truthful
I will be fine
Sleep without dreams
Lonely train rides
Crawling across
Echoing like it has something to say
Every story starts some where