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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Judgmental mockery

Judgmental mockery
Learn so much in the silence
A heart can hold only so much
Motivational oxymoron
Obvious in all the moon light
Fate laughs in the background
Karma is all about vengeance
Lost my religion long ago
Heard a whisper
Sweet goodbyes
Changed perceptive
Blinded in the light
Warmth in a broken man’s soul
A full heart feels empty
Words mean nothing till they do
Words that melt
Happiness can surprise
Seeping in for a moment
Pleasurable amazement
Washing the lines away
An artificial factual
the illusion of reality
Silence has a voice
Closed my eyes
Cleansing December rain
Pleasure waits on the beach
A fortune in critiques
Fate changes but still it waits
Chains that bind reality
Even as those words melt me
Pejorative eyes

Friday, December 18, 2015

little letters

Four little letters
So powerful together
Careful how you toss them around 

Shocked me the first time
So much trust in those letters
Careful how you toss them down

So many confuse them with desire
Till the heart evolves
Easily tossed about

Four little letters
Powerful enough to change the world
Meaningful enough to warm the soul

Second time it came like a gift
Rolling off your lips so smooth
Carelessly reassured

Broken people are fragile
Glimmering hope is refreshing
Brings warm with a chill

Disarming beam
Answering without shame
Carelessly comforting

Unconditional smile

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Twenty Two

I miss you old man
Didn’t realize how much till it was too late
A family cliché taken for granted
You have gone where I can’t, for now
Sitting under the stars
Like we did decades ago
That cold brisk night in November
The snow was bigger than me
You held me in your arms
Told me stories about the stars
The warm memory flows in my veins
Memories in a bottle
The tears freeze on my cheeks
Each one burning into ice
The regret of selfish stupidity
Called you today
You didn’t answer
Know you wouldn’t but wish you could
Lifted the bottle took another swallow
It burned down my throat
Warming me inside out
Didn’t melt the ice though
The water is frozen like a mirror of heaven
Star light twinkles in the haze
The wind blows through me
It is silent except for the predators
That hunts in the gloom
The candle burns low
Going out after a time
I can see better now
I understand what must be done
We come into this life
Without mercy
We leave behind fleeting memories
Without a voice
Without eyesight
In this void that was life
Amber flows across the ice

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Just another pretty face
Good time girl
I know where I belong
You said lets hang out
I didn’t get my hopes up
Artificial pretty face
Deceitful beautiful
You asked what are you waiting for
I want everything
Not just little nothing
I don’t trust where fun is

So beautiful with a devil soul
You always call between boyfriends
Saying it feels right
Just not now
A one night stand
That won’t let go
Maybe I will see after the next one
Loving all the sun shine

Music waiting to long
Day into night
Night becoming day
Thinking about doing it all again
Turn and run
Music has all the answers
All real and shake

You said I know you like me
You can’t fake that
Handcuffed to not real
Dancing on the Mississippi
No rings and good times

you said lets hang out
a wish come true
a house of cards
made of glass
waiting for the wind to change
perfection missed
but moving on

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Holding my hand on my heart
Yesterdays are gone
Tomorrow will not start

I can see clearly now
It wasn’t you
It was me all along

Holding my hands over my heart
Yesterday will not go
Tomorrow cannot start

The fog has lifted
The barrier has fallen down
Decrepit in old age

The mountains get higher
Shadows seem longer
Why did this place pick me?

Born in this land
This land is in me
It time to hear its call

Can’t seem to find my way back
Even though I hold I map
Memories changed it back

Forged in molten rock
Heart wants what the heart wants
Rain is coming to put out the fire

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Renaissance man

Sounds of crazy
Pick up the phone
Reaching out
To everything already gone
A message left on a highway
The last good bye
Memories and lawyers get rich
Climbing mountains in blue sunshine
Fishing in the rain and the fog
Sitting in natures swirl pools
Were your breath freezes in the cold
Hangs in a cloud in the mist
Hunting just to spend time
Learning about the past and trees
Bugs the only thing to get a meal
Conversation ten years long
Driving along cliff
On the edge of no where
Snap shot memories
Coming back all at once
Then a call comes
The one that says
Are you sitting down
Family reunions celebrating life
A gathering in death
A renaissance man
Five hundred years to late
Hands playing with molten steel
Directing a blade to cut the earth
Tumbling through life
Waiting in one place
For life to come back around
Somehow you both knew
It was the last goodbye
Your soul floats towards the Arctic
Dust in a deep freeze
Alone in a frozen land
Adopted by the wind
Your spirit dances
With the northern lights
I will remember you