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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Darkness is comforting

Wondering a new path
Waiting for someone that never was
At place that never will be
Writing words no one ever hears
Even a blind man can see
A path covered in moss and dirt
Slipping with each step
In the shadows of tomorrow
To a place in the future 
Nothing like yesterday
All this accumulated stuff
Scar tissue build up
Ripped away in sorrow 
Waiting for someone 
That never was
Writing words no one hears
A song never played 
That place in the future 
that does not exist
A digital utopia 
Waiting for one 
that will not arrive
Silence my only friend
Wondering a new path
To that place that never will be
Wanting what never was
Saying words never heard
Listening to the sound of heart beats
In the darkness of empty rooms
Doctors close another chest cavity 
Darkness is comforting 
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