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Friday, June 28, 2013

In Time

The empty spot
It is there in my mind
Like a migraine without the off switch
A home on the edge of the world
Were people come and people go
Never staying for long
Stressed about image
Sweating the little things

Condensed in their drama
Suffering in anxiety
Melting till the bond is broke
Awkwardness of still being there

The dullness grows
The nothing in my brain
Between empathy and apathy
Fighting this urge to say I don’t care

What are you looking for?
An honest integrity
An intelligence that intrigues
Without the manipulation to entrap

Someone brave
Strong enough to heal
And meditate between smiles
Gambling on all in

The storm grows
Darkness on the horizon
The thunder calls
Long and hard

You can feel the electricity
On your skin as the hair rise
No place to run
No place to hide

Standing there facing the storm
As the rain comes down
The light flashes across the sky
Everyone gets there in time

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Toxic Heaven

Toxic paradise
Intoxicated emancipation
Wide awake sober
Dancing in mind fields
With paper in hand
Just to stop the blood flow
A military Tourette’s syndrome
Mimicking outbursts with real bombs
Involuntary sudden
The pain is real
Forever forbidden to let anyone know
Hiding all the obligation
Drinking the anniversary booze
This world is toxic
And it is our paradise
The only heaven we will ever know
Asylum in a bible
That gets burned
The cleric suspended
In a toxic universe
Eleven long years
Joining a cryptic silent circle
Relationships with misfits and monsters
Wide awake sober
Inflatable reality
Free your mind to this toxic paradise
Dancing in a mind field
The music so loud
There is no way of thinking
All this with military planning
And the bombs are real
Involuntary sudden
With a news paper in hand
To stop the blood flow
Group of eight gather
Reconciling tax flow
Turbulence in a toxic world
Only one killed
Four maimed in that mind field
Children at play
Lingering after a liquid peace
Only the mothers cry
Fathers marking the time
The syndrome of war

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good Pain

A pain that reminds
A pain that means you’re a live
Seeing a fire in those eyes
Entertaining challenge changing it to a smile
A fever that causes a taste for grape

Warm to icy cold
From frosted lips
Tasting a flavored softness
Literature daughters pushing the norms
Playing games with anonymous customs

Laughing with a lopsided grin
A voice that suspends
Eyes that hold one frozen
Floating above the floor
Swinging like silk in the morning air

Catching wind in the palm of her hand
Looking at life through blinded eyes
Giving in a way that only nature can
Dreaming of the good pain pretending
On a layover without thought

The intensity of every sound
A symphony on the senses
A subjective tease
Reminding of the infinite forgotten
A fever for a taste in the flavored softness

A good pain that reminds
A good pain the means you’re alive
In the presents of yesterdays future
Counting down the minutes of today
Anticipating the details of delight

The intensity of every smell
The intensity of every sound
Looking through blinded eyes
A symphony on the senses
The concentration as the clock ticks down

Catching every detail in memory
Smiling at the reflections of today
A burning candle strangely out of place
Swinging by a grape vine
Reading fate on a life line

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Irish nomads wondering

Slow that heart down
Feeling it imploding
Pain throughout the chest
White noise screaming
Injecting the epinephrine
Knowing it is flowing through my veins
Blackness sets in
Was that a dream?
Can you feel pain in a dream?
I don’t want to wake to feel that again
The dark is so quiet and calm
Refreshing after the noise in white
Breathe deep and slowly
Slow that imploding heart down
Waiting for the day
Knowing it’s on its way
The womb of mother earth
As father keeps the time
Do you have to be somewhere son?
Missing opportunities dad
Irish nomads wondering
A Celtic need to see the sun rise
Over new horizons
Will I see you again son
I don’t know dad
Because that is easier then no
And somehow not a lie
Breathe slowly
Slow that beating heart down
It races to the finish line
Was that conversation a dream?
Were those feel real
It is too painful to stay here
Waking to white screaming noise
Hearing a single voice calmly say
Inhale deeply
Slow that beating heart down

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Words in the wind
Changing with the times
Irony of rain on a day like today
Mother Nature doesn't know what day it is
Mistakes personified 
Good deeds better then mine
The sound honey dripping
A call on the other end of the world
Words on the wind
Static hard to understand 
Not even in the conversation
A man walks in foot steps
In the genes of yesterday
A prisoner of a box car
Words in the wind
Later because good bye sounds like the end
the sound rain beating on the ground
every word a father wants to say to a child
every word a child wants to hear from their dad
Love is speechless sometimes
I love you can still be heard
when there is only silence
on a static line from the other side
children walk in footsteps
following the big steps in the sand or the snow
There will be a time
when words flow in the wind


Thursday, June 13, 2013

whispering at the moon

Whispering in the wind
A stalking moon has no friends
Humanities Reluctant Spectator 
Belonging to the night shift
The silvery essence poisoning 
To those lost in longing 
Appearing elongated through  glass
Blue before happiness 
Dwelling in a calm language 
The   debt  of dreams
A fulfillment of hope
Haunting memories
A noisy place of youth
A place that does not exist any more
Shaping mankind with cruelties 
A nervous tension of rage
Powder of knowledge 
Resisting fire beyond the glass 
Witnessing time Credulously 
She disappears after awhile
For she was a dream
Teaching lessons about letting go
Reluctant strangers in my place
Stories from  the ground floor
A need that chooses 
The moon witnesses 
Humanities reluctant spectator
The many have nots
Whispering in the end

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

haunting moon

The haunting moon
Sounds so eerie as the coyotes call
Hunting in the dark
Running their prey down
In silence they do chomp
A silver shadow beckons
Lining the shadows in light
The sound carries in the calm
Children of the moon dance
Playing in the dark
Screaming at the moon
As if it was they were heard
There is no grey in the dark
No lines in the sand
To jump across
Swimming in the moon light
Rippling in the white caps
In silence they do watch
Children of the moon play
Unhindered by conscience thought
Doing things they wouldn’t during the day
Shielded by the moon’s shadow
Slowly the moon makes it way
Across the horizon
In such away
That lets you know
The silver reflection will be back
In the dark of tonight
The children on the moon sleep
The haunting moon lingers

Monday, June 10, 2013

Paper Moons

Chasing paper moons
In a sweltering heat
Evaporating hope
What is left?
Seven stages of hate
Negotiating with a the reaper
Bantering with silent answers
Chasing paper moons
The only radiance in the dark
Before night turns to day
Tiredness in worry bones
Death grows
Taking it vengeance on life
A casualty of living
Chasing paper moons
In a sweltering heat
Evaporating hope
Washing little smiles away
Grasping at a single thing
Just to make it through the day
Grasping at another the following day
Watching your love waste away
A good soul ripped to shreds
Sitting in helpless shell
Feeling hope evaporate
Everything we are
Comes for the dust of the stars
It hears our sorrow
It feels our tears
It giggles with us
And know our fears
Living and breathing
And knows it too will end
Chasing paper moons
In the sweltering heat
A smile to grasp today
Reminiscing about the future