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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Renaissance man

Sounds of crazy
Pick up the phone
Reaching out
To everything already gone
A message left on a highway
The last good bye
Memories and lawyers get rich
Climbing mountains in blue sunshine
Fishing in the rain and the fog
Sitting in natures swirl pools
Were your breath freezes in the cold
Hangs in a cloud in the mist
Hunting just to spend time
Learning about the past and trees
Bugs the only thing to get a meal
Conversation ten years long
Driving along cliff
On the edge of no where
Snap shot memories
Coming back all at once
Then a call comes
The one that says
Are you sitting down
Family reunions celebrating life
A gathering in death
A renaissance man
Five hundred years to late
Hands playing with molten steel
Directing a blade to cut the earth
Tumbling through life
Waiting in one place
For life to come back around
Somehow you both knew
It was the last goodbye
Your soul floats towards the Arctic
Dust in a deep freeze
Alone in a frozen land
Adopted by the wind
Your spirit dances
With the northern lights
I will remember you

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