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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

walk of shame

The walk of shame
Sin on one shoulder
Maybe on the other
Karma redemption
Going to get throat punched
Sometime soon
Deeds paid forward
A world on fire
Let it burn
All the good times
With minimal regrets
Not voiced not heard
In the morning
in the summer time
cause its good
to have that feel-good hook
hello morning
I am surprised too
Didn’t think I would see you
Last night is not done yet
On the walk of shame
A voice asks
are you lost
are you missing those
all the good time girls
you look somber
have you been bad
all asked with that smile
just putting on some miles
not going to look back
some roads are worth doing again
some are just a diversion
looks like bad road ahead
sin on one shoulder
hope on the other
on the walk of shame

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